Revolution: Never Has an Empire Been More Fragile


(repost from september ’17)

There is no natural gas, electrical, or electronic infrastructure that can survive a magazine of steel core 7.62 ammunition. There are no transformers that can survive a collision with a pickup truck. There are no poles that can survive a man with a chainsaw. There is no physical infrastructure than can sustain loss of water pressure and five gallons of gasoline, and a match. There are no railways that cannot be stopped by simple removal of rails. There are no drivers willing to transport goods under threat of snipers, road spikes, and hijacking. America is vast and dependent upon energy and that is its weakness.

Three seconds without blood, three minutes without air, three days without water, three weeks without food, three months without commerce, three quarters without government.

It takes about three weeks to a month to collapse a country. Because just as people fall of their own weight, economies fall of their own weight, countries fall of their own weight. Empires fall of their own weight. Civilizations fall of their own weight.

It takes a few hundred if not a few thousand men to conduct a revolution. and all retaliation against those few hundred, or thousand men, by opposition or the state, will accomplish is acceleration.

Revolution Comes

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.


A New Constitution of Natural Law

—“Transcendence and Immortality through Excellence, Beauty, Truth, Duty, Reciprocity, and Markets for association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, and polities.”—

—“Revolt, Separate, Specialize, Prosper, Speciate, and Transcend Animal Man.”—



The Conflict of Our Time

reciprocity and hierarchy of the pack vs equality of the herd

The Great Fight Renewed (semitic vs european)

And no man or men may make a choice to favor cult or corporation over kin without act of genocide, culture-cide, civilization-cide for which the only recourse and restitution is retaliation by and of the same.


Our goals are:

  • the incremental evolution of our laws such that we suppress and reverse the institutionalization of the arts of lying that produced the abrahamic dark ages, the horrors of communism, socialism, feminism, and now postmodernism.
  • the equalization of suppression of soft and hard powers of coercion
  • the extensions of involuntary warranty from goods and services to information and speech.
  • the cessation, reversal, and restitution for  the cumulative rent seeking in all aspects of life;
  • the cessation of organization by the maximization of consumption at the expense of individual, family, nation, the joy of civic life, and the accumulated inheritances from the inventions, labors, and arts of our our ancestors, and restoration of the construction of civic society’s emphasis on commons rather than consumption.
  • the redistribution of coercion, influence, commerce, rights of free association and dissociation, and rights of self determination by the devolution of the federal government into an insurer of last resort, and the restoration of the sovereignty of and alliance of the states;
  • the cessation of the exploitation of the people for purposes of creating and preserving an empire and the state bureaucracy that is counter to the interests of the people.
  • the cessation, reversal, and restitution for the attempt to genocide against our people, our nation, our race; our culture; our government, and our civilization;
  • the restoration of our right to self determination;
  • the restoration of our ancestral rights of sovereignty, and our civilizational strategy of competition and evolution by means of truth, duty, reciprocity, rule of law, markets of voluntary cooperation in all walks of life, and our ability to produce high trust civic commons.


To achieve these goals we submit these truths to a candid world.


-On The Axes Of Human Variation Between Groups-


Meaningful Variation in the Human Species is limited to the following Traits:

1 – Degree of Neoteny (asian white indian iranic semitic pacific african – testosterone levels, in that order)

2 – Rate and Depth of Maturity. (Same as above)

3 – Size of the Underclass through reproductive suppression and upward redistribution. (iq levels and beneficial personality traits.)

4 – Distribution of Gender Traits (emphasis vs reversal) both morphological, intuitive, cognitive, and behavioral.


1 – Distribution of Moral Intuition between female herd and male pack, because of distribution of Gender Traits.

2 – Distribution of Personality Traits in the group of which Intelligence and Industriousness matters for both genders, and negative-agreeableness (decisiveness) matters for males.

3 – Distribution of Cognitive Bias between female herd and male pack.

(Note: AFAIK personality traits correspond to both stages of the prey drive, the modification of the prey drive for sex role, and our reward systems that produce the effects.)

7 – Distribution of Age and Generations. (And cyclical bias of generations)

8 – Group evolutionary Strategy using Gender Traits (Semitic maternal, asian paternal, western compromise). Including the manners, ethics, morals, norms, traditions, institutions public and private, and especially method of decidability, consequential logic, grammar, and vocabulary by which all such habits are expressed.

-On Male vs Female Traits-


1 – Males mature rather slowly, and may not speak for two years after females, and in the absence of dominance play, even more slowly – maturing from late childhood to fourteen, and then from fourteen to their early twenties. Females mature rather quickly, and increasingly quickly, and are generally mature by 16-18, although cognitive maturity (agency) seems to appear in mid thirties, where cognitive agency in males appears in late teens to early twenties.

2 – Females bear a higher cost of reproduction and are more dependent for others, during long years of child caring and defense.  Males have a near zero cost of reproduction. However, in general, females and males favor female choice of mate – but after mating males appear to exhibit some form of ownership over females for a number of years.

3 – Male aggression is frequent and short term, seeking negotiation for position in the hierarchy of antagonists.  In general, male aggressors are given status by males as long as they are creating order rather than threat. Female aggression is infrequent and never ending, seeking total destruction of antagonists. Males use dominance expression, threats and violence, women use disapproval, shaming, ridicule, rallying, gossip, and reputation destruction to cause panic and vulnerability in other females.  Female aggressors are granted social status by females less aggressive.

4 – Female cognitive bias is equalitarian, and male cognitive bias hierarchical.  This is evident in our moral biases, where females tend to more exclusively favor harm,care, and proportionality, and males tend to also favor reciprocity, sacredness, and hierarchy.   These biases correspond to property rights today, and property rights correspond to political preferences.

Liberal/Females favor individual property rights (Consumption):

a. Care/harm for others, protecting them from harm. (The asset of life and body.)
b. Proportionality/cheating, Justice, treating others in proportion to their actions. (The asset of goods.)
c. Liberty/Oppression, characterizes judgments in terms of whether subjects are tyrannized. (The asset of time, opportunity.)

Conservative/Males Favor ALSO Community property rights (Saving, Denying Consumption to others):

d. In-Group Loyalty/In-Group Betrayal to/of your group, family, nation, polity.
e. Respect/Authority/Subversion for tradition and legitimate authority.
f. Purity/Sanctity/Degradation/Disgust, avoiding disgusting things, foods, actions.

The male reproductive strategy among chimpanzees as well as humans evolved to kill off males in opposing groups and collect females and territory. And that females evolved to place greater emphasis on children and females than the (fungible) tribe – precisely because they could be captured and then reduced to lower status and possibly death under the females of another tribe – this is the origin of female behavior. Female attachment may exist but throughout history females have exposed more children to the elements than men have killed in war.

Hierarchy (A Pack) requires only that you seek your position. There is no fear of exclusion, only change in position. Equality (A Herd) has no position so one is either in and conforming our out for not.

Packs survive by fighting together and protecting each other, regardless of position in the hierarchy. Herds survive by fleeing and leaving the weak behind.

This is the origin of differences in male(conservative) female (progressive) minds, and their cognitive, moral, and political biases.

In other words, females evolved the herd cognitive and moral biases, and males evolved the pack cognitive and moral biases, and through evolutionary history we have unevenly distributed these intuitions along with there brain, endocrine, and developmental processes between the genders.

This gradual division of perception, cognition, memory, labor, advocacy, coercion, and demand for satisfaction of such, along with our ability to voluntarily cooperate when we can and involuntarily be coerced when we must, has evolved a specialization of the feminine psychotic to solipsistic to compassionate to considered to the rational to the analytical, to the mildly autistic, to the entirely autistic masculine on one axis, the agency we call intelligence and industriousness on the other axis.

This division has resulted not only in a division of labor across the reproductive biases, but across the physical, cooperative, and cognitive spectrum of our abilities, and across the short term, medium term, and long term spectrum of time.

Using these divisions of perception, cognition, labor, advocacy, and coercion; physical, social, and cognitive labor; and short term, medium term, and long term focus, we can adapt to nearly any long term environment by little more than the combined utility of those traits.  This requires no substantial genetic mutation, only voluntary reproductive bias for traits that produce social, economic, and political status in that environment.

We gradually ameliorated our sex differences in strategy, cognition, and moral intuition, by pairing-off, and then controlling alphas. This compromise was generally in favor of females since the majority of females reproduced, and the minority of males reproduced.  This persisted until (it appears) agrarianism where we developed marriage out of pairing off in order to preserve the advantage of scarce property (capital) within an intergenerational family, and improve our division of labor between the genders.

Some groups evolved to specialize more in the male biases, and some more so in the female biases.

-On Moral Bias (Demanded Terms of Cooperation)-


So there are three moral, and political biases extant that constitute our different moral intuitions, each which reflects our reproductive strategy (our terms-criteria of demand for cooperation):

1 – the dysgenic, proportional, immediate, sentimental (socialist, liberal, female and underclass), herd strategy.

2 – the eugenic, reciprocal, temporal (libertarian, ascendent male), inclusive pack strategy, and;

3 – the eugenic, reciprocal, intertemporal (aristocratic, conservative, established male) exclusive pack strategy.

Which constitutes a fairly obvious spectrum of consumption  and redistribution to concentration in quality.  In other words the debate between EQUALITY and QUALITY is an expression of dysgenic equality, and eugenic quality, which is the difference between the male GROUP strategy of their collective offspring, vs the individual female strategy of their individual offspring – counter intuitive but many fundamental truths are – which is why we need to understand them.

– On Class Differences –


Hierarchies must form to produce decidability, and always and everywhere form because of the Pareto law, ( power law) is required to organize the voluntary organization of the suite of markets we call society: association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, and polities.  The costs of organizing people involuntarily rise rapidly with the number, and availability of choices; can only be applied to relatively simple projects; and requires continuous monitoring of the people for defection, escape, corruption, and black markets.  The costs of producing markets using voluntary cooperation requires only the suppression of defectors, which in turn causes the polity to self police defectors.

– Generational Differences – 

(cycles of generations, credit and debt, seeking opportunity by subsequent generations)

-Racial Differences-


|Differences|Human Species > Macro Races > Major Races > Races > Tribes > Clans > Families


Primary differences between races are due to degree of neoteny due to climate, size of the underclass due to both climate and means of production, distribution of male and female biases (traits) between the genders in the group; and the norms, traditions, customs, formal and informal institutions that were necessary for those traits in that distribution in that region.

( Counsel: This debate is settled. Take any group’s iq distribution and select 105. take the curve above 105 and find that percentage and standard deviation.  Apply that standard deviation below 105 (mirror the curve). The new curve represents the people who are not a burden to mankind.

Attached is the chart of world GDP per point of IQ, and it’s pretty obvious that the rate of decline is very fast after 95 – in fact it’s just a cliff. (the outlier is china with low gdp).

While racial differences in Personality Traits are small, they are meaningful in expression, and affected by IQ (cognitive capacity vs cognitive load):

—–“First, we conclude that the magnitudes of the White –Black differences are very small. Our second conclusion is that the magnitude of the White – Black differences for the Big 5 is moderated by the cognitive loading of the personality scales. Our third conclusion is that most of our results are primarily consistent with the nil hypothesis

which is that there are no differences between Blacks and Whites on four of the seven personality constructs. Blacks are slightly more extroverted and emotionally stable, and Whites are slightly more agreeable.”—  Tate and McDaniel [1]

There is not enough data to measure these differences and no means of measuring differences in aggression.

So in summary: *Cognitive Load affects Personality Trait Expression* which is an alternative method of stating that intelligence decreases frustration levels providing more time for rational thought rather than impulse.  Which is another way of saying the efficiency of the neural economy in correspondence to the capacity of available memory produces the possibility of additional iterations of temporal recursion, prior to exhaustion of the network of forecasting and decidability stimulated by the inputs.

In conclusion, Immigration has to be limited to something on the order of 125 and above, and young and old put to useful work for a polity to produce returns in the current world.

There is no way to preserve our high trust society without insulation from those groups not yet having achieved sufficient eugenic evolution who will achieve here what it has elsewhere: regression.

– On Agency –


The cumulative effect of these traits is variation in Agency.

—“Agency consists in the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own choices subject to both personal and external limitations.”—

( Counsel:
—“Agency refers to the absence of impediment, the same way that truth refers to the absence of falsehood. We do not know what the unknown impediments and falsehoods consists of, we only know that they are removable by science, technology, time, effort and resources.”—- )

Perfect agency would consist in perfect knowledge(omniscience), perfect reason, perfect emotions, perfect mental and emotional discipline (mindfulness), perfect ability to act (omnipotence), unlimited resources, and no competition, no need to cooperate, and therefore no need for conventions, laws, institutions, or infrastructure.

As humans we have imperfect knowledge, imperfect reason, imperfect mindfulness, imperfect emotions, limited range of actions, limited resources, and we live in a world where we must compete, must cooperate to compete, and to do so require conventions, laws, institutions, and infrastructure.

A host of factors that increase or limit an individual and his or her Agency, such as age,  gender, social class, ethnicity, religion, customs, education, economic institutions, government, propaganda, ability, knowledge, ignorance, error, bias, wishful thinking, and deceit. Meaning that one’s agency is determined by the combination of beneficial institutions, abilities, and knowledge and inhibiting institutions, abilities, and knowledge.

Therefore Agency consists in the degree to which one approaches perfect ability to act, when not limited by knowledge, reason, emotions, mindfulness, range of action, available instrumentation, available resources, competition, cooperation, conventions, laws, institutions and infrastructure.

Given we can never have unlimited knowledge, unlimited resources, and we have limited ability to be free of competition, need for cooperation, conventions, laws, institutions, and infrastructure, we can seek largely to improve our knowledge, reason, mindfulness, and assets so that we maximize our agency within the available limits.

Well, we don’t know what future limitation we might encounter, but we are impeded (limited) in mental capacity, mindfulness, knowledge, physical ability, resources, time, social, political, our physical world, and the laws of nature.

So we face limits to imagination, thought, independence from emotions, impulses and biases, knowledge, models of knowledge, the rate of knowledge accumulated, physical size, strength, speed, perception, health, cellular degeneration, biological composition, energy, physical resources, time, limits of imposed upon us by others, and the limits of controlling of others, and the limited abilities of others, and the limitations of the environment and the physical universe.

Individuals and groups have evolved a distribution of biological potential for agency, and a distribution of habits, manners, ethics, morals, laws, traditions, and institutions (Culture) suitable to their agency  And the cumulative result of both biological and cultural is the their rate of development and means of group competition, survival, and evolution.


— Differences in Group Evolutionary Strategies —

( … )


Human variation produces different demands from the markets for association, cooperation, production, reproduction, and the production of commons.

Human groups differ substantially in their distributions on these axis.

Political orders can favor kin or corporation, equality or meritocracy, with the optimum order being kin meritocracy, which will produce equality by externality of kin selection.

-On Adaptation to Modernity-


Modernity, meaning the restoration of classical western civilization’s invention of reason, science, sovereignty, and law, and the empirical, scientific, industrial and technological revolution that resulted from it has resulted in a series of shocks to our agrarian civilization.

-Behavioral Change In Females and Males-


1 – Women’s reproductive and financial independence and the end of the necessity of the two person family at the cost of lower standards of living.  Whereas in europe women took out their revenge upon the church and their legacy, american women took out their revenge on males.

2 – Women fill the middle (easy) job roles in society and are better adapted to changing between those roles. There is no reason this trend will not continue. The question is, without the necessity of marriage (caretaking of a man in exchange for economic support) ‘marriage’ is just a mating ritual, and the purpose of marriage as an institution is ended.  Women mature early, generalize, and adapt to the needs of the social order.  Men mature later, specialize, then adapt, and integrate into social orders less easily.

3 – Women have expressed greater psychosis (mental illness) and are under heavy medication in the USA, where men are just lonely and committing suicide in large numbers after fifty.  Whereas females attempt suicide for attention, males succeed to escape desire for it.

4 – The bias toward girls in the classroom, the extension of childhood, the invention of adolescence, the end of heavy physical education, the suppression of competition and dominance play, and the decline of content, has led to males seeking alternative means of stimulation and competition, or a host of forms of sedation, including food, watching rather than participating in sports, a general lack of fitness, a decline in testosterone and sperm counts, obesity, obsession with computer games, debilitating uses of pornography, and loss of entrepreneurial and competitive interests.

5 – single mother hood children ( … )

6 –  ( … )

-On ReproductionSettledDysgenic Reproduction is Destructive to polity, nation, and humanity.-


1 – Dysgenic reproduction (regression to mean) is almost impossible to reverse in modernity.

2 – Current rates of IQ decline even in china on the order of .5 per decade.  Loss of total demographic advantage in 100 years. Western rates higher.

3 – The optimum human median IQ appears to be 105+15=120, meaning 2/3 of the population between 105 and 135.  This produces near zero resistance to education, training, and readaptation, while preserving some clerical and craftsmen labor. And it produces very low visible crime.

4 – We can roughly measure the value of one point of IQ by gdp, but the progression is non linear, and produces a cliff not far below 100.  As such each point of IQ drop below what we consider 95 today is at minimum a geometric loss in standard of living.

-Heterogeneity – Settled – Diversity is a bad.-


( … )

-Ethnocentrism – Settled-.

1 – Ethnocentrism is the optimum group evolutionary strategy if for no other reason than reciprocal trust,  investment and insurance without sacrifice to kin selection. There is no competitor to it, whatsoever. People are more gregarious to their own, and more redistributive, with less fear of political competition, because all competition is internal and by class or faction rather than kin group. The problem has traditionally been that many ethic groups were not able to concentrate sufficient capital to create self governance, or had to be captured to prevent capture by others, or were of sufficient hazard to neighbors they were ruled.  (The exception is people lower on the ladder who look for allies against their betters, and to have ‘someone below them’ which appears very important to humans.)

2 – Ethnocentrism eliminates race and tribe conflict in the suppression of expansion of underclasses through soft eugenics (paying the unproductive not to have children). There is no value in internal competitors. none.

( … )

The Demand For Government by Different Groups

( … )

“Will to Power” (Self Determination, Demand for Agency)

Demand for Agency (Will to Power) in use of cooperation requries Sovereignty

Modernity Produced The Luxury of Going Separate Ways

( … )

Continuous Domestication (Evolution) is Possible Under Homogeneity

( … )

(continuous devolution is necessary under heterogeneity)

( … )

Changes Possible Under Ethnocentrism

Ethnocentrism in the current era will leave us well positioned demographically, and economically, and will allow us to restore balances of reproduction we have built our civilization from. Conversely our working and middle classes will be absorbed as are our underclasses at present by the behaviors of competing underclasses and their elites.

Limits of Human Agency


Possible Outcomes of Heterogeneity vs Homogeneity.


Demand for Decidability by Authority (Demand for Orders)

The Range of Decidability in Political Orders

The European Order of Markets

markets and velocity of adaptation

production of agency necessary for…

( …. ) tracnen….  >

The Limits of Suffrage

( weakness of democracy in a heterogeneious and large polity)

Monarchy … family as nation, superior to religion and corporation.



The Declaration

When in the course of human events it becomes preferable for one people to dissolve the political institutions, treaties, laws, agreements, capital, and territorial commons which have united them, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect for the opinions of all mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created unequal in ability, potential, and circumstance; that to prosper despite our inequality we must voluntarily cooperate on shared means, even if on competing ends; and to preserve our cooperation our disputes must be decided by the equal application of the law; and as such we must establish equal rights under the law; and that among these rights is Natural Law of Reciprocity: the right to Life, Body, Mind, Action and the Pursuit and Accumulation of interests in Property, for Self, Family, Clan, Tribe, Kin and Nation, through productive, truthful, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary, exchange, free of the imposition of costs by externality, against the demonstrated interests in property of others.

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, and limited by the Natural Law of Reciprocity — That whenever any Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right and Obligation of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to produce and preserve those rights and achieve those ends.

Prudence dictates that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience has shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to deprive them of their rights, it is their right, it is their duty, and it is the demand of Nature and Nature’s God, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their security, rights, and prosperity.

Such has been the patient sufferance of our Families, Clans, Tribes, and Nations; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government.

The history of the present Federal Government, all its Branches and all its Bureaucracies, is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the circumvention of Natural Law, the subjugation of the different States and their peoples to an empire by the subversion of the constitution upon which our states were found, and the terms by which we consent to be governed.

To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world:

the creation and expansion of military, political, and financial empire against the interests of our peoples;

the construction of a vast privileged, parasitic, unaccountable bureaucracy,

the transfer of the capital of the states to the capital of the federal government;

the submission of our sovereignty to predatory and hostile international institutions,

the submission of our sovereignty to hostile foreign treaties,

our suffrage of arbitrary legislation by art and artifice,

our submission to judicial activism by art and artifice,

the circumvention of the constitution by art and artifice,

the deprivation of rights of juridical defense in matters of tax,

the deprivation of equality in matters of debts,

the purchase of political influence in pursuit of privileges against interests hostile to the people,

the use of pseudoscientific economics, accounting, financial device, and deception,

the forcible payment of interest on fiat credit and the irreciprocal privatization of the fruit of that commons,

the destruction of intergenerational lending

(consumer protections)

entrapment clauses, punishment profits

advertising and marketing scams

pseudoscientific drugs and supplements and food.

(funding of pseudoscience)

(forcible takeover of the academy)

(undermining our military culture that is thousands of years old)

(failing to care for our woulded soldiers in wars of adventure)

and hostile immigration by intention

the failure to secure our borders

the falure to secure our information

the militarization of our police forces

the arming of our bureaucrats

the submission of our people to search

the circumvention of our governors by direct election of our senators

the suppression of our religion, it’s replacement by adoption and expansion of an Alien and deceitful pseudoscientific cult via artful accounting, cherry-picking of measures, and willful ignorance of the changes in the capital of kin, culture, norm, tradition, and civilization;

the forcible monopolization of our education, its use for indoctrination against our religion, and for the cult of the state;

– the sum object of which is the destruction of our families, clans, tribes, nations, culture, traditions, and our civilization through the decimation of our peoples, the prohibition of their religion, their history, traditions, and laws.

( remainder not yet done)

He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our brethren. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our founding and their permission to rule in our stead. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.

We, therefore, the Representatives of _________, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these These States, solemnly publish and declare,

This goverment be unmade, the government and all its institutions, laws, treaties and debts, dissolved, a new constitution adopted, and that our rights under natural law be restored.

That we are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. — And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

The State of The Empire

All revolutions are suspect in prospect and obvious in retrospect. But never has an empire been more fragile, nor could one fall more quickly. The people cannot retreat to the fields. They have no stores of food. A full quarter have no monetary reserves, and half only a few month’s worth. The food, gasoline, transport, power, water, gas, communications, emergency services, police, military, and financial sector have but days of reserves and weeks of tolerance. A few men in each city can overwhelm services. A few days of fear and the streets will be full of predators. The world has turned hostile due to The State’s Ideological and Imperial Adventure, and meanwhile patient powers long-seeking revival and recompense wait for opportunity to seize past glories, and we and Europe are held hostage at home, and surrounded by waves of barbarians of greater mobility and lethality than the bronze or iron age migrations – just as lusty with envy, avarice, and aggression, and even more likely to cause repeat of those dark ages.

No longer do we live in an era where the many must march in the streets.  No longer need more than but a fraction of one percent of the men commit themselves to heady murder. No longer must we seize leaders, institutions, fortresses or armories. No longer does the Peace of Westphalia limit actors, whether foreign or domestic – what comes is a war of all against all, and a fall like no other in history.

So we pray you take heed. Do not dismiss our entreaty. Our demands are right, just, possible and in the interests of our peoples.  And if demanding fails we shall compel. And if we compel, we will make the Horrors of the French Revolution turn so feeble, that men will remember our prosecution of you for ten thousand years.  For when all our ancestors that have been before, and all our descendants that have yet to be, demand our lives in their honor, we will not shirk our duty to them. And we will have no mercy in our execution.

The Remedy

( … )

The Constitution

As conscious beings possessed of some agency, the first question upon which all others depend is why not to suicide? This choice is that of personal philosophy. The second question one must answer is why engage in cooperation rather than free riding, parasitism, and predation? This question is that of ethics. The third a group must answer is why engage in cooperation rather than free riding, parasitism, and predation? This question is that of politics.

The answer to all three question is that persistence of the opportunities of existence, of the returns on cooperation, and of the returns on the production of commons, are preferable to engaging in suicide, separation, free riding, parasitism, and predation, and the condition as a victim of the vicissitudes of a nature hostile to all but the gods we imagine.

For these reasons we organize into families, clans, tribes, nations; and territories, villages, cities, and polities; in the defense of, and for the advancement, of all; and to do so to preserve the returns on cooperation, while increasing proximity and number, and dividing our labors, we produce habits and rules of order consisting of habits, norms, traditions, institutions, processes, rights and obligations, by accident of circumstance, dictate, or choice.  When man makes such rules by choice under sovereignty he produces a contract of processes, rights and obligations because that is all he may.

A constitution consists of a contract by which the members of a polity are bound to its terms, by the enforcers of that contract.

Enforcement of that Contract

In presumption, a constitutional contract is between all citizens for their shared behalf. In practice that contract is between the men of willing to fight and of sufficient numbers, to preserve adherence to, and benefits from, its definitions, processes, rights and obligations, or to replace those those definitions, process, rights, and obligations with others.

Other than those men who will fight, all others are beneficiaries of the contract created by the men willing to use violence to prolong or to overturn the status quo in favor of an alternative order.

Western Civilization evolved on the eurasian plain and the forests of europe, and the shores of the Black, Baltic, North, and Mediterranean Seas. These people required land for farming, and grazing horses and cattle. Unlike the early river valley civilizations, that could concentrate production by irrigation, they depended upon a voluntary, contractual, militia of kin led by professional warriors who used technology and maneuver to their advantage despite their small numbers, relative wealth, and distance from the center of the bronze age and world trade.  This contract led to the uniqueness of western civilization’s institutionalization of contract as Individual Sovereignty, Truth, Duty, Reciprocity, and Customary Law of Tort, which must result in markets for all aspects of life: association, cooperation, reproduction, production, commons, and polities.

To provide incentives to produce and maintain all forms of capital, constitution consists of a contract of indefinite end. A contractual arrangement of indefinite end, is only valuable until a more preferable contractual arrangement arises – at which point it is in the individual familial, clan and national interest to exit the less preferable arrangement for the more preferable arrangement.

The minimum purpose of such a constitution is to produce sufficient returns from voluntary cooperation that the choice to continue cooperation under the terms of the constitution, is preferable to terminating that contact, and replacing it with one that provides superior returns.

In the absence of reciprocity and proportionality, men have no incentive to produce rights and obligations – they have the opposite incentive: to free riding, parasitism, and predation. The weak favor parasitic equality. The strong favor parasitic inequality. The just favor market meritocracy.

All men are born with a wealth of care and violence that they may increase, maintain, or lay fallow. It is this wealth of care and violence that men use to produce agreements under which they can cooperate – or to be the victims of those who engage in free riding, parasitism, predation, and familicide, genocide, culture-cide, and civilization-cide against them.

The failure of the constitutional eras has been caused by wishful thinking, overestimation of man, the lack of rigor in their construction, the pretense of benevolence by their creators and administrators, the malincentives that each of these frailties creates, and the natural tendencies of all organizations of all scales to maximize rents and exploit economic opportunities at costs to human, institutions, and territorial capital, until unable to adapt to shocks.



A people may choose only so many dimensions of decidability in political institutions that advance the group’s interests.

  1. Cult (Religion) vs Corporation (Statism) vs Kin (Nationalism)
  2. Dysgenic (equalitarian) vs Eugenic (meritocratic)
  3. Parasitic vs Static vs Productive
  4. Authoritarian vs Administrative vs Rule of Law


We the People, choose Kin, Eugenic, Productive, Rule of Law as most suited to our interests and abilities.

1 – Kin Rather than Corporation or Cult.

( … )

—“Let A Thousand Nations Bloom.”—

2 – Eugenic rather than Dysgenic.

( … )

3 – Productive vs Parasitic or Static

( … )

4 – Rule of Law vs Authoritarian or Administrative

( … )

—“Transcendence via Excellence, Beauty, Truth, Duty, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Rule of Law, and Markets in everything: association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, and polities.”—



Whereas Man Demonstrates;



Man acts to acquire. Life is an expensive means of defeating entropy. Acting improves acquisition – at additional cost. Memory improves acquisition – at additional cost. Reason improves acquisition – at additional cost. Cooperation improves acquisition – at additional cost.

  • Life: Man is an expensive life form.
  • Time:  (time here) ( … )
  • Action: Man has three sets of faculties: physical, intuitionistic, and rational;  with them he can Sense(physical), Memory(knowledge), Intuit(emotional), Reason(cognitive, calculative), Communicate(display, word, and deed), and Act (move).
  • Acquisition: Man must act to defeat the continuous cost of existence in time, by continuous acquisition of information, opportunities, associations, resources, goods, and services to survive, prosper, and reproduce.

—‘the social object of skilled investment should be to defeat the dark forces of time and ignorance which envelope our future,’—

  • Incentive: It is in man’s interest to seek:
    1. The greatest return;
    2. with the least effort;
    3. in the least time;
    4. using the least resources;
    5. with the least uncertainty;
    6. with the least risk;
    7. with the least negative externalities;
  • Discounts …  Premiums ( … )
  • Cost: Man pays costs consisting of the difference between the one choice and the next best choice – the next best choice including inaction. All costs are costs of opportunity.



1. Demonstrated Interests, (Demonstrated Property, “Property-In-Toto”):  The set of that which man acts or forgoes opportunities for satisfaction to acquire, preserve, accumulate, use and consume.

2. Capital: The cumulative inventory of Demonstrated Interests: human, material


Demonstrated Interests include the Existential and the Obtained:

1. Existential (or Natural) Interests:


( … )


Existential Interests Include:

1. Self: 
Life, Body, Genes,
Memories, Mind, Attention
Time, and Action

2. Stimulation, Experience

3. Status and Class (reputation, honor)
Self-Image, Status, Reputation
Social, Sexual, Economic, Political, and Military Market Value

4. Kin and Interpersonal (Relationship) Interests
Mates (access to sex/reproduction), and Marriage
Children (genetic reproduction)
Consanguineous Relations (family, kin, clan, tribal and national relations)

5. Sustainable Patterns of Association, Cooperation, Insurance, Reproduction,  Production, Distribution and Trade
Friends, Acquaintances, Neighbors,
Cooperative Relations, Commercial Relations,
Political Relations, and Military Relations.

2. Obtained Interests include:


Obtained Interest: Interests that are obtained by bearing a cost of opportunity, time, effort, resources, to obtain that interest without imposing upon the previously born costs of others.


Obtained Interests Include:

6. Several (Personal) Interests
Personal property: “Things an individual has a Monopoly Of Control over the use of.”
Physical Body and Several Property: Those things we claim a monopoly of control over.

7. Shareholder (Fractional) Interests
Shares in property: Recorded And Quantified Shareholder Property (claims for partial ownership)

8. Title Interests (Weights and Measures)
Trademarks and Brands (prohibitions on fraudulent transfers within a geography).

9. Artificial Interests (Privileges)
Letters of Marque, Patents, Copyrights, Grants of License.

10. Common Interests, or “Commons” (Community Property)
Institutional Property: “Those objects into which we have invested our forgone opportunities, our efforts, or our material assets, in order to aggregate capital from multiple individuals for mutual gain.”

(i) Informational commons: knowledge. Information.

(ii) Informal (Normative) Institutions: Our norms: habits, manners, ethics and morals. Informal institutional property is nearly impossible to quantify and price.  The costs are subjective and consist of forgone opportunities.

(iii) Formal (Physical) Commons: the territory, it’s waterways, parks, buildings, improvements and infrastructure.

(iv) Formal (Procedural) Institutions: Our institutions: Religion, Education, Banking, Treasury, Government, Laws, Courts.

(v) Monuments (art and artifacts).
Monuments claim territory, demonstrate wealth, and provide one of the longest most invariable normative and economic returns that any culture can construct as a demonstration of conspicuous production (wealth), and as such, conspicuous excellence. (hence why competing monuments represent an invasion. Temples, Churches, Museums, Sculptures being the most obvious examples of cultural claim or conquest. )

(vi) Common Opportunity Interests
When people come together in proximity, and suppress impositions of costs upon the interests of others through the incremental evolution of the law of reciprocity, they decrease the time and effort required to produce voluntary association, cooperation and exchange. As such polities decrease opportunity costs, and generate opportunities. These opportunities are un-homsesteaded (opportunities) until invested in by individuals either by expenditure of time effort and resources, or by forgoing opportunities for consumption. As such the proximity of people and the institution of reciprocity under law produce a commons of opportunities that we seize (homestead) by competition. As such no one may claim interest in an opportunity without conducting and exchange by which to seize it.



  • Emotions: Emotions are a reflection of change in state of our anticipated, existing, and past inventory of the spectrum of our demonstrated interests.


( … )

Cognitive Bias;


Cognitive biases arise from too much information, the limits of memory, insufficient meaning, the need to act quickly, and the need to preserve confidence sufficient to act in continuous uncertainty.  These biases vary between individuals, and some can be trained, but all humans are affected by them.

They include:

  • Decision Making biases effect Decidability, belief, and behavior;
  • Attributional biases in effect perceptions of relations between the self and others;
  • Memory biases that either enhance or impair the recall of a memory (either the chances that the memory will be recalled at all, or the amount of time it takes for it to be recalled, or both), or that alters the content of a reported memory.


Moral Bias;


Moral (Proper):
Moral Norm:
Moral Intuition:



( … )



Language consists of justificationary negotiation in furtherance of our acquisition by these three means (LIST THE THREE AGAIN). ergo: All ‘belief’ is justification to the self and others in furtherance of acquisition. It is meaningless. Statements of justification only provide us with information necessary to deduce what it is that we wish to acquire.



  • Man has only three choices in how to act in relation to others:
    1. Avoidance (Boycott, Deprivation of cooperation)
    2. Cooperation (Productive Exchange), or;
    3. Conflict (Parasitism, Predation, or War)
  • Man can voluntarily cooperate because he can sympathize with the intentions of others, communicate, and negotiate terms of cooperation, and determine the returns on cooperation, and choose whether which actions to take with his limited time, effort, resources, and will.
  • Man has only one incentive to cooperate: the value of doing so is greater than the alternatives of avoidance and conflict.
  • Cooperation is a disproportionately more productive means of acquisition than individual production.
  • Continuous cooperation in a division of perception, cognition, knowledge, labor, advocacy, negotiation, and trade informed by prices is ….

Rational, Reciprocal, Ethical, Moral, and Good Action;


We seek discounts in our acquisitions. Some of these discounts are productive and moral and encourage cooperation, and some of them are unproductive and immoral, discourage cooperation, and encourage retaliation.

  • Only voluntary transfer is rational and non-coercive without creating demand for retaliation and decline of future opportunity for returns on cooperation.
  • Only productive voluntary exchange is reciprocally rational.
  • Only fully informed and warrantied productive voluntary exchange is ethical.
  • Only fully informed and warrantied productive voluntary exchange free of imposition of costs upon the interests of other members of the group by externality is moral.

The only ethical and moral acquisition is one in which one either homesteads an interest by act of transformation (investment), or obtains that interest by productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary exchange, where any external, involuntary transfers (externalities) are not unproductive (losses).

Rational, Irreciprocal, Unethical, Immoral, and Evil Action;


  • Man must act to preserve and extend cooperation to preserve the disproportionate rewards of acquisition through cooperation.
  • Man acts to preserve and extend cooperation by the suppression of parasitism that creates the disincentive to cooperate, and therefore decreases the disproportionate rewards of acquisition through cooperation.
  • Man conducts free riding, parasitism, and predation by:

-Predation (Physical)-
Criminal Prohibitions.
1. Murder
2. Violence (harm, rape, damage, asymmetry of force)
3. Theft (asymmetry of control)
FREEDOM Achieved Upon Suppression.

Unethical Prohibitions.
Fraud (Informational):
4. Hazard Production (Baiting, Entrapment), Poisoning the Well (Gossip, Ridicule, Shaming, Rallying, Reputation Destruction, Straw Manning, Heaping of Undue Praise on the undeserving.)
5. Fraud (false information)
6. Omission (Omitting information)
7. Obscurantism (Obscuring information)
8. Obstruction (Inhibiting someone else’s transaction)
ETHICALITY Achieved Upon Suppression.

-Free-Riding (Social)-
Immoral Prohibitions.
Free Riding (Social):
9. Profit without contribution to production.
10. Externalization (externalizing costs of any transaction)
11. Free Riding (using externalities for self-benefit)
12. Socializing Losses (externalization to commons)
13. Privatizing Gains (appropriation of commons)
MORALITY Achieved Upon Suppression.

Political Prohibitions.
Conspiracy (Political):
14. Monopoly, Cartel Seeking (or partial monopoly)
15. Rent Seeking (organizational free riding)
16. Corruption ( organized rent seeking)
17. Conspiracy (organized indirect theft)
18. Extortion (Organized direct theft), Blackmail.
LIBERTY Achieved Upon Suppression.

Military Prohibitions.
Warfare (Military):
19. Conversion (Propaganda, Religious or normative theft of norms)
20. Overbreeding
21. Immigration. (dilution of norms, institutions, genes)
22. War (organized violence for the purpose of theft)
23. Conquest. (reorganization of all property and relations)
24. Genocide. (extermination of kin and genetic future)
SOVEREIGNTY Achieved Upon Suppression.

– Evil-
The imposition of costs upon the interests of others without intent or incentive for gain, but for the purpose of causing them loss regardless of one’s gain or loss.


Suppression of Free Riding, Parasitism, and Predation;


Man suppresses parasitism by:

1 – threats of interpersonal violence, and interpersonal violence,
2 – organized violence;
3 – threats of interpersonal ostracization from cooperation,
4 – organized ostracization from cooperation;
5 – Promises of individual remuneration, or deprivation from remuneration,
6 – organized remuneration, or deprivation from remuneration,
7 – when he must by remuneration, and when he can by organized violence in law and war.

(list institutions of suppression of free riding, parasitism, and predation)

Common Law: Incremental, Evolutionary, Suppression:

( … )




Man competes for status because status provides discounts on opportunities to acquire interests – especially mates,  insurance, cooperation, and allies.

  1. social (status desirability),
  2. economic (wealth desirability),
  3. reproductive (genetic desirability),
  4. political and military (competitive desirability) – as well as their undesirable opposites.

Reproductive Competition;


  • Man acts in furtherance of his reproductive strategy.
  • Male and Female reproductive strategies are in conflict.
  • The Female seeks to breed where it benefits her lineage; to force the cost of her offspring on the tribe through moral hazard; to further her offspring regardless of merit; to generalize to preserve adaptability to changing group dynamics; to preserve soft her soft-power by seeking safety in consensus, non conflict, and numbers, at the expense of Male interests. To limit accumulated cellular damage on behalf of the herd; To ostracize (kill) competitors through endless  reputation destruction; As such Females act to produce sufficient equality to reduce conflict. This consists in the Herd strategy and Instincts.
  • The Male seeks to breed impulsively wherever it does not harm his lineage; to use violence most frequently in defense of access to a female; to preserve hard power by creating a tribe capable of resisting dominance by other Males at the expense of Female interests; to specialize in the group at the cost of adaptability to changes in group dynamics; to seek safety in the company of a hierarchy of men capable of coordinating (hunting) by similar interests; to demonstrate hierarch and loyalty;to absorb accumulated cellular damage on behalf of the females and children. As such Males act meritocratically;  This consists in the Pack strategy and Instincts.
  • Males and Females overlap in their uses of each other’s reproductive strategies, due to variations in dimorphism and reverse dimorphism present under evolutionary neoteny.
  • Without limits to both Male and Female behavior in favor of their strategies, the compromise between the strategies fails, and the extremes of each force costs upon the other.
  • Man evolved degrees of pairing-off in multiple relations, serial relations, and monogamy;  and degrees of ‘cheating’ from frequent to infrequent, as in their ability and interest.
  • The institution of marriage of increasing length in response to the increase in productive capital under control of the family, produced an Equilibrium under which all do the best they can without imposing harm upon others, at the expense of  producing an optimum for any.

Transformation (Production);



Physical, Organizational, Intellectual


( …. ) social econ… etc



There exist only three means of coercing other humans to cooperate with on one means or end vs cooperate with others on different means or ends.

  • Man has only three means of coercion (influence):
    1. Remuneration (payment, trade)
    2. Force, Loss of Life, Experience, Liberty, …..
    3. Ostracization, Reputation Destruction, Loss of Status and Opportunity.

These three means of coercion can be used to construct three vertical axis of class specialization: coercion by force(conservatism/masculine), coercion by gossip(progressivism/feminine), coercion by remuneration (libertarianism / neutral masculine).

Human elites are formed by those who specialize in one or more of these means of coercion: gossip: public intellectuals and priests. force: military and political. exchange: voluntary organizations, including the voluntary organization of production.

  • Man Specializes in three means of coercion:
    1. Remuneration: Finance, Commerce, Caretaking (or Bribery)
    2. Force: Military, Police, Law (or murder, violence, theft)
    3. Ostracization: Gossip, Religion, Education, Propaganda (ostracizationreputation destruction, deprivation of opportunity, information, deception)
  • Man Evolves classes we call ‘elites’ to specialize in each of these means of coercion.
  • The dominance of one group of specialists over another is historical and demographic.
  • Elites are necessary for decidability in coordination.
  • Man follows elites …..

Organization into Institutions (family etc)


Political Orders

Communist —- Socialist — Kin —- Capitalist —- Anarchist


The Market as A Means of Survival

  1. (1) One gains Dividends from the construction and maintenance of the voluntary organization of production, distribution, and trade paid for by forgoing opportunities for parasitic consumption (acting ethically and morally).
  2. (2) One gains access to opportunity for cooperation and consumption in the market.
  3. (3) One gains earnings from the personal production of goods and services in the market for goods and services. (income from profits)
  4. (4) Dividends for maintenance of the commons in all its forms.
  5. (5) Dividends for the policing (defense) of the commons in all its forms.


The Inability of Some To Participate in the Market


(creating defense of the order of cooperation)


Purpose (incremental evolutionary suppression)

( … )

The result of these conditions, is that man seeks Agency, within the limits of his abilities, frustrations and comforts, with only so much reciprocity as he can get away with paying the costs of.

—“The Will To Power”—

(Self determination)


The Law

—“That which is set or established: Customary rules.”—

law (n.)
Old English lagu (plural laga, combining form lah-) “ordinance, rule prescribed by authority, regulation; district governed by the same laws;” also sometimes “right, legal privilege,” from Old Norse *lagu “law,” collective plural of lag “layer, measure, stroke,” literally “something laid down, that which is fixed or set” from Proto-Germanic *lagam “put, lay,” from PIE root *legh- “to lie, lay” (from PIE root *legh- “to lie down, lay”). Identical with lay (n.2) as “that which is set or established.”

On Reciprocity


1. There is only one natural law or human cooperation, and one basis for law, and that is Reciprocity.

2. Reciprocity requires we limit our behavior to productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfer, free of imposition of costs upon the interests of others either directly or by externality.

3. Constitutions for all forms of government, and their dependent laws, can be constructed from the test of reciprocity if such constitutions are constructed truthfully, operationally, and completely – because contracts for rights and obligations may produce different sets of trades of rights and obligations that cumulative effect may be sufficiently agreeable that the incentive is insufficient to oppose it.

On Construction:


( … )


1. All laws shall be strictly constructed from a logical, sequential, test of reciprocity.  And that all laws must state the purpose, scope, and limits of the prohibition they impose such that it cannot be expanded through prosecutorial or judicial activism. And that such expansions shall be attributable to the jurist that issues them.

On Construction by Function

( … )

In Conclusion:

  • All conflicts are decidable by tests of reciprocity.
  • All attempts at reciprocity are reciprocal, ethical, and moral, goods;
  • Any attempt to circumvent reciprocity is an attempt at free riding, parasitism, or predation, whether by accident, error, bias, or intent, is irreciprocal, and criminal, unethical, immoral, or evil.

Categories of Law


Man demonstrates these methods of legal demand:

  1. Contract (agreement between parties) under the one law of reciprocity.
  2. Findings of Law, meaning Judge Discovered Law (discovered by the court)
  3. Regulation (Rules of Prior Constraint given force of law by the insurer of last resort)
  4. Legislation ( Rules produced by a governing body using rules of law, and given force of law )
  5. Command (rules given force of law, produced by one or more rulers and governors regardless of rules of law)

Decidability of Law


Man demonstrates these Methods of Decidability in Adjudication of Law:

1. Rule of Law by Reciprocity (Natural Law – Non Conflict)
Rule of Law by the Natural Law of Reciprocity (Logical), or “concrete” definition that must preserve one right of reciprocity, rendering all disputes decidable, and all  findings of law, regulation, and legislation, and all contracts under them decidable. Reciprocity provides a Formal Logic of Juridical Decidability.

Reciprocity creates law that is a Statement of FACT.

2. Rule of Law (By Conformity to Rights)
Rule of Law: a “Substantive” (Skeptical) or “thick” definition. Rule of Law by Rights provides a Rational method of juridical decidability.Substantive (Skeptical) conceptions of the rule of law include certain substantive rights that are said to be based on, or derived from, the rule of law. The substantive interpretation holds that the rule of law intrinsically must protect some or all individual rights – rights that can be articulated – but that need not be reciprocal or internally consistent.

Rule of Law by Conformity to Rights produces findings of law that are Rational Judgements given unavoidable inconsistencies.

In addition:
– No finding of law, regulation, or legislation may apply retroactively: if there is no such law there is no crime.

3. Rule By Law (Rule by Legislation – Agreement between a Group)
Rule by Law: a “Formalist”: (Optimistic) or “thin” definition, that must not preserve any such rights, and that either the state or the people are unlimited in their imposition of  ….   Rule by Legislation is aFormalist (Optimistic) definitions of the rule of law do not make a judgment about the “justness” of law itself, but define specific procedural attributes that a legal framework must have in order to be in compliance with the rule of law. The formalist interpretation holds that the rule of law has purely formal characteristics, meaning that the law must be publicly declared, with prospective application, and possess the characteristics of generality, equality, and certainty, but there are no requirements with regard to the content of the law.

In addition, some theorists hold that democracy(majority) can circumvent both procedure and rights, or construct new rights (rather than privileges).

Formalism allows laws the pretense of claiming rule of law when rights are not protected by including countries that do not necessarily have such laws protecting democracy or individual rights in the scope of the definition of  “rule of law”.

The “formal” interpretation is more widespread than the “substantive” interpretation. Formalists hold that the law must be prospective, well-known, and have characteristics of generality, equality, and certainty. Other than that, the formal view contains no requirements as to the content of the law.

Rule of Law by Legislation produces findings of law that are Reasonable given the inconsistency of the basis for laws.

4. Rule of Man (By Arbitrary Discretion – Individuals )
A “Functional” (Fictional) or “ultra-thin” definition.The functional (Fictional) interpretation of the term “rule of law”, consistent with the traditional English meaning, contrasts the “rule of law” with the “rule of man.” According to the functional view, a society in which government officers have a great deal of discretion has a low degree of “rule of law”, whereas a society in which government officers have little discretion has a high degree of “rule of law”.

Rule of Man’s Arbitrary Discretion requires neither formal process nor substantial rights be respected, and allows government officials great and possibly unlimited ‘discretion’, but not necessarily the judiciary or the people.

Rule of law by Arbitrary Discretion produces findings of law that are Arbitrary.


The ancient concept of Rule OF law can be distinguished from rule BY law, in that, under the rule OF law, the law serves as a check against the abuse of power by the judiciary and the state, and rule of law by the Natural Law of  Reciprocity (“Natural Law”) serves as a check against the government, the judiciary, and the people.

Under rule BY law, findings of the court, regulation, legislation, and commands are enforced as if law a mere tool for a government, that oppresses the population a using legislation as justification for arbitrary commands – a means of violating rights

Under Rule of Man, there are no checks on power to violate rights.

As such there is only one Rule of Law: Reciprocity, and all other are judgements of some number of Men, with varying degrees of consistency and given force of law.

Common Anglo vs Continental Law 


a relationship between men, a relationship between men and the state.

( … )


Possession, Property, Right, and Title


  1. Opportunity: any interest that Man my wish to acquire through investment that has not yet been invested in by others.
  2. Possession: Possession is a Fact. Possessions are Personally insured. Consisting of that which one has acted to prevent others from consumption or use.
  3. Property: Property is a norm. Property is collectively insured. Consisting of that which evolves as general rules of non imposition between people with similar kinship, interests, or interdependence. Property is that which is insured against non-imposition by a third party organization.
  4. Property Rights: Property Rights are dependent upon the existence of an institution that enforces rights and obligations in matters of disputes.
  5. Title …..


Rights (define)


The Uninsured:

Natural Right: Reciprocity.

Desired Right: A right that you wish to possess if you can find (a) a party to exchange it with you and (b) an enforcer (insurer) of those rights once you negotiated them.

The Self Insured:

Consensual Right: (from promise to formal document)

The Collectively Insured:

Normative Right: (norms, manners, ethics, morals),

The Institutionally Insured (enforceable):

Right (Legal Right) : a contractual obligation by another party to perform some actions, and refrain from other actions

  • Law proper (discovered),
  • Legislation (negotiated),
  • Regulation (issued)
  • Command (commanded)

Enforceable Rights: Enforceable Rights exist only when

  • (a) obtained in contractual exchange, and;
  • (b) are enforceable in matters of dispute by a third party ‘insurer’.
  • (c) the insurer being the court, government, police, sheriff, people or other enforcer.

The Institutional Privileges

Artificial Right (or Political Privilege)

  • Negative Right: a contractual obligation by another party to refrain from actions: to forgo opportunities for gains. The only rights we can reciprocally grant each other are negative, because we can only equally possess the ability to refrain from action.
  • Positive Right: a contractual obligation by another party to perform actions: to bear costs, and to forgo opportunity for ‘defection’ (cheating).

The International Ambitions

Human Rights : Those Institutional rights necessary for human freedom from political predation, that any government must seek to produce for its citizens if that government wishes to preserve its sovereignty from actions against it by those signatories of the contract for human rights: the insurers of last resort.

Human rights were an attempt by western nations in the post-colonial and post-war era to set the terms by which governments would respect the sovereignty(esp. borders) of other governments, in an attempt to limit countries to internal development rather than expansionary war; to prevent another world war; to prevent the continuing horrors of primitive and developing countries; to contain the horrors of communism; to contain the horrors of islamism; and to direct the purpose of government exclusively to the improvement of the condition of its citizens.

Violations of Rights (define)

free riding




Acting as:

  • individuals
  • conspiracies of intent
  • conspiracies of common interest
  • externalities of insufficient due diligence.


Closing (Summary)

There is only one form of rule of law under which no one can override natural rights (transcendence, sovereignty of life, liberty, property,  under reciprocity, truth, duty, and markets.)

Rule by legislation allows either the state, or the body politic to override those rules.

And rule by man allows arbitrary discretion on the part of officials (members of the monopoly bureaucracy).

The Courts

Regarding Purpose


The purpose of the Courts is:

(a) to discover and provide rules and guidelines for successful coexistence, cooperation, and persistence in a polity, using the markets for association, cooperation, production, reproduction, and production of commons;
(b) to resolve disputes by those rules,
(c) to force restitution for violation of those rules,
(d) to prevent further crimes by those who violate them,
(e) to extract the repeatedly uncivil from the society by exile, separation, and if necessary, execution.


Regarding Interpretation

( .. )

Regarding Incrementalism

( … )  The policy of Zero Tolerance.

Regarding Specialization (juridical)

( … )

Regarding Truthful Speech


(market for information)


Tautological Truth: That testimony you give when promising the equality of two statements using different terms: A circular definition, a statement of equality or a statement of identity.

Analytic Truth: The testimony you give promising the internal consistency of one or more statements used in the construction of a proof in an axiomatic(declarative) system. (a Logical Truth).

Ideal Truth: That testimony (description) you would give, if your knowledge (information) was complete, your language was sufficient, stated without error, cleansed of bias, and absent deceit, within the scope of precision limited to the context of the question you wish to answer; and the promise that another possessed of the same knowledge (information), performing the same due diligence, having the same experiences, would provide the same testimony. (Ideal Truth = Perfect Parsimony.)

Truthfulness: that testimony (description) you give if your knowledge (information) is incomplete, your language is insufficient, you have performed due diligence in the elimination of error, imaginary content, wishful thinking, bias, fictionalism, and deceit; within the scope of precision limited to the question you wish to answer; and which you warranty to be so; and the promise that another possessed of the knowledge, performing the same due diligence, having the same experiences, would provide the same testimony.

Honesty: that testimony (description) you give with full knowledge that knowledge is incomplete, your language is insufficient, but you have not performed due diligence in the elimination of error and bias, but which you warranty is free of deceit; within the scope of precision limited to the question you wish to answer; and the promise that another possess of the same knowledge (information), performing the same due diligence, having the same experiences, would provide the same testimony.

Truthful speech satisfies the Demand for Increasing Infallibility of Decidability:

1. Intelligible: Decidable enough to imagine a conceptual relationship
2. Reasonable: Decidable enough for me to feel confident that my decision will satisfy my needs, and is not a waste of time, energy, resources.
3. Actionable: Decidable enough for me to take actions given time, effort, knowledge, resources.
4. Ethical and Moral: Decidable enough for me to not impose risk or costs upon the interests of others, or cause others to retaliate against me, if they have knowledge of and transparency into my actions.
5. Normative: Decidable enough to resolve a conflict without subjective opinion among my fellow people with similar values.
6. Judicial: Decidable enough to resolve a conflict without subjective opinion across different peoples with different knowledge, comprehension and values.
7. Scientific: Decidable regardless of all opinions or perspectives (‘True’)
8. Logical: Decidable out of physical or logical necessity
9. Tautological: Decidedly identical in properties (referents) if not references (terms). So to borrow the one of many terms from Economics, we can see in this series (list) a market demand for increasingly infallible decidability.

The criteria for truthful speech is Coherence across the dimensions testifiable by man:

  1. Categorically Consistent (Non-conflationary, Differences)
  2. Internally Consistent (Logical)
  3. Externally Correspondent (Empirical)
  4. Operationally Consistent (Consisting of Operational Terms that are Repeatable and Testable)
  5. Rational Choice (Consisting of Rational choice, in available time frame)
  6. Reciprocal (Consisting of Reciprocally Rational Choice)
  7. With Stated Limits and Fully Accounted (Defense against cherry picking and inflation)
  8. Warrantied
    1. as having performed due diligence in the above dimensions;
    2. where due diligence is sufficient to satisfy the demand for infallibility;
    3. and where one encourages no risk that one cannot perform restitution for.

As a defense against:

1. Ignorance and Willful Ignorance;
2. Error and failure of Due Diligence;
3. Bias and Wishful Thinking;
4. And the many Deceits of:

(a) Loading and Framing;
(b) Suggestion, Obscurantism, and Overloading and Propaganda;
(c) Fictionalisms of Sophisms, Pseudorationalisms, Pseudoscience, and Supernaturalism;
(d) and outright Fabrications.


0 – No right to Falsehood of any kind shall be permitted for any reason.

1 – In defense of the Informational Commons, Public Speech in display word and deed, shall be Truthful;

(a) And as such the obligation for coherent, consistent, correspondent, operational, rational, reciprocal, complete, and limited speech shall replace the tolerance for untruthful speech.

(b) And all use of the means of deception, fraud, and informational destruction, we name Fictionalisms are prohibited from public speech, including:

– Psychologism and Moralism;
– Sophisms, including the techniques of Idealism, Pseudo-rationalism, Pilpul, and Critique;
– Super-normalism and Supernaturalism;
– Pseudoscience and Magic,

(c) And all Speech and all speech products shall be involuntarily warrantied, as are all other goods, services, and information.

3 – The right to be free of Defamation in Speech (libel), Alternates to speech (slander) shall not be infringed; and the obligation that one speak truthfully, and that the person, group, or organization committed a crime punishable under law, shall not be limited.

(a) The offended party need not demonstrate damage. The offending party need demonstrate it is not false.

(b) The practice of “Trial by Media” shall be prohibited.

(Counsel: Having opened the Court to standing in matters of the commons, all disputes public and private can have recourse of action and voice). 

4 – The right to be free of fictionalism, treason, and sedition in arts and letters, shall include;

(a) fiction shall be labeled and structured as a fiction, and obviously so;
(b) dramatization of public figures prohibited;
(c) attempts at creation of a false history (historical fictionalism) shall be prohibited;
(d) casting of the un-heroic as heroic, immoral as moral, and unethical as ethical, shall be prohibited.
(d) casting the the constitution, declaration, western civilization, as unheroic, immoral, or unethical shall be prohibited.

(Counsel: The Abrahamic practice of using the permissiveness of the arts and letters to harm the informational commons by the diminution of our ancestors and heroes shall be prohibited.)

– Regarding Interference –

1. The Right of Transit in commercial and public spaces shall not be infringed. Therefore, the obligation to refrain from obstruction of ways, including aisles, paths, roads and their likenesses, in land, water, air, space  and their likenesses shall not be diminished.

-Regarding Association, Disassociation, Exit, and Secession-

1. The right of the people to exit from any political order and its territory without cost or penalty shall not be infringed.

(Counsel: The right of association is meaningless without rights of disassociation (exclusion).  The right of disassociation for any reason whatsoever shall be restored, and no forcible interactions shall be imposed upon people. This ends the forced association of peoples against their will)

2. The right of the people to freedom of association, disassociation, and exit, for any reason, in matters private, commercial, and political shall not be infringed.  The people shall have the right to form gatherings, organizations, enterprises, neighborhoods, regions or realms by any criteria they choose without exception.

3. All members of any organization, whether Religious, Intellectual, Political, Civic, Commercial, or Criminal; and whether formal or informal, shall insure the display, word, and deed of all other members, and shall be be accountable for the display word and deed of all other members in actions of common interests.

(Counsel: The practice of fringe members of any organization to take criminal, unethical, and immoral actions that advance common interests while preserving the activities of the group unchanged, shall end.)

4. The right to be free of harassment shall not be infringed.  Therefore the right of Transit of the Commons shall be granted reciprocally, but no other rights shall exist between one person and another without consent, and all possible rights are prohibited when expressly rejected.  Therefore Stalking, Paparazzi, Protesting, Activism, Journalism, Recruiting, Preaching, Selling, and Begging alike are prohibited.

(Counsel: The courts give us all necessary means of resolution and the tolerance for harassment, particularly of public figures shall be terminated.)



-Defense of Interests, Including Rights-

1 – The right of Citizens to Keep and Bear Arms with the sole exclusion of explosive frangible weapons with a lateral area-of-effect greater than fifteen feet, shall not be infringed.

(Counsel: the intent of the exclusion of frangible weapons to preserve the right of forward facing explosive ammunition necessary for penetration in current and future conflict, but limit the use of omnidirectional (hand grenades) and self-propelled (rocket, missile) weapons to issue from the armory. ) 

2 – The obligation of all men who are able and citizens between 16 and 65 to keep and bear required arms and ammunition, and to remain disciplined in their  use,  and fit to use them in defense of the people shall not be infringed.

3 – Prohibition on Treason (in display word and deed)

(a) Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States, nor engage in public speech

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

(b) Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(H), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

4 – Rights and Obligations of Sedition

If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, § 1, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

4 – Rights and Obligation of Revolt

Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

Borders and Territory 

1. Any aliens who attempt to enter the territory by any means other than those prescribed to Visitors shall be subject to extra-judicial punishment or execution without trial or appeal, by any of the people, at any time, at their sole discretion.

2. Any government unable to contain their people from continuous flight such that they pose border risks to the Territory shall have implicitly declared war, and shall lose rights of sovereignty, reciprocity, rule and governance, and any actions necessary to prevent such continued warfare shall be used to restore borders and order.

Extra Judicial Cessation, Restitution, and Punishment

3 – The right of all men to Extra-judicial Prosecution and Punishment of perpetrators of repeated crimes of predation, by whipping or hanging, with the presence and consent of no less than twenty five Peers, shall not be infringed.

4 – The right to Stand One’s Ground shall not be infringed.  The right of Castle in one’s Home shall not be infringed with the exception of murder, hostage-taking, explosives large enough to damage neighbouring property, and other weapons of mass destruction.

5 – The right to Defend Marriage from interference, and Self, Spouse, Children, Kin, and one’s Private Property from harm shall not be infringed.


16 – The right to demand apology and restitution in defense of reputation and honor; to engage hand to hand fighting if unsatisfied; to delay the restitution, or appeal to the People or the Court for satisfaction shall not be infringed.  The obligation to cease upon submission, to refrain from striking when down, and prohibit kicking of the head, shall be preserved; and the violation of this obligation shall be the crime of attempted murder.

( Counsel:  —“The Sovereign’s ready answer to ridicule, shaming, rallying, gossiping, scolding, fictionalism and deceit, is violence: the duel.”— )



-Regarding Use of Commons-

1 – The right of Transit, including driving, on existing routes, shall not be infringed for any reason other than for the past imposition on risk of others by means of recklessness, impairment driving, or interference in other’s driving, whether by display, word, or deed.

2 – All laws regarding the use of private and common spaces and all within them shall enumerate which rights are granted and if unenumerated shall be deemed ‘Sacred’; meaning that one has none of the rights listed below, whatsoever.

Those rights shall be:

  • Homestead – Homesteading: Convert an opportunity into property through bearing a cost of transformation.
  • Transit – passage by walking through 3d space, without mechanical or other aid, limited to what you can carry, on existing paths.
  • Transport – passage of other than body and what you can carry without aid through space, on existing paths.
  • Wander – movement over outside of existing paths.
  • Loiter – Enumerated as ‘Rest’, Sleep, ‘Stay’
  • Congregation – of more than one person.
  • Observation – may observe others, or merely watch where  you ‘re walking – this is to limit both people observing, image capture, and drone activity.
  • Recording – by any means.
  • Display – including dress, appearance, and behavior
  • Sound – other that whispers from one person to another
  • Approach – right of approaching others
  • Greeting – Acknowledgement of one another’s presence.
  • Speech (Word), and shall enumerate to include
  • …. …. …. “Introduction“,
  • …. …. …. “Conversation“,
  • …. …. …. “Solicitation“, “Begging
  • …. …. …. “Promotion“,
  • …. …. …. “Listed Topics, Listed Prohibited Topics
  • Action  ‘Movement’, ‘Touch’, ‘Play’
  • Usus – Use: setting up a stall.
  • Fructus – Fruits: (blackberries, wood, profits)
  • Emancipation – Emancipation: (sale, transfer)
  • Abusus – Abuse: (Consumption or Destruction)


Regarding Title to Property


The purpose of copyright, trademark, brand, patent, and natural patent is to prevent profit without contribution to research, development, and production – it is a prohibition on free riding.


1 – The purpose of Trademark is the production of a weight and measure, and all such marks shall constitute a weight and measure. As such the right of the people to register trademarks, and prohibit violations of those trademarks shall not be infringed.  The purpose of the practice of “branding” using the full range of visible properties available to man, shall constitute a weight and measure.

2 – The purpose of Copyright is to prevent profit from the productivity of an author in the market for goods, services, and information. Copyright shall be reduced to the Creative Commons that disallows profiting from the distribution of works by others but permits copying for personal and non-commercial use. (Defund Entertainment through elimination of market subsidy via copyright, yet preserve rights of creators from profiting from their efforts without compensation. This shall not be construed beyond the original intent of this clause which is the free distribution of all creative works but the requirement to negotiate compensation from the use of such works for commercial purposes. In other words, a radio station may play music for free and a civic festival show a video for free, but the use of any works in acts of marketing, advertising, or branding, or reproduction for sale require negotiation with the creator.

3 – The purpose of Patents is to subsidize BASIC technological research and investment such that the rewards for basic research are substantive.  Patents are not a vehicle depriving the market of innovations, or depriving the market of goods services or information, or creating rents, but for providing compensation and reward for investment in basic research.  As such, the scope of patents shall be limited to basic research in materials and processes of physical transformation and construction, and in particular neither logical nor aesthetic patents shall be issued. They shall be protected under copyright and trademark.

4 – The purpose of Natural Patents is to provide compensation to individuals for the production of innovation whether by design or accident. A natural patent shall apply to the use of an individual’s genome or any other biological product for commercial use.

5 – The durability of copyright, trademark, brand, patent, and  natural patents:

  • – The durability of Copyright shall be the lifetime of the creators and living offspring at the time of production.
  • – The durability of trademark shall be the continued production of the good, service, or information plus three years.
  • – The durability of a brand shall be the continued production of the good plus three years.
  • – The durability of a patent shall be the direct cost of investment times five, the duration of the production, distribution, and sale plus eighteen months.  Patents may be sold, but only for the purpose of production. Patents may not be held either to deny the market, nor to farm the patent for dividends, nor to pursue profit for patent infringement independent of production.
  • – The durability of a natural patent shall be the lifetime of the individual, his offspring whether living or yet to be.


6 – Title to Property:

– A multiple redundant database shall be created for the registry of titles to interests.

– ( … )

Courts and Law

1 – The United States Constitution Shall be Amended as Follows:

  • Amendment I shall be repealed and its new provisions stated herein.
  • Amendment II shall be repealed and its new provisions stated herein.
  • Amendment III shall be repealed as redundant given provisions herein.
  • Amendment IV shall stand, but its provisions further clarified herein.
  • Amendment V shall stand, but it’s provisions further clarified herein.
  • Amendment VI shall stand, but it’s provisions further clarified herein.
  • Amendment VII shall stand, but it’s provisions further clarified herein.
  • Amendment VIII shall stand, but it’s provisions further clarified herein.
  • Amendment IX shall be repealed and it’s new provisions stated herein.
  • Amendment X shall be repealed and its new provisions stated herein.

(composition of different juries, role of judges, selection of judges)

2 – The residents and citizens shall have universal standing in matters of the commons, as well as standing in matters private, such that the citizenry may use the courts for the resolution of any dispute whatsoever.

(Counsel: The current disintermediation by the state and bureaucracy in matters of the commons shall be prohibited.)

3 – All protection from suit for any and all persons shall be prohibited, such that all persons shall be liable for all suits before the court, without exception.

(a) The court may include additional punitive measures for cases of irresponsible frivolity.


4 – Whereas frivolity and disproportionality have been endemic in the courts ;

(a) Judges shall be appointed in matters of Tort, and not elected.

(b) Separate specialized Courts shall be provided for, and Judges shall be specially trained in, or recruited from the fields of: Medicine; Legal Practice; Technological and Patent; Banking, Finance and Tax;  Separate courts shall be provided for: suits against the state and state actors; and family.

(c) The treasury shall finance the court proceedings but the loser shall pay unless the jury deems, and judge agrees, that proportionality due to proportional fault is more suitable in extreme cases.

(d) Regarding Damages

1. Economic Damages

2. Non Economic Damages

3. Punitive Damages

i) Punitive damages shall not be imposed unless a pattern of behavior has been established in multiple cases across time, and the behavior has not changed. If punitive damages are assessed:

ii) Any punitive damages shall be imposed upon the board of directors, and principles, or executive management of the organization, and those in the chain of operations involved in the action – and not passed on to shareholders or customers.

iii) Such punitive damages shall be contributed exclusively to the Treasury for the reduction of debt.


5 – The court shall not allow itself to be used to circumvent the legislative or regulatory process; demonstration of attempt implied or explicit to circumvent the legislative process shall be a substantive defense; Appeals shall demonstrate zero tolerance for circumvention of the legislative processes.

2 – The judge and jury shall be required to avoid ‘favoring the underdog‘, and instead judge the actions by people on the property of people the condition of people performing such actions. The court of appeals shall also do so.

3 – The right of the people to juridical defense shall not be infringed. The right of the people to use of their assets shall not be infringed without juridical defense, and the state, as a corporation shall have no greater priority or merit than any other resident’s claim on an individuals interests. No person shall be impoverished or interests harmed as a means of coercion while under juridical defense.

4 – The right of the people to be assumed innocent until proven guilty no matter how trivial the matter, shall not be infringed.

5 – The right of people to be free from entrapment, constructivist prosecution, and inflation of charges, shall not be infringed.

6 – The right of the people to speedy trial shall not be infringed; no individual arrested until the prosecutor prepared for trial; the court commanded to meet market demand for timely due process by increases in staff and facilities, rather than subjecting the people to interference in their daily lives.

(Counsel: the court is a commercial service like any other and shall meet demand, or if failing demand, capacity added by means of competitors.)

6 – The right of the people to require demonstration of means, motive, opportunity, and intent, shall not be infringed.

7 – The right of the people to be free of double jeopardy shall extend to prohibition on civil suit if cleared of criminal prosecution.

7 – The right of the people to confront all participants in the chain of evidence and argument shall not be infringed.

8 – The right of the people to be free from confiscation without due process of law shall be restored and shall not be infringed; and the right of the harmed to sue for restitution upon the assets of those convicted of crime shall not be infringed.


9 – The ancient right of Trial by Combat with Hand to Hand Weapons shall not be infringed;

(Counsel: Effectively, allows suicide by sovereign.)

10 – Leniency and reward for truthful testimony in matters of self incrimination shall be required, and punishment for untruthful testimony in matters of self incrimination shall be required; no matter the crime; as insurance against producing incentive to deceive the people.

11 – Accidental self incrimination in the reporting of another crime shall only be prosecuted for the crimes of predation, and leniency granted.

12 – The practice of prosecution for non-predatory and non-parasitic crime discovered in the process of investigation of others, shall be prohibited.

13 – No man shall be punished because of his relative poverty for non-payment of juridical costs. In the choice between producing income, providing food clothing shelter, heat and air conditioning, and even self-medication by legal and illegal means, shall precede the duty of payment of fees.

(Counsel, end administrative punishment of laboring and under classes)

14 – The right of judges to impose ‘creative‘ punishments the purpose of which is to train the individual to correct his behavior shall not be infringed, but open to appeal.

15 – The right of judges and the jury to insulate the defendant from punishment for accidents in the absence of carelessness shall not be infringed.

16 – The right of nullification by jury shall not be infringed.

17 – The right to privacy in all court proceedings shall not be infringed.  No one shall have any right to access them other than the judge or the judge or his proxy by inheritance of the chair. As a consequence all divorce proceedings in particular, but all civic conflicts in general, shall require permission of the court.

18 – The right of bankruptcy and ‘starting over’ shall not be infringed, and as such all debts are vacatable, other than that restitution for which one is capable, and in those cases of crimes of predation or recklessness, prison time shall be substituted.  But none shall be prohibited from ‘starting over’.

19 – The right to be forgotten shall not be infringed. This includes any and all data anywhere upon the person other than the records of court proceedings. As a consequence all search data, social media, credit scores, and other information must be deleted within 48 contiguous hours of demand.


Restitution and Punishment

1. No one, no group, no institution may take action for which he, they, or all, may not perform restitution and correction in the case of ignorance, error, bias, wishful thinking, or deceit.

  • It is impossible to perfectly anticipate the future, despite due diligence.
  • It is impossible to pay for restitution of life involuntarily taken, except with life.
  • It is impossible to pay restitution for life accidentally taken with more than all reasonable due diligence one has the agency to make use of.
  • It is impossible to pay restitution for the infection of a genetic line except with the sterilization if possible, exit if possible, and extermination if not, of the infected members.
  • It is impossible to pay restitution for infection, harm, or destruction of norms, institutions, culture, and civilization, except with destruction of life, norms, culture, institutions, and civilization.

2. Those individuals with three convictions for crimes of predation. …. 25 years

3. All general Fees and Fines shall be specified and calculated hours of work time in the median income: Median Income divided by 2080 such that they scale with the era, and need not be continuously adjusted.

4. All restitution and fines (punishments) not specified herein, shall be at the discretion of the court, and sufficient to prohibit the behavior.



( … )

The People


There exist only two human sexes: male and female, and they are genetically determined and the determination decidable independent of opinion or preference. There exist defects of birth. There exist defects of development. There exist defects of mind. There exist defects of choice. There exists choice of preference. But there exist only two sexes.

(Counsel: Instance of “No Right To Falsehood”.)


Human, Mankind, Man, and People shall refer to all humans of either sex.  Man, Men, Male, and Boy refer to the Male sex, and Woman, Women, Female, and Girl, shall refer to the Female sex. Whether the term Man refers to both sexes or only the male sex shall be determined by context of use.

Use of “People” shall refer to all those under protection of the Courts regardless of rank.

-Refuge, Asylum, Migration, Immigration, and Exit-.

All people shall have the right of exit assuming they take the liability of their debts with them.

No one shall have the right of Refuge, Asylum, or Immigration are all three are specifically prohibited as involuntary impositions of costs upon the capital in toto of the polity.

-Immigration, Visitation, Residency, and Citizenship-


earning via competency in individual self support, family, business, polity,


Visitation (Visitor). Visitation can be sought for the purpose of tourism, commerce, and the meeting of friends and family, by obtaining a Visitor Visa. Visas shall be granted upon request of a citizen. Visitation shall require an insurer who can and does take financial liability for food, clothing, shelter, expenses, and health, and criminal actions – and will forcibly return visitors at the end of their stay. Visitation shall provide protection of the courts. Visitation shall be separated from Residency.  Visitation shall be separated from Residency.

Residency (Resident) shall provide additional rights of redistribution of income at the age of maturity, and services of the state as the insurer of last resort.  Residency requires near native use of the language of the polity, conformity to dress, manners, ethics, morals, laws, customs, traditions, institutions, and if extant, religion. Residency shall be separated from citizenship. Residency shall be inherited.

Soldiery shall ….

– Retain Rank upon Exit

Citizenship (Citizen) shall provide the additional rights of marriage, public speech, ownership of property, rights of reproduction in exchange for the caretaking of the commons,  service on the jury, in the hospitaliers, the emergency services, the military service, and the militia. Only Residents shall be granted Citizenship. Citizenship is not inherited. Citizenship cannot be revoked, abandoned or otherwise lost.

(Counsel: Everyone owns an interest in the commons and an obligation to maintain it).

Peerage (Peer) shall provide the additional right of suffrage. Only Citizens shall be granted the Peerage. Peerage is not inherited. Peerage cannot be revoked, abandoned or otherwise lost.  Citizens may obtain the peerage by fulfilling the requirements for marriage, three or more children, and ownership of real property, and employment of five or more people who are not near relations.


Nobility (Sir, Lady) shall provide right to title as reward of status for successful production of four or more generations of intergenerational families, producing continuous rewards for the people by payment of taxes, contribution to commons or charity.   This title will endure and be inherited for three generations, and then expire unless contributions are made, and the durability will be reset, and the cycle repeat.  Only peers may be granted the title of Nobility.


  • Age Ten for Right to Work for Compensation.
  • Age Fourteen for Right to Apply for Service.
  • Age Eighteen for Right to Apply for Citizenship.
  • Age Thirty for Right to apply for Peerage.
  • Age Forty to apply for Nobility if offered.
  • Age Fifty to hold Office as Governor or Senator

The State

The Purpose of the State

( … ) a corporation holding the interests of the shareholders we call citizens.


The Purpose of Government

– Production of Commons

  • Insurer of Last Resort
  • Treasury for the Facilitation of invention, investment, production distribution and trade.

– The Hierarchy of Commons
(local, positive, normative and institutional, to universal negative and juridical., such that the federal, regional, state, local, neighborhood and village produce the commons suitable to their abilities and needs, and ameliorate their differences through access to markets and trade.

  • ( … )

– The Purpose of Commons (Policy)

  • The objective of law is the behavior of the individual, but the objective of policy is success of the intergenerational family, and not the individual.


Direct Equalitarian Democracy (Democracy)
Direct Meritocratic Democracy (earn it)
Direct Economic Democracy (spend it)

Direct Jury (Lottery) Democracy
Representational Class Democracy
Representational Oligarchical Democracy (Governors)

Classical Constitutional Monarchy
Classical Monarchy
Republic (Oligarchy)

1. The House of Representatives shall be disbanded and prohibited.

2. The Senate shall be disbanded, and reconstituted, consisting of the sitting governors of the states – one from each.

3. The governor shall refer to the highest executive office in the state, but in capacity as Senator shall be addressed either “Senator or Governor” regardless of local title.

4. If elected, those governors may only be elected by citizens of fourth generation or more, possessed of residential property, and free of crime of predation.

5. The senate may construct:

  • Voluntary Contracts: Between Signatory States.
  • Legislative Contracts: Between All States.

The federal government may construct legislative contracts, and voluntary contracts, but make no law. The making of law is reserved for the states, and the discovery of findings of law by the courts.  All Legislative contracts shall consist of a contract between all the states on behalf of the citizenry. All Voluntary Contracts shall consist of a contract between the signatory states on behalf of the citizenry.

6. Assent

1. All voluntary contracts between states shall ascend upon signature of the governors of the consenting states.

(Counsel: States can conduct negotiations and construct agreements that are enforceable by the Court.)

2. All Legislative Contracts shall require a supermajority vote.

3. All Legislative Contracts shall require survival of veto by the Supreme Court on terms of constitutionality, although the court may choose or not choose to comment or advise, and the courts action to veto or not carry no weight on future findings of law by the court.

4. Conditionally:

Whereas the people are prone to follies which time does not forgive;
If Monarchy exists under the constitution then the Monarchy may veto on any grounds no matter how arbitrary, at any time after passage, in defense of the polity from the fashions and follies of the day.

7. All contracts, including legislation, shall sunset no later than one half of one average human lifetime from the date of passage; unless revised and renewed as new contract or legislation.

8. All Legislation shall be limited to matters of taxation, insurance, trade, and defense, and may not address etiquette, manners, behavior, norm, custom, tradition, education, or function of the member states, as all such rights are reserved for the states and states alone.

9. All states may and must compete for talent, research, development, production and trade. But no state or alliance of states shall seek to deprive other states of territory, population, trade, wealth, alliances, or relations other than by market competition.

10. The only purpose of the government shall consist of exclusively seek the preservation and improvement of the condition of the people of the state and no purpose external state shall be proposed, considered, or acted upon.

(Counsel: globalism, and other ideologies contrary to Strategy are prohibited.)

11. Prohibition on “Pooling and Laundering” into a common fund, over which there is discretionary use. All income shall be allocated to a function and when that function or paid for the fees or taxes shall be immediately terminated.

(Counsel: A prohibition on discretionary use of funds.)

15. All ideology shall be limited to activity within the states. No parties or the equivalent of parties may exist, participate in, seek or engage in influence of the Senate. Any attempt to organize the Senate for the purpose of anything objective than purely empirical production of voluntary and involuntary contracts of legislation on matters limited by this constitution shall be an act of treason and punishable by death.

(Counsel: the matter of political orders is settled. The only opposition to voluntary reciprocal exchange is the justification of free riding, parasitism, and predation upon one group by another group. Therefore the only possible means of obtaining a desired end is not to argue for a fictional good at the expense of others, but to produce a trade that is mutually beneficial and voluntarily chosen. )

16. Any advocacy, or attempt, to circumvent the original intent, and spirit of this constitution shall constitute an act of treason punishable by death.



– All non-military government pensions shall be terminated as punishment for extractive parasitism upon the people.

– The departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Labor, shall immediately be terminated, and any resistance punishable as act of treason against the people.

– Intelligence and State shall be added to the Department of Defense. And defense shall terminate all functions of those bureaucracies not central to military, intelligence, state, and trade-commerce. The marines shall move to peerage with the other services.

Regarding Treaties and Foreign Relations

1. Whereas the state has sought to circumvent this constitution by treaty; Therefore, no treaty nor its terms may circumvent any part of this constitution directly, indirectly, or by practical consequence. The practice of attempting to circumvent the constitution by means of Treaty shall be prohibited and prosecuted as an act of Treason.


1. Whereas The United Nations has evolved into a hostile foreign power, and center of espionage;

Therefore It be removed from the territory, funding terminated, and participation prohibited.

2. Whereas the people have common cultural and genetic interests that have produced demonstrably superior results for our people;

Therefore, a continuous attempt to restore the empire of the English speaking peoples of Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and all others elsewhere, to a civilizational, cultural, military, and trade order, with the Monarchy as judge of last resort between our peoples, as defense against conquest by the globalist, south american, european, russian, islamic-jewish, east asian, civilizations shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

3. Whereas all people of genetic and cultural heritage shall be free to exercise their self determination by defense from imposition;

Therefore, a continuous attempt to construct the intermarium in eastern europe consisting of any members of the set Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Former Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia against the folly of the Germanics, and the aggression of the Russians shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

4. Whereas the Russian Attempt to restore orthodox civilization from conquest and oppression by the Turks and Muslims was thwarted by the Europeans;

Therefore a continuous attempt to assist Russia in the restoration orthodox civilization to old europe (the balkans); to the Bosporus including the retaking of Constantinople; to the Caucuses, and to hold Siberia, but prohibit her incursion into the Intermarium or Germania, or China shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

5. Whereas our people have different distributions and needs, but we all must pay the cost of our own domestication without exporting that cost upon others;

Therefore, a continuous attempt to limit Africa to Africans, Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand to Europeans, India to Indians,  South America to the hispano-indians, the Levant to Semites, East Asia for the east asians; shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

6. Whereas Jews and Muslims have destroyed the great civilizations of the ancient world; Have invented the worlds greatest deceits, and cause the world greatest murder; Have prosecuted crimes against the people of the west continuously; and because they have conspired to reduce the west to yet another authoritarian doctrine whether Jewish and pseudoscientific or sophist, or muslim and supernatural; and because they place their law above the natural law; and because their law is irreciprocal and incommensurable with the natural law;

Therefore a continuous attempt to limit Judaism and Islam to the middle east, to restore north african civilization, and to eliminate both Islam and Judaism from all other regions; and to assist other nations in their elimination from all other regions, shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

A continuous attempt to repair the damage of the european colonization of the Ottoman empire, by the formation of new nation (tribal) states, shall be pursued with vigor and never abandoned.

All jews and muslims in western civilization shall be taxed 30% of their income; prohibited from benefits; prohibited from enfranchisement; prohibited from public speech; prohibited from ownership of property; prohibited from the collection of income on rent and lease; prohibited from practice of law; prohibited from practice of borrowing and lending;  prohibited from business license; all religious buildings shall be torn down; all arts and letters removed from sale or distribution; all symbolism removed from public spaces.

2. Whereas the natural law is the only rational means for the avoidance of war and conquest;

Therefore, the people shall always and everywhere seek to produce a balance of powers between the civilizations, so that man’s natural envy, and preference for parasitism over production, is prohibited from imposition of costs upon others.



Regarding Infrastructure

1. The prohibition on Rents shall not be diluted, and the rights of Transit and Transport shall not be infringed; and therefore no tolls, or fees, or taxes shall be charged for the passage of transport between or across states for the purpose of passage, defense or trade; except that passage of that which exposes the people to environmental risk and is closed to restitution, may be regulated as necessary to minimize harm.

2. Those Ways and Routes that exist at the time of ratification may be altered to limit congestion, and may be increased in number; but may not be diminished  or eliminated without act of Legislation by the Senate.  No state shall use constrain ways and routes to  exert influence over the actions of another state.  The Senate may act to improve any existing Way or Route by means of Legislation at its discretion.


1 – Quadruple the number of, or capacity of existing nuclear reactors.

2 – Construct a new electric and data grid, eliminating the existing fragility and subsequent cascading of failure.

3 – Dump money into electric vehicles until our streets are quiet again, and robotic cars drive us from place to place.

4 – Public transportation creates opportunity for disease transmission and exposure to crime. All efforts shall be made to provide clean isolated spaces for each individual, maximum air filtration, and zero tolerance for anything other than civic behavior: clean, dressed for the commons, quiet, and still.  Ill citizens shall avoid public transport, wear masks, and gloves. The citizenry shall police this behavior, and if necessary civil enforcement shall be allocated to do so.

5 – All carriers whether solid (such as wire or fiber) or container( such as pipe) shall be placed underground to limit the visual noise and territorial hazard of poles and other structures, except where distance prohibits due to capacitance effects. Except for long distance and high voltage lines, all suburban, urban lines shall be underground.

Regarding the Military



  1. The government shall have no influence over the construction, operations, practices, procedures, rules or actions of the military; other than license to wars of offense; and shall be limited to the selection of the most senior individual in each branch.
  2. The peace of westphalia was ended by Russia and Iran, and as such the military is free to conduct operations against not only state actors, but non-state actors, including but not limited to militias, religions, political movements, organized crime, business interests, and individuals in furtherance of defense of the people and their interests from aggressors against them, without limit to technique or method.
  3. The military shall train and equip the militia such that they can continuously deny territorial occupation to all competitors for a generation.
  4. The governors may call up the militia for defense or other emergencies, within, across, or between states; The military may only override a governor to call all militia from all States for shared territorial defense.


1 – Remove military dependence upon electrical and data grids, and dependence on satellites for communications, navigation, and targeting.

2 – Restructure military for domestic defense, and long distance projection of force by automation; continued projection of extra terrestrial space force, blue sky air force,  blue water navy – albeit without dependence upon fragile forms of ship; and terrestrial army; continue aggressive research and development; the ability to insert forces anywhere on earth quickly to protect citizens and their assets and interests; and to punish acts of aggression against our people, territory, assets, trade routes, and allies. But acts of political construction and policing are prohibited.  Therefore seek to punish and obtain restitution, not, police, govern, or control.

4 – Invest in, or obtain a controlling interest in, those organizations necessary for the production of the supply chain of weapons and components such that the military is no longer dependent on a fragile production system vulnerable to market variation.

Regarding Public Services.


The tendency of monopoly bureaucracy is self interest, limited effort, the illusion of self import, due to insulation from competition, and ever increasing accumulation of rents, all at the expense of the people;


1. All public services shall be delegated to private contractors, such that bureaucracies are eliminated, and the ‘favor economy’ of bureaucrats and politicians is deprived of opportunity.

2. All public services shall remain open for business from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, so that the public need not refrain from working in order to obtain services or comply with regulations.

3. All public services shall staff such that the maximum waiting time for any resident or citizen is twenty minutes or less.  All individuals appearing and waiting for service must be clean, dressed appropriately, quiet, still, and if ill, wearing face and hand coverings.

4. All public service employees shall be accountable for the truthfulness of their speech and the right of the people to compel truthful speech shall not be infringed.

5. Personal transportation taxes and fees shall be terminated and the people’s freedom from imposition of costs upon their transportation shall be ended. Meaning all drivers license and car registration fees will be prohibited except payment for the original. Citizens shall be responsible for keeping their licenses in good condition, photograph or to pay for a replacement.

6. Personal no-fault insurance shall be required for drivers of vehicles open to harm.

7. Driver’s licenses shall be granted by the insurer for life until the age of 65 at which we require fitness tests by the insurer every two years to continue driving; and must have the photo (if required) renewed every ten years so that they are identifiable.

(a) Drivers licenses are not a valid form of id. Only residency identification for each class of attainment.

8. At birth, or upon request any time thereafter, all Residents shall be given a durable passport, a residency identification; benefit accounts, and instrument of access to those accounts.

Regarding The Corporation

( … )

end shareholder as owner myth

end asymmetric liquidity


Regarding Commerce and Consumer Protection

1. All consumer credit shall be issued by the treasury according to actuarial statistics and all debt regulated by the treasury, thereby depriving organizations of profiting from the moral hazard of credit issuance, debt exposure, and exacerbation of the business cycle.

(a) “Financial Advisors” that have passed the ‘Series Seven’ or equivalent tests may act as personal bankers, accountants, tax representatives, and counselors for the people, and shall be carry insurance against malfeasance, by personal warranty of the credit capacity of individual customers.

(Counsel: The intent is to Professionalize lending as we have law, and accounting, and therefore direct individual liability for credit capacity of individual people, and to eliminate the industrialization of consumer banking at risk to the commons. Note that it is fairly clear that it is not possible to honestly price collateral, and that risk is continuously transferred to the commons by originators of loans. As such, just as loss of license for doctors, lawyers, cpa’s and series seven holders has proven a sufficient threat to insure relative adherence to rules, regulations, and law – particularly when third party insurance is required.)

2. Originator of loans (credit) of any kind may not transfer such loans, or responsibility for administering and servicing those loans, although they may sell interests (revenue interest, including fractional interests) in those loans or sets of loans, and therefore retain liability for those loans, the management of those loans, and the testimony given in production and management of those loans of those loans.

3. The Court shall operate under the presumption of “Lender Beware“, and that unless the court finds incentive to defraud, that a lender bears the majority of the responsibility for issuing credit to individuals who then through impulse, circumstance, or emergency are incapable of paying without a cascade of further disruptions.

(a) The court’s purpose is to maintain a going concern whether it be individual, family, organization, or state.

(b) Debt Collection

Debt Collection may not be sold but carried by the creditor.

(c) The Court shall only consider claims of any creditor in light of all other creditors whether placing claims before the court or not; The practice of the court granting priority to the claims of any creditor brought before the court without consideration of all other creditors shall cease.

( Note: The first come first serve method by which the court imposes judgements disproportionately rewards one creditor at the expense of all others, and causes cascade effects on the entirety of creditors as well as the individuals capacity to repay them.)


3. Reputation

(b) Social and Search – right to be forgotten.


3. Any individual is fully accountable for his speech on behalf of the organization, and every individual speaking to customers must be bonded (insured) for truthful speech.  All customers have the right to record all such conversations, as long as they record the entirety, such that context is provided.

(Counsel: This will drive up the customer service cost and quality and is necessary for the suppression of organizational deception in the market.)

4. Any individual in the chain of operations is accountable to the customer for his actions, and if any crime is committed at any point is liable for that crime. And all such individuals must be bonded (insured).

(Counsel: No immunity from organizational direction, incentive, policy, protocol or method.)

5. Any individual with responsibility for interaction with a customer with whom they are conducting or have conducted any form of business:

  • must have full capability and authority to resolve the problem or conflict.
  • must speak with native levels of language, pronunciation, diction, and comprehension.

(Counsel: defense of consumer time; expansion of support labor force; denial of discounted immigrant or overseas labor relies on the frustration of consumers to limit commercial and governmental accountability.)

6. All goods shall conform to the “right of repair“.

(Counsel: This will increase the cost of goods in exchange for the durability of goods).

7. All goods shall carry a warranty of repair of no less than four years and all repairs shall be performed and returned within 14 days.

(Counsel: push competitive regression to the bottom out of the market, and end disposability of goods.)

8. Regarding software and its equivalent:

(a) All software or its equivalent that is no longer maintained, supported, or sold, shall be released under creative commons.

(b) All software or it’s equivalent shall consist of a limited license in perpetuity on the use of the product as intended; and the practice of issuing licenses that expire shall be prohibited.

(Counsel: Protections do not extend to the deprivation of product to market, or the force of coercive upgrades. This is extends the right to repair from hardware to software. )

10. The creators of information have ownership of information and their right to that information, and limits of use of that information shall not be infringed. Data may not be destroyed, only sequestered, and must be available for immediate retrieval at the consumer’s discretion.

11. Prohibited Tactics:

  • The tactics of Churning, Forcible Bundling, Entrapment Clauses, and Punishment Fees shall be prohibited, and a fine of one quarter of the median income per action shall be imposed.
  • Solicitation by Mail, Phone, Data, Email, Text, Shall be prohibited, and a fine of one quarter of the median income per contact shall be imposed.
  • The practice of promoting discounts on undiscounted goods, services, and information shall be prohibited, and a fine of one quarter of the median income per product, good or service shall be imposed.
  • The practice of haggling on production goods, services, and information, shall be prohibited; any good shall be priced, and that price accepted or not by either party, but not altered by request. A fine of one thousand times the highest price of the good shall be charged for each item.
  • The practice of ‘gouging’ shall be prohibited. It is a violation of reciprocity to profit from civil emergency. The fine shall be one thousand times the price charged for each item.

1. One may claim debt for loss of an interest itself but not loss of opportunity. As such, lost opportunity for interest on loans paid early, loss of lease and rental income, shall not be considered loss by the court, only loss of opportunity.



Regarding the Media


( … )


1. Any platform that does not require user fees of at least the median income, divided by two thousand and eighty (2080) times eight (8), per year, shall be considered a commons, may not censor speech, and must provide perfect reciprocity, particularly in the debate between those who advocate equality and proportionality at the cost of reciprocity and those who advocate reciprocity  and proportionality at the cost of equality. This means that threats of crimes of predation are irreciprocal. Conspiracies to commit crimes of predation are irreciprocal.  But debates between the strategies are not irreciprocal.  The courts shall maintain that the only natural law of cooperation is reciprocity, but that it is rational for the dependent to argue for certain redistributions in exchange for consideration, which will in general consist of behavioral constraints.

2. All user generated data remains the eternal unexceptional non transferable, non assignable, property of the user. No information generated by the user, may be destroyed, or inaccessible to the user.

3. All territorial promotion, marketing, advertising other than appropriate signage for a physical, commercial, location shall be prohibited. (end billboards etc). The practice of using public spaces and transport shall be prohibited. The right of the people to be free of commercial noise shall not be infringed. (No longer necessary given digital information availability).


Regarding Zoning

(cities for families)

Regarding Work

1. Any work that can be done domestically shall be done domestically, with the sole provision of unbridgeable differences in technical competency; and differences local prices of labor ameliorated in trade policy. Those industries that require capital investment to produce local returns shall be. The practice of exporting skill and knowledge in exchange for discounted pricing on consumer goods shall be ended.


Regarding Calendars

(a) The Year

(b) Holidays

Holidays shall

The state shall recognize Pre-Christian Traditional, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant holidays as well as secular days of remembrance, but no other. The communist holidays are prohibited, as are other religions.

Spring Day (Imbolc), February 1
Lady Day (Spring Equinox). ~March 20th
Easter (Ostara), Good Friday, Saturday, Sunday. (W)
May Day (Beltane): May 1
Memorial Day Weekend: Last Monday in May. (W)
Midsummer (Summer Solstice), June 21
Independence Day Weekend, July 4 (W)
Harvest Day (Lammas, Lunasa), August 1
Labor Day Weekend: First Monday in September. (W)
Fall Solstice , September 21 (1)
Halloween (Samhain), October 31, and November 1st (2)
Thanksgiving Feast Weekend, Third Thursday in November and the following Friday. (W)
St Nicholas Day, December 15th
Winter Solstice Day, December 21st
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, St Stephen’s Day, and New Year: January 1, 2.
Yule: December 24 Noon, to January 5.
Orthodox Christmas, January 7,8.

Regarding Business and Accounting

(cash, ebitda, etc)

(depreciate at company liquidation value)


Regarding Taxation



1. No taxes, fees, regulations or other encumbrances shall be imposed upon the transfer of assets between members of a family by one generation in any direction. Inheritance taxes in all their forms shall be prohibited. The right to families to accumulate and transfer wealth in all its forms between generations shall not be infringed.

2. Any tax on income directly or indirectly shall be apportioned by population density, with more dense higher, and less dense lower, in accordance with the decrease in opportunity costs as population density increases. The practice of penalizing those who are responsible for greater territorial commons per capita shall be prohibited.

3. Where as Market Participation is more burdensome than Employment:

(a) In compensation for the self sufficiency, overhead, physical risk, and accumulated physical harms, in the conduct of the trades, and so that such men may limit their physical working life before incapacity arrives, all taxes on income up to the median, generated by the men in the physical trades (construction) shall be added to their retirement and health accounts in addition to whatever provisions are provided by Redistributive Benefits.

(b) All sole proprietors, with income up to the one and a half times the median, shall receive a twenty percent discount on their income taxes as compensation for their risk and burden.

(c) All privately held corporations owned entirely by active principles who have encumbered their personal assets to obtain business credit, shall receive a twenty percent discount on all taxes on income up to two and a half times the median income as compensation for their risk and burden.

4. Taxes or fees on Capital Gains from investment sources other than the sale of a primary residence shall be permitted, but all dividends from stock or equivalent shall be paid either by the individual receiving them, or the corporation issuing them, but not both.

(Suggestion to the Governors: Given the behavior of late 20th and 21st C corporation, eliminating taxes on received Dividends is preferable when possible – although discretion necessary given variation in policy.)



1 – End employment taxation on the laboring classes.

2 – End taxation on sole proprietorship craftsmen and labor.

3 – End consumer interest on capital purchases (appliances good for 10y+, Homes, Condos) for personal use.

4 – End all taxation on home use of data, electricity, and fuel for non-commercial purposes.

5 – End coercive collective bargaining – restore the market for labor, right to work universally.

6 – End all back tax liability and provide a fresh start.

7 – Allow use of paid taxes as an account without concern for rollover or loss.

Regarding Redistribution


1 – Nationalize Mastercard by purchasing a controlling interest, and issue one card to each citizen over the age of maturity.

2 – Bypass the financial sector when creating liquidity (monetary policy) by direct credit of citizen accounts.

3 – Provide 20% of median income (~12k) to all citizens of majority, as direct quarterly distribution to said accounts.

4 – These accounts many not be promised or attached in any way for any reason, whatsoever, by any creditor, directly or indirectly as they are for the purpose of insuring the rest of the polity against the poverty of others.

Regarding Mandatory Savings 


1 – All income deposited in such accounts up to a total of five times the median income shall be tax free.

2 – After the retirement account is five times the median income, deposits are no longer necessary.

Regarding Mandatory Work


( … )


1 –  No one shall receive Redistributive Benefits without work.

2 – Redistributive Benefits can be lost (denied and permanently denied) by anti-social behavior either by not performing work, performing it consistently poorly, or annoying or creating conflict with coworkers.


1 – Work shall be provisioned primarily to the maintenance and  improvement of the commons – from cleaning, to patrolling, to assisting in the orderliness of the people in the commons, to groundskeeping, to maintenance and construction of the physical plant (buildings roads etc).

2 – The people can find work online notification, and application.

Regarding Interpersonal Relations;


Regarding Marriage and Children


A marriage consists of, and shall consist of, a corporation between a man and a woman; for the purpose of reciprocal friendship, affection, sex, care; economic discounts from a shared household; the production of generations of offspring; and insurance against the vicissitudes of nature;

The polity insures, and shall insure, these marriages by priority in commons, and insurance from non-interference, in exchange for prevention of the moral hazards of single parenthood, orphans, and generations with various fears and traumas, and who may be untrained in the disciplines, habits, norms, laws, traditions of the polity – all of which impose involuntary and indirect costs upon others.

The corporation of marriage consists of, and shall consist of, a durable, reciprocal, power of attorney to act in one another’s stead, and to deprive other familial relations from exercise of their natural durable powers of attorney in the absence of that power under marriage, or of assignment to others in the absence of marriage, in all matters other than that of one’s Will upon one’s loss of reason by Life-Support or Death.


  1. The corporation shall exist upon verbal acceptance of a written record of consent, and the exchange of rings. An agreement on the conduct of the marriage and the use of assets, and the distribution of the assets shall be created and added to the marriage documents before, during, or after the verbal agreement. And the state shall enforce this agreement.
  2. The corporation shall cease to exist upon the termination of that reciprocal power of attorney we call Marriage, as does any other corporation without interference from the state, except in those subjects of dispute.
  3. The children shall remain the property of the mother until age of consent, unless she voluntarily chooses otherwise of her own free will, and the father accepts.
  4. The male children may choose to transfer possession to the mother or father at or after the age of twelve – although such transfer may be rejected by the receiving parent.
  5. All other interests shall be transferred to the owning party, as  is the case with all property, according to his or her monetary or physical expenditure to obtain them.
  6. Interference in the marriage of others that results in its terination shall create a liability for damages incurred.


1 – End all Child Support and Alimony as destructive to family and destructive.

2 – End all community property in marriage, and restore inviolability of prenuptial agreements.

3 – Restore Fault in divorce, and Restore liability for  interference in marriages.

4 – Provide government paid parental leave at 70% of income over 20% of median income, for up to six months. and 50% for one year. But, end guarantee of position on return – this cannot be done.

5 – Provide tax discount for each dependent child through the age of sixteen.

6 – Provide vouchers for ten hours of child care per work day for the number of hours worked.


  1. The people shall be prohibited from miscegenation, and all reproduction outside of the kin group.
  2. Any offspring from such miscegenation shall not be granted visa or visitation, nor inherit residency or any other rights.

Regarding Religion


Regarding Education


1 – Provide vouchers for education through grade twelve.

2 – Teachers form schools at their discretion, shall accept students they choose (or not), and shall operate the schools entirely themselves without any administrative staff, other than security and maintenance.

3 – After the age of eight, boys shall be taught by men, and girls taught by women. Teachers shall come from second-career occupations so that they have real world experience, and children older than those they are teaching.

4 – Restore class levels by ability regardless of age, and overlap grade levels in the same room wherever possible.

5 – Restore proportional corporal punishment.

6 – Restore school uniforms to neutralize class differences in dress, and add laundry service for uniforms and workout clothes, returning such to each classroom daily.

7 – To the Curriculum:

– Add Economics, Accounting, and basic and property Law to the Curriculum,

– restore geography, economic, technological, and scientific history in place of political and military history.

-Remove ‘socialist studies’, ‘literature’, ‘politics’ and other disciplines of political indoctrination.

-Restore logic, debate, rhetoric (public speaking) – and require demonstrated ability in this for all teachers above sixth grade. (this will cull the field rapidly).

– Add etiquette, manners, ethics, morals under reciprocity.

– Restore two periods of physical activity per day – one brief in the morning for exercises, one in the afternoon for team sports.

8 – Increase the size of cafeterias so the entire class can lunch at without hunger pangs, or deliver lunches to classrooms and pick them up afterward.

9 – Cut the school day at age 14 to half day and begin apprenticeship and work programs, seeking to find afternoon work for all students in the school.

10 – At the age of 14, delay start of school to give teen bodies the morning sleep they require because of their rapid growth while maturing.

Regarding College and University

1 – A Vocational College shall consist of those fields that teach the Trades that transform the physical world through the use of tools.

2 – A Junior College shall consists of those offering vocational training outside of the STEM+L Fields, but in the clerical and support fields, and shall complete all courses in two or three years.

3 – A College shall consist of specialization in at least one of the STEM+L disciplines, and shall complete all courses in thee or four years, and may or may not offer masters and phd programs. And all professors must be full time.

4 – To hold the title University the organization must grant two, four, masters, and phd degrees in more than one college. Exit for masters and phd shall depend upon the german academic method.  And all professors must be full time.

5 – The Professors shall operate both the college and the university, and charge rates by professor and college as they see fit, with revenues to the colleges and professors as they see fit. (starve the bloated bureaucracy). The Treasury shall fund loans to the colleges for the production of Monumental Facilities from which to conduct their profession.

6 – All state financing of research shall be limited to the STEM+L fields.

7 – The state shall obtain a non voting interest exclusive of sale (transfer), in any an all research that results from state funding, and be given equal standing to the best standing of any dividend or sale.

9 – The state shall at all times seek to invest in private production of public goods, services and information that are revolutionary (additional) not just evolutionary (competitive), as a means of increasing the returns to the citizenry.


1 – Provide tax free loans to universities to loan to students, with the stipulation that those loans will be paid by payroll deductions for no more than ten years, with universities absorbing all losses.  (end incentive for churning)

2 – Limit university loans to the fields whose calculations are warrantable: Physical Science, Technology/Engineering, Economics/Finance,   Mathematics, and Law (STEM+L), with zero tolerance for inflation of the definitions of those disciplines.

3 – Prohibit use of undergraduate income to finance graduate and phd programs. Permit use of sports income to finance graduate and phd incomes.


1 –  On Marxists, Pseudoscientists, Postmodernists and the Academy, State ,Media, Entertainment Complex.




2 – On The Church




2 – On The Jews;



3 -On The Muslims;




(More to come)

[1] Race Differences in Personality: An Evaluation of Moderators and Publication Bias. Brian W. Tate, Pennsylvania State University,  Michael A. McDaniel

Virginia Commonwealth University.


The Course of The Coming Revolution

The legislature and the courts have determined:
(a) that the social, economic, and political capital costs, are inferior to the social, economic, and political gains of, enforcing:
(b) that the right of free speech, and in particular, political speech, supersedes anyone’s approval or disapproval of that speech, and the costs and consequences of permitting such speech;
(c) and we must not exclude others from association, transit, proximity, employment, residency, goods, services, and information those whom we would otherwise choose to;
(d) whether or not we prefer to ostracize, suppress, or not subsidize their presence, behavior, costs, or consequences; as familial, social, economic, political, normative, traditional, religious, informational, demographic, and genetic competitors;
(e) when and if those others are members of a protected class granted special privileges where those privileges prohibit, suppression ostracization, and non-subsidy;
(f) of that which is inherited rather than chosen (race, sex, creed or class);
(g) but these privileges do not extend to not protection from exclusion by political affiliation;
(h) despite that political affiliation is empirically an expression of race, sex, creed and class; for the purpose of familial, social, economic, political, religious, and demographic competition;
(h) despite the fact that when the market for association and disassociation is suppressed, that the only solution to accumulated conflict is political action; and if the market for political action fails to resolve the conflict; that the only remaining market is that of insurrection, revolution, and civil war;
(i) and despite the fact that there exists only one spectrum in which a polity may evolve:
– Left: large poor caste and class countries, that create low trust, extensive differences, and demand for authoritarian resolution of those differences – or continuous decline of trust and economic velocity otherwise; (South American, Middle East, India)
– Right: Majority empires that require authoritarian governments as a means of defending the core population from borderlands (or forcibly assimilating them); (Russia, China)
– Libertarian: or small homogeneous countries that create high trust, limited differences, and such differences limited to priority, and as a consequence, demand for deliberative resolution of differences. (anglo-scandinavian countries, and pre-unification German countries (princedoms), and most remaining Slavic countries.
(j) and despite that the production of truth telling regardless of consequence, high trust in personal and contractual relations, and the production of voluntary commons, resulting in a market for the voluntary production of commons we call participatory suffrage are the most rare and costly commons a people can create; and that they can only be created by a middle class as mediator between political and labor; and that only in homogeneous polities does this behavior emerge; and that the returns on commons whether private or public are higher than all individual returns possible; and that as such larger organizations and the returns on larger organizations are possible;
(j) and despite that at this point in mans scientific, technological, and economic development; and despite the evidence that the greater the equality of opportunity made possible by greater economic productivity, the greater we demonstrate demand for divergence of our gender, class, race, creed, interests; And as such demand for different commons in support of our demands;
(k) and despite that it is possible to devolve all functions of the federal government other than insurer of last resort – military, juridical conflict between states or collections of states, in matters of tort, the financing of emergency and disaster relief – to the states; and the function of the treasury as a clearing house for currency differences;
(l) and despite that the state, bureaucracy, finance, media, academy complex (the pseudo-scientific, pseudo-rational, together function as a replacement for the church, pulpit, and theological and priestly classes that managed europe’s dark ages) protect their rent seeking and warfare on the middle classes and in particular the world’s only high-trust working and middle classes: ethnic western Europeans.
The purpose of this series of legislative and court rulings, the purpose of which has been forced association and political integration was to:
(a) prevent the separation of the (royalist) south and newly opened western agrarian territory from the northeast (protestant utopian separatist) industrial territory allied with the center dutch financial trading (Rust Belt, Atlantic Port Belt) ; and the resulting loss of control over the continental expansion; loss of political balance between north and south in the federal government, and loss of income that would result in the northeast if the south and west exported goods for use in production elsewhere – such as Europe, given that the majority of tax revenues were produced by the import export trade – thus rendering the south wealthier in political economic and military power than the north.
(b) forcing the introduction of undesirable ex-slaves, and immigrants into competitors with the social, economic, political, demographic and religious orders, in order to obtain and maintain the desired political power to preserve the north’s income from the western expansion;
(c) despite the movement to, and success at returning ex-slaves to Africa, and paying owners for the freedom of those slaves; and instead paying the alternative cost of the war in lives, wealth, suffering, and civilization.
(d) first by the Utopian Protestants of the Northeast, Second by the Financial and Industrial influence of the Northeast, third by the attempt of women’s suffrage movement to grant slaves liberty as an initial proxy for women’s suffrage; and fourth by the sequence of communists socialists Marxists and postmodernists, combining the interests of the Jewish Socialist and Utopian Protestant movements.
Culminating in:
(a) First the destruction of the black communities and their emerging middle and political class, by introduction of the soviet relocation process that produced the urban slums that destroyed the great American cities; the purpose of which was to use the vulnerability of majoritarian democracy to demographically and politically undermine the American strategy of producing a ‘third way’ of middle class meritocracy as a counter to church equality and state authority, and underclass burden.
(b) the intentional undermining of the American experiment in the third way, by the relaxation of immigration standards and the immigration of world lower and underclasses lacking a history of middle class commercial traditions, habits, and morals; the dedication to telling the truth regardless of cost to self, dominance, competence, or political hierarchy; the absolute nuclear family; voluntary responsibility for property and commons; and the requirement for self sufficiency before marriage and reproduction.
(c) the destruction of the rule of law of reciprocity we call ‘tort’, the voluntary civil society, the destruction of the family, the destruction of the narrative of western ascent in the arts, sciences, engineering, law, economics, and politics, despite western disadvantages in population and distance from the origin of cities and the center of continental trade, and lack of flood river valleys for irrigation, concentration of capital concentration, and the resulting utility of taxation.
(d) the transformation of a central government the purpose of which was defense, treasury, trade, and insurer of last resort between a federation of corporations we call states, to a continental imperial government over those states; to a hemispheric empire to exclude Europeans (competitors); to a usurper of the British empire of banking, finance, trade, and war; to an international empire to preserve the postwar peace – producing an international empire that is funded by the continuous genetic, economic destruction of the middle classes, including their standard of living, way of life, and civilization.
(d) the destruction of our western educational system, a replacement of Western Heroic education and our story of the past 3500 years using truth, duty, reciprocity, and rule of law, and political humility of ‘risen man’ against the elements, with Semitic Victim education of ‘oppressed or fallen man’ in communism,socialism,democratic socialism; equality not just of opportunity, but of outcome; the myth of oppression of the underclasses, rather than incremental domestication of man as we had domesticated plants and animals; by the continuous culling of the predatory and parasitic, and upward redistribution of reproduction; a tradition that made western (and eastern) civilization possible in the ancient and modern worlds; And with the thousand year Semitic Dark Age our only period of stunted growth – just as Judaism accomplished nothing except mysticism and parasitism upon host peoples during those periods, and Islam accomplished nothing other than the conquest and destruction of the great civilizations of the ancient world; and the continuous genetic, cultural, and intellectual decline Islam caused, once the accumulated physical, genetic, and cultural assets of the great civilizations were exhausted;
(e) the creation and propagation of pseudosciences of Boasian anthropology, Freudian Psychology of non-conformity rather than continuous expression of necessary instinctual demand for acquisition of that which advances one’s interests; Marxist history and economics, and the possibility of both communism and socialist government without the utility of market pricing and consequent incentives; and the postmodern replacement of the supernatural with the post-rational: that there is no truth, no reason, no science, only political force; and the intentional installation of these pseudosciences in our universities, secondary, and primary educational systems, and the funding of these pseudosciences by the state; and the demand for these pseudosciences by a population lacking ability and will to pursue science, technology, engineering, economics, and law;
(f) the elimination of poetic memorization; grammar, logic, argument, and rhetoric; the failure to add rule of law (the failure to add economic history; and the failure to add accounting, banking, and basic economics to the curriculum for the sole purpose of obscuring the function of our world, thus preserving the falsehoods of the pseudosciences of Boas, Freud, Marx, Cantor, Frankfurt; and the pseudo-rationalistsms of the French Postmodernists.
(f) the continuous replacement of the tenets of supernatural religion under which we must obey a theologians interpreting the commands of a despotic false god, with the lie of equality rather than dramatic inequality and the lie of the desirability of equality rather than meritocracy and charity (1) demographics create demand for norm, culture, tradition, economy, political order and law; (2) that genders are equal in moral and cognitive biases, ability, and interests when they are opposites due to our evolution’s evolved roles in reproduction, (2) the lie that intelligence, industriousness, and appearance are not the cause of our differences in outcome, and are the reason for the differences that we call ‘classes’; (3) the lie it is not in our interest to separate and produce commons suitable to the demands of the demographic, (4) the lie that the optimum political order is not small and homogeneous, with the only value of political scale being i) warfare, and ii) debt capacity before crash, iii) coercion in trade negotiations, iiii) scale of the network of political rents that can be extracted from the people against their will. (5) the lie that the Pareto rule is escapable in that 50% of all value is performed by the top 10%, and 50% of all value of that 10% is produced by its ten percent, and so on; so that we are not only unequal but vastly unequal in value to one another; And that the defection of the top percentiles causes devastation to the remainder -everywhere and in every era it has occurred. (6) the lie that scale and ‘diversity’ will result in anything other than the current and universal measurable decline in competitive ability and therefore standard of living and especially the quality and frequency of commons.
(g) the ending of libel, slander, and the right of duel (for men to fight for impositions on reputation); and the licensing of ‘scolds’; the expansion of freedom of speech such that people are subject to harassment, and interference, and prosecution in the court of public opinion instead of by a jury of peers; the industrialization of the female competitive strategy using disapproval, shaming, ridicule, gossip, rallying, and reputation destruction by the media, as a replacement for analysis of and negotiation upon voluntary reciprocity and costs. Such that the freedom of speech that was possible under libel, slander, duel, and costly production of propaganda, has been unbound, and the population is saturated no longer by a priesthood of supernaturalism, but a “Commentariat” (media) that actively frames public opinion using the female method and appeal to sentiments (ignorance), and export of risk, rather than informing public opinion with the male method of facts, and full accounting of costs, and accounting of risks, such that we are accountable for our choices, and people are continuously trained for civil society.
(h) The cumulative destruction of the bonds of the society by attempted at providing reward through consumption rather than production of familial and civil commons. The removal of their choice by the expansion of taxation such that the gains of the entry of women into the work force have been captured as redistributions to political, financial, and underclass rent seekers; made worse by the failure to reform the monetary system that since the advent of fiat money consists only of digital record of shares in the economy used as a money substitute, and directly distributable to citizens (consumers) as dividends for wise political and economic choices, thus empowering the financial system to extract vast rents from the people without contribution to or risk in the production of goods services and information. There is no reason other than predation upon the people for distribution of liquidity, distribution of stimulus, through the financial system instead of directly to citizens and consumers for use in reduction of debt, stimulation of demand, or stimulation of growth.
(i) The destruction of the institution of marriage; and the economic returns of two parent households; destruction of the necessity of male and female training of children; the necessity of reciprocal and inter-generational care in old age; the production of mental illness, loneliness, and old age suicide on depression-era scales. The expansion of old age poverty rather than it’s decrease. The consequential industrial use of anti-depressants at the top of the scale, marijuana, opioids, and alcohol to medicate the population.
(j) the decline of reproduction sufficient for replacement population necessary to preserve the multitude of rents by members of the state and the underclass, resulting in the genetic destruction of the middle class by demographic conflict between the political and dependent class against the working, clerical, managerial, professional, and entrepreneurial classes: the high trust, self sustaining classes, that make the rents and redistributions of the state possible.
(k) the genocide against these middle classes by one-to-one replacement with third world immigrants due to the policy of redistribution of reproduction from the middle to the underclasses, and redistribution of income from the middle to the political, bureaucratic, and financial classes.
(l) the concentration in wealth among federal rent seekers (DC), Financial Rent Seekers (NY), and Media Rent Seekers (LA), and now Technological Rent Seekers (SF/SEA); and the export of capital, technological advantage, educational advantage; and skilled labor advantage have deprived each state of producing – as did the German princedoms, and European states, and the states before federal monopoly – local hierarchies of excellence and competition in arts, sciences, engineering, technology, economics, and politics.
(m) As such the opportunity created for peoples of the states and regions shall be vast upon retention of funds, capacity of borrowing, and competition for norms, commons, production and talent. The reallocation of capital from media, financial sector, and the academic sector such that each must serve local rather than imperial demands shall create economic and cultural opportunity not seen since the discovery and conquest of the continents.
Therefore Having:
(a) Having accumulated such demographic, social; economic, political distortions and asymmetries;
(b) Having accumulated so many rents by top and bottom against the middle that the state, bureaucratic, financial, media, academy, complex has neither the incentive, means, or ability to change;
(c) Having licensed and institutionalize gossip, reputation destruction, pseudoscience, falsehood, and false promises;
(c) Having conducted a genocide against the middle, and the ethnically European in particular.
(d) Having reached the demographic conditions under which we must act now or lose the accumulated civilizational achievements of our ancestors, and our present efforts at preserving the western order of civilization; and our desire that future generations benefit from the restoration of Truth, Duty, Reciprocity, Rule of Law, and Markets for association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, and polities that we call ‘liberty’;
(a) it is necessary to demand separation such that peoples with different distributions and different abilities and different demands, can produce those private and common they desire by the means appropriate to their abilities, intuitions, and preferences.
(b) separation can be performed by:
i) intentionally and slowly by continuation of the ‘big sort’ that is currently underway;
ii) intentionally and quickly by organized devolution to the states.
iii) Intentional secession by groups of politically, demographically, and economically allied states along well established ‘sub national’ lines (“The American Nations”)

i) The closure of federal agencies, and the reallocation of those services and talent to the states.

(c) and if not organized separation then the bloodiest civil war in history that will make all other civil wars pale; and the winner’s imposition of dominance upon the remainder.
(d) Such a war will include:
i) the continuous loss of benefit distribution, communication, power, water, sanitation, and transport of goods and energy to urban centers; And the inability of responders to safely repair them.
ii) the exhaustion and decimation of local first responders and their retreat into barracks;
iii) The rapid expansion of panic hoarding, robbing, raiding, destruction, and fire; the explosion of race, class, political, and religious violence; and specific targeting of races  and classes on one side, and media-state-academy on the other.
iv) The use of the national guard to attempt to restore order;
v) the involvement of third party nations both internally and externally;
vi) the collapse of the financial system, trade, the dollar, the pricing system, and consequent shortage of cash.
vii) the seizure of third parties contained by the American military and political system of the opportunity for political territorial, financial, and military reorganization and expansion.
viii) the seizure of American assets abroad by existing hostile parties;
ix) and the defacto collapse of the federal government due to the combination of domestic and foreign self interest.
Given that:
(a) The infrastructure is extremely fragile, the faith in government,  trust in media, and the inter-polity hostility hasn’t been as intense since the civil war (war of northern aggression);
(b) Only three urban police forces are sufficient to retain order for any period of time.
(c) The total numbers of the guard and military are small given the vast area of the country and its thousands of points of infrastructure weakness;
(d) The available male population to participate is more than sufficient.
(e) The degree to which both sides are armed, and the degree of inventory that can be captured and used so large, that the conflict will last long enough that a large portion of the men will prefer to preserve the conflict rather than end it.

And most importantly:

(a) the demands we are making – the destruction of the rent system – are beneficial to the aims of both sides other than the newly immigrated underclasses.
(b) The military, treasury, retirement/health, are preserved;
(b) the only reason to resist them is to dominate and conquer the opposition rather than separate and cooperate by trade, ameliorating our differences at the macro level, while serving our differences at the regional and local level.

Every other possibility ends in random chance.  And the cost of that random chance will be millions of lives and trillions of dollars.

Which in the long span of time, is small price to pay for ending genocide, culture-cide, and civilization-cide.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

An Oath

—“I swear to my fathers and brothers, and to my mothers and sisters. back to the beginning, that I shall transcend myself and mankind, into the gods we seek, by demand for the virtues of heroism, sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, duty, and warranty from all others; and I shall grant the same to any who consent; and shall protect the interest of those who came before us, those of us living, and those of us yet to come, by force of rule, prosecution, restitution, and punishment of those who resist.”—

South Africa, Some Data. and It Isn’t Pretty

by Lloyd De Jongh

(Note from Curt: I am all for africa for africans, asia for asians, europe for europeans, but I am not too keen on killing each other)

June 1990 to July 1993 saw a total of 8580 (92%) of the 9,325 violent deaths during the period June 1990 to July 1993 caused by Africans killing Africans, or as the news media often calls it, “Black on Black” violence – hostel killings, ANC killings of Inkatha Freedom Party members (a policy of the ANC), and taxi and turf war violence.

HRC figures show 21 000 deaths between 1948 and 1994 – only 7 000 of which occurred during the 41 years of Apartheid proper – 1948-1989. Once the ANC was unbanned violence exploded, leading to 14 000 deaths between 1989 and 1994.

The white SA government was accused of killing their political offenders:

In 1979-1980 there were no deaths in SA prisons. In the previous 10 years 37 died versus 274 in the same period in Wales and England.

The activities of the Civil Cooperation Bureau as outlined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, were also included in these figures.

The security forces of the RSA caused 518 deaths (5.6%) throughout this period.

During the transitional period, the primary causes of death were not security forces nor white right-wing violence against blacks, but mainly due to “black-on-black necklace murders”, tribal conflict between the ANC-IFP, bombs by the ANC and PAC’s military wings in shopping centers, landmines on farm roads, etc.

Violent deaths from 1994 to 2000:

The SA Police reports for the month August 2001 show a total of 174,220 people died violent deaths, from crime-related violence or related to hate-crime against whites, and especially against the Boers, between 1994 and the year 2000. So 29 000 murders per year after the ANC took power for the next 6 years. It was a little safer under the previous government.

• In 1972, SA blacks owned 360,000 vehicles. (More than all the black African states combined).

• The monthly income of blacks per capita in 1988 was R352 per month in South Africa – Malawi and Mozambique was less than R20 per month.

• In 1974, the average monthly income of black workers in South Africa were $ 127 versus the $ 140 in the US, the richest country in the world.

• In 1970, black workers earned R1,751 million, or 25.5% of the total wage fees in SA and increased to R17,238 million in 1984 (1,000% growth) and 32.3% of total wages in SA.

• Between 1962 and 1972 the UN paid $ 298 million to underdeveloped countries compared to South Africa that spent $ 558 million on the development of its black areas.

• The budget amount for black education increased every year from 1970 to almost 30% more than any other government department.

• From 1955 to 1984 the number of black scholars increased from 35,000 to 1,096,000. In 1988 71% of the adult black population could read and write versus 47% in Kenya, 38% in Egypt and 34% in Nigeria. On average during the year 15 new classrooms per working day were built for black scholars.

• In 1985 there were 42,000 black students enrolled at SA universities.

• There were 5 black universities and 28 higher education institutions funded by the government.

• Soweto with its population of 1.2 million had 5 modern stadiums versus Pretoria with its 600,000 whites who had three. Soweto had 365 schools versus Pretoria 229. In Soweto in 1978, there were 115 football fields, three rugby fields, 4 athletic tracks, 11 cricket fields, two golf courses, 47 tennis courts, 7 swimming pools, 5 bowling halls, 81 basketball fields, 39 children playgrounds and countless community halls, cinemas and clubhouses.

• In Soweto in 1978, there were 300 churches, 365 schools, 2 technicons, 8 clinics, 63 kindergartens, 11 post offices and its own fruit and vegetable market.

On the matter of number of deaths pre- and post-Apartheid, we know there were 7000 deaths during those 41 years up to 1989. There were 14000 deaths between 1989 and 1993. In 1994, once Nelson Mandela took office, he opened up the prisons and let out 1000s of hardened criminals. Murder numbers for that year were ~25000, many times the numbers prior to the ANC government. So in 41 years the white government recorded 7000 deaths, but under the ANC there were 40000 between 1989 and 1994, just a 5 year period. Murder rates have remained at or near those levels since then.

Ok, so let’s take the nice black tribes that murdered 2 Million of each other (roughly half the population of the land) before the evil white people put a stop to the genicide. And then they separated them and said if you aren’t in each other’s faces maybe you won’t slaughter each other. Separation – the literal meaning of Apartheid. I know you have a preconceived idea about Apartheid, and obviously know much more than me about the situation, a poorly educated black South African. The Middle Class was integrating well, until the ANC put a definite stop to that. Change takes time, unless you like living next door to murderous, warlike tribes that are in the Stone Age and might go to war at any second with the tribe on the other side of you because “other tribe bad”.

It’s a telling and consistent pattern that there is a subtle effort (overt too) to minimise, obscure or deflect from atrocities committed by blacks, especially when they surpass anything done by Europeans or European settlers. There would be endless recrimination of white people committed these sorts of crimes, but there is little engagement and discussion of black atrocity, incompetence, failure and corruption.

Aborigines literally did crush the heads of newborns each year, but academics want to talk about their efforts in “Agriculture” (TED, you know you’re guilty). It is because of the lack of ability to provide food that the babies were killed, so these efforts at crop growing were patently crap.

But we have to pretend that these efforts were superb and white academics have overlooked this remarkable achievement through misguided racism. When it comes to slavery it gets even worse, the bias is overwhelming. The Nguni in southern Africa made up some of the most primitive, warlike, barbaric tribes in the world – they were not paragons of virtue then or now. They were no strangers to committing genocide or the rights of conquest in their lust for “land”.

The Science On Racial Differences: We Are Very Different.

Science on racial differences


          Some people in society have been under the false impression that the only differences between the human races is that of skin colour – a belief which is patently untrue. The races, or sub-species, of mankind have evolved over many thousands of years, and – as with sub-species of non-human species – they evolved in different ways, causing many differences: some physical, some mental, some readily apparent, and some not so obvious. Many Multiculturalists even deny that races themselves exist, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.[1]
Scientists across the world have been discovering more and more differences between the races, and for the political orthodoxy of Multiculturalism to deny these differences is as ridiculous as the medieval religious orthodoxy denying that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

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Crime: Science Answers the Question: Geography, Economy, Neoteny and Class Size.

Black males are (extremely) disproportionately responsible for crime, which corresponds to black disproportionality of the lower IQ curve, and the black disproportionality of the faster rate of maturity curve, and black disproportionality of the testosterone curve, and black dominance of the reverse-neoteny curve.

Blacks have shorter gestation periods. Blacks have lower metabolisms useful in heat, but lower industriousness as a consequence, when this factor alone will produce as great a difference in income potential as intelligence. Stereotypes are not only a necessity of temporal and cognitive efficiency, but they are the most accurate measurement in the social sciences because they must survive daily falsification (survival from competition). Because blacks mature earlier, and are more socially dependent for judgement and experience teen status pressure earlier and more deeply, they are disproportionately affected by awareness of lower social, sexual, economic, and political market value – when in proximity to other groups (Diversity is a ‘bad’). Despite the fact that (affect of deeper maturity) have higher self confidence at conflict with signal feedback. Worse, black males are disproportionately from single mother homes. And single mothers produce the majority of children with problems, particularly with children that mature early.

So it is somewhat ‘torturous’ to mix black, muslim, and Hispanic with white, asian, and jewish populations, which creates conflict when what each group needs is homogeneity so that they can develop norms, laws, and institutions that suit their rates and depths of maturity and their vastly different class distributions. The worst crime whites have done was not slavery, which was endemic, it was to copy the soviets and force integration and deprive blacks of their emerging norms and institutions, but also their emerging middle, professional, and upper classes, who ‘defected’ due to the cost of carrying the vast black underclass and laboring class, that cannot compete outside of it’s own demographic.

Africans evolved to survive heat, disease gradient, parasite gradient, many predators, many many human competitors. They have superior physical traits from bones, to sprinting to hearing, to skin. This is because neoteny is dangerous in their ancestral environment wich rewards rapid and deep maturity, and they were not able due to distance from trade routes, able to institute an agrarian empire sufficiently concentrated per square mile to cause upward reproduction of the upper classes due to continuous starvation of the underclasses.

The lower latitudes produce greater ability to expand the upper classes (higher neoteny), and the higher latitudes produce greater abiity to sustain the lower classes (Less neoteny).

Ethnocentrism is always superior for the simple reason that we can produce norms and institutions that suit our group’s distributions without competing for norms and institutions with others that require different norms and institutions.

We use the examples of ashkenazim and sub saharan african as extremes at both ends of the spectrum. But the spectrum of success at shrinking the population below the minimum necessary for self training (105) is available to every group. The question is whether the elites in any group can force this reproductive change. Because by and large that seems very difficult with the development of rifles, that produced military equality offset only by numbers, and prohibited a professional military caste from domesticating the population through agrarian production.

No More Lies on Race


The Immateriality of Race Is a Social Construction (lie) to Destroy Great Civilizations

1 – The Four Major Races: Caucasoid (West Eurasian), Mongoloid(East Eurasian), Australoid (Pacific), and Negroid (African).

2 – The West Asian (Caucasoid) Macro Race: Includes the (extinct) peoples of north africa, the levant, and the steppe.

3 – The Indo European Major Races (European – Iranic – Indian ): Includes the (extinct) peoples of india, the Iranic and what we consider the turkic branch (as well as others)

4 – 750M: White “Loosely” European Peoples (Subrace) means ‘european christendom’ which includes southern europeans: southern spain, the boot of italy, the byzantine balkans who are of anatolian rather than russo-ukrainian origins.

5 – 450M: White “Narrowly” Northern European Peoples (Minor Race) means descendants of atlantic, germanic, and slavic europeans from france to the urals, of aristotelian(atheist), protestant, catholic, and Orthodox backgrounds, who are primarily the descendents of russo-ukrainian, and built their civilization in the cold.

White nationalists, and white identitarians use the narrow definition. When the rest of us refer to european civilization we use the looser definition.


I’ve answered this question before (it’s a repeat). There are about 450M Northern European ‘white’ people. (atlantics, germanics, northern and eastern slavs) If we include earlier generations such as southern europeans (anatolians), and old europe (balkans) are about 750M white people. (FWIW: The white population of the united states is around 190m.)

Quote from a specialist:

—“The truth is that anyone who can read a PCA-plot will know that Europe is genetically divided into two different categories and that is North and South European, with the latter being less homogenous and closer to the Middle East in terms of FST-distance, which strengthens the idea that Southern Europe has received gene flow from West Asia. This becomes more evident when you see that Sardinians do not express this pattern (pulling toward the Middle East) despite having no Steppe ancestry.

With that being said, you should take a look at the plot I attached by Lazaridis et al (2016) which showcases the intra-European division. Ignore the non-European clusters. What you will see is that Chris’ theory of Italy and Spain being supposedly half-White is null and void, although admittedly there is South-North cline within Italy (since Italy is the country with the highest genetic diversity in Europe).

The point is that even the northern part of Italy is well within the Southern European genetic continuum. The only country which has a legitimate North Europe-South Europe crossover cline is France.”—













The curse of postmodern pseudoscience in most of the other answers. Postmodernism like Marxism was designed, like Abrahamic Religions, as an attack on European Peoples (civilization), to eradicate our civlization in the modern world just as Abrahamic religion was used to eradicate the five great civilizations of the ancient world: Roman New Europe), Byzantine (old europe), Anatolian, Persian (Iranic), Egyptian, and North African. All those civilizations were destroyed by the last attempt at cultural destruction.

Why? Marxism/Postmodernism in the modern world, and Abrahamic Religion in the ancient world foster dysgenic rapid reproduction of the underclasses reversing genetic domestication under small farm mixed agrarianism, effectively weaponizing reproduction and ignorance and superstition against civilization.

There are reasons that the Han, Koreans,Japanese and Europeans succeeded and other civilizations failed to maintain rates of innovation. The reason is that the Han, Koreans and Japanese remained insular and homogeneous, and whites succeed as long as they also remain homogeneous and practice eugenic reproduction through manorialism (meritocracy).

The rest of the world did the opposite and the sizes of their underclasses pose such a burden that they cannot produce sufficient middle and upper classes to produce high trust commercially successful political orders.


Races, Subraces, Tribes, Clans, Families and Classes can interbreed, but differences matter. The primary differences are the degree of neoteny (white and east asian) vs deeper maturity (semites, iranics, africans, and australoids), the more feminine or masculine structure of the brain (yes really), and the size of the underclass due largely to winter climates, manorial farming, and close cohabitation in winters while caring for animals. (Or in the european and chinese cases, aggressive use of criminal punishment – particularly european hanging of large portions of the underclasses every generation).

Using size of class, degree of neoteny or maturity, and balance of masculine and feminine traits, each of the Races, Subraces, an sometimes Tribes, has evolved (adapted) for certain excellences that are geography, climate, means of production, and method of socialization dependent.

Human domestication like animal domestication, uses neotonic selection to suppress sexual maturity and preserve the features and cooperative intuitions of youth. The goal for any polity is to increase intelligence, industriousness, and trust. Counter to our assumptions the San (the oldest continuous tribe) were more gentle, and humans appear to have become increasingly AGGRESSIVE in some regions and increasingly GENTLE in other regions, which is easily measurable by group testosterone distributions, rates and ages of maturity, and ‘hardiness’ of features (deeper maturity). By the upward redistribution of reproduction (china, europe, and jewish) you increase the distribution of neoteny in the public largely by the reduction of rates of reproduction of the underclasses. The simple fact is that many people are a harm to their fellows simply because they are a drag on norms, laws, traditions, values, and institutions, literacy, technology, and the work force capacity – perhaps most importantly making a sufficient middle class to produce a voluntary organization of possible impossible, and forcing the dependence upon familial corruption (india, south america, south europe, all of islam) despite access to trade routes.


The optimum political order is homogenous – diversity is always and everywhere bad for obvious and well documented reasons. It trades short term profits for long term costs that destroy the political order and reduce it to levantine, south american, and indian levels of poverty and corruption.

The optimum political order is Small – The only value of scale military power to exploit others. The only value of federations is to produce defense of trade routes and prohibit rent seeking (corruption) on those trade routes.


And any group of size (the east asians) who succeed will leave the rest of the world behind. The europeans managed by the late middle ages to nearly eliminate their underclasses. This is why european intelligence is dropping (the flynn effect is reversing). Not because of individuals. But because of restoration of their underclasses. If Norway can lose IQ (they have) then any group can.

Smarter people are more moral – simply because they can afford to be.


—“Q: What did you choose to be your personal meaning of life?”—

I had set most of my life’s goals before I was thirteen and haven’t really altered them. I’ve rebuilt myself and my life about once a decade to fulfill those goals. If your goals are clear life is much easier.

1 – “Life is short, and **We only get one chance. Do as much as you can** with it and leave your mark on history. It is the only possible immortality.” or Life is an apple, take big bites, moderation is for monks. Probably from the life of Alexander.

2 – Build a **fortune** to make it possible. (done) Probably inspired by my paternal family’s lifestyle (wealth) compared to my maternal family’s loss of it during the depression. A promise I made when probably eight or ten.

3 – **Know everything** in every book in the library (pretty much done, frighteningly.) (Whenever I imagined I had three wishes, this was always the first. Knowledge is power. Wisdom is an asset to put it into play. And wisdom provides mindfulness.)

4 – “**Build my god a church**” (Almost done, although a far different result, and much greater project than I’d imagined) From a promise I made to myself at twelve, while sitting in church.

5 – “Smile and laugh often”, “**Treat everyone you meet as a potential friend** until demonstrated otherwise” , “Be respectful and kind to the working man and the little people who are not so privileged – they are the most moral people in society”, “Do many minor goods and kindnesses for no reason at all” – big demonstrations are for your self aggrandizement and create senses of debt in others. Many small kindnesses accumulate in the change of behavior of the people around you.

6 – “**Die Well**. Put The Willingness to Die to Good Use” (Planning on it.) Promise I made to myself in my teens.

The Opposite Side

I did not expect to “**brook no slight**” even though it is a family motto. I found that tolerance is not a virtue but a convenience of those who take no responsibility for themselves, others, or the commons.

I did not expect to **compete ruthlessly **and perhaps too much so. But that ended up being a part of my life that had mixed results for me personally, even if it created wealth.

I did not expect to be a relatively **useless (absent) father** and in retrospect I should have forgone fatherhood despite my children being my greatest joy.

I did not expect my **health** to be such a problem for my life but I have prevailed mostly despite it. Ill health is not something I would wish on anyone.

I think I made three great mistakes, my first being not transferring when a professor asked me to join his department, so that I would have become a philosopher earlier; not staying ‘quit’ when I quit my job as CEO – loyalty was a bad idea;  divorcing my wife, who was a saint, but I was too ill to understand she really did love me.

I think I only really **failed** meaningfully once, and fairly recently, and I still plan on remedying that failure, so that I can depart this life not having done so.

—“How did the concept of race begin?”–

I think this is well understood so I don’t know why anyone would ask it. However:


The categorization of people into groups of ethnicities is as old as the written record. People are referred to by the color of their skin and the egyptians who were an advanced people for many centuries were diligent in their depiction of the races.

Greeks and romans categorized groups of people by region and skin tone and temperament. And the romans identified that personality traits were driven by geography and climate.

16th century, the ‘shrinking of the world’ due to the Age of Sail led to civilizational and ethnic categorizations.

By the mid 19th century (1800’s) with the advent of Darwin’s research in particular, people both recognized that most ethnic groups could be categorized by regions of the world.

The study of evolution made it rather obvious that we developed regional characteristics just as did all other animals.

The success of the early eugenics movement, but the retaliation against the nazi use of eugenics led to postwar suppression of research, and pseudoscientific denialism of racial differences.

The development of genetic studies has led to the restoration of research and the data is updated monthly with new findings. The most recent work with the most accessible data came out this year (2018) although I don’t think is available in paperback form yet. (“Who we are and how we got here” by David Reich). He tries to soft pedal against the race deniers, but the data is pretty solid now.

The race-deniers have produced popular pseudoscience and been proven false. Those include Stephen j Gould (The Mismeasure of Man), and Richard Lewontin (“racial groups are more different internally than externally”) which is also false – and hard to believe anyone would even say such a thing. It’s so false that the profession has a name for it: “Lewontin’s Fallacy”.

However it is better to take away that each group produced excellences given their geography, climate, regional competitors, and degree of development.

And that the primary difference between the races that cuases conflict (proximity creates hostility) is the vast difference in the size of the lower classes. IQ is the most accurate measure in psychology but when we average IQ we are really saying who has the smallest underclass and the biggers upper class? That’s what IQ by Race, Subrace, and Tribe means.

So it is not so much that conflict is just racial, it’s that because the sizes of white, japanese, korean, and han underclasses are fairly small as a percentage of the population (and european jews have almost eliminated theirs), while the rest of the world tends to have much larger underclasses (from less hostile climates and less forced organized individual farms).

So the problem is that our cultures are incompatible because cultures fill the needs of the median of the distribution – they must. If the eugenicists were successful and we did not have such a population explosion of the lower classes, then within a century the differences between the races would be merely trivial. But the fact that they are substantial because of the differences in the sizes of the underclasses and the political needs of those underclasses, the world remains a racially conflicted place.

The east asians and indians are the most racist so far, with whites the least – which is just the opposite of what you’d think.

Progressive Race, Inequality, and IQ Deniers vs Conservative Global Warming Deniers. Both deniers are trying to satisfy political ends. Truth is painful.


Jewish (female) Coercion vs European (male) Coercion – Completing the Method by James Santagata

While we are talking about:

FEMININE) – Abrahamic (Jewish > Abrahamic > Semitic) Critique (reputation destruction), Pilpul (Excuse making), and Bilbul (retreat to confusion) argument under threat of ostracization which constitute the feminine method of coercion;

– as a counter to –

MASCULINE) – European Logic, Science, History, and Reciprocity(law) under threat of violence, which constitute the male method of coercion;

We must recognize that we have OUR OWN TRAITORS against reciprocity as well:

DEFECTORS) – Abrahamic theology > Socratic Criticism (Critique) > Platonic Justification (Pilpul) > German continental philosophy et al > French enlightenment Philosophy > French Postmodern Philosophy > Anglo female Defectors.

So while we have Feminine antagonists, we also have our own beta-defector/traitors, as competing with our Masculine practitioners of truth, duty, reciprocity, and markets (meritocracy).

This means that we are outnumbered, and that to preserve western excellence and our own genes we must rule out of self defense, if not out of profitable offense.


By James Santagata

—“3 Phases Attack / Debate Strategy by Jewish Left*
(You’ll notice Jewish right engages using fact, logic, etc. as a default, the left not)

Phase 1: Pilpul – (Hebrew for pepper) tiring contortions to exhaust opponent while trying to mock and create the illusion of superior intellect (and morals).

Phase 2: Bilbul – (Hebrew for confusion). If the opponent calls out and crushes the Pilpul, it moves to Bilbul which is to confuse and create habit.

Phase 3 – Bulbul – (Hebrew for “penis” or “dick”, child taunt / usage among Israelis), if one makes it past Pilpul and Bilbul the phase moves to Bulbul, name calling and pure ad hominems.

Phase 1-3 are predictive and simple patterns and techniques to quickly deflect, side step or crush Pilpul, Bilbul and finally Bulbul.

There is a fourth phase but I am still searching for Hebrew or even Yiddish word that would convey that while satisfying the rhyming / semi-alliterative pattern of Pilpul, Bilbul & Bulbul.”—

I’ll tweak (or extend) james’ rather brilliant insight here by saying that the jewish RIGHT does not abandon appeal to reasonableness and complete the adoption of western reciprocity of costs as decidability. So they only argue facts of convenience.

James’ other insight is that the Jews are also pursuing the feminine strategy of “sh-t testing”. In other words, they are creating demand for dominance and we are failing both them and our women.

This last insight of James’, I think, completes the description of jewish behavior as cognitively feminine. It also completes the analysis that they are engaged in conspiracy rather than simply demonstrating the female reproductive instinct that is the product of female evolutionary cognitive bias. It also explains why jews maintained maternal households, and only adopted monogamy in the late middle ages, prior to practicing polygenic reproduction.

The Secret To Jewish Success: Radical Feminism

Jews have, more successfully than all other people, and somewhat by accident of selective upward redistribution of reproduction, transferred feminine cognitive ability (language and perception) to the males, and male cognitive ability(agency) to females, at the cost of higher rates of homosexuality and mental illness, and lower rates of creativity. (yes, really). This ‘blending’ of traits combines the best of both worlds.

The mistake is to think that they are necessarily more exceptional than our most exceptional whites (Anglicans). Anglicans produce higher average IQ. But the Jews produce more outliers because of a wider standard deviation in their distributions. And they practice nepotism on a scale that westerners can’t imagine – the same way women advance their children.

There is quite a bit of work studying these things now. So it’s getting much easier to explain the differences. I try to explain Jewish behavior by saying “all Jews are female” and while that’s an exaggeration it does explain the entirety of Jewish success: adopting the female cognitive, collective, and reproductive strategy.

This is probably the most explanatory argument available today.

We are at war. A War To Destroy The West.

We are at war. A very nearly hot civil war. A civil war brought about by design, beginning in the postwar period, and one that would not have succeeded in overthrow except for underclass, and particularly Hispanic immigration. All liberal societies pursue commercial interests to the point of undermining the society. This is what separates military (armies) states from trading (naval) states: armies do not tolerate imposition of costs upon the civic order.

When at war, people demand generals. And every single time any civilization has pursued liberalism to the point where they undermine the homogeneity of the population they have died at the hands of conflicts btween despots.

Becuase only a despot can rule over competing peoples.

And we now have at least four hostile demographics in at lesat ten culturally separate regions.

You get what you ask for.

We got what we let HOSTILE PEOPLES ask for.

We are the people who smith.


—-“In Indo-European civilizations,” writes Francois-Xavier Dillman, “magic definitely cannot be disassociated from all of the beliefs, representations, religious rites […] on the contrary, it is one of the most prevalent components, one of those that resists the most against Christianization. The same author underlines that runic writing and Germanic magic are often “one and the same.” Patrick Moisson also emphasizes that there is a fine line between magic and religion, but he notes that whereas religion seeks to conciliate divinities with sacrifice and worship, magic “constrains divine powers with appropriate rites,” which assumes the existence of impersonal forces and “means to constrain the supernatural world.”—


Curt Doolittle
Our oldest myth is the blacksmith and the demon(devil), which we know as “Faust”. Our other oldest mythical figure is the Green Man, which for most of history were elves, but diverged into a whole family of Germanic and Scandinavian versions from fairies to trolls.

Tom McSweeny:
Some nice tales here regarding blacksmiths and their association with magic because of their absolutely astounding roi for the society from round Europe and further

Liupold Engelwulf :
Adding bones to up the carbon content. Imagine tossing your ancestors bones or your enemies bones into the forge… only to see the output become harder steel.

Pagan (Heathen)

The Natural World (all of it)
Women (fertility), Men (heroism)
Archetypes (Roles)
Truth, Sovereignty (Western Uniqueness)

The term Pagan was, as are all the best terms, originally a pejorative (term of ridicule or disrespect). The origin of the term is in ‘villager’ or today ‘peasant’.

Pagans were Pantheistic (Divinity is the same as reality, ergo, that reality is sacred and divine).

Pagans were Animistic (Divinity exists in places, objects, plants, and animals.)

I can think of nothing better than those values, because in fact, they are truthful values.

Divinity?  Excellence. That which we Love as we love our own.

We got the civil war the left wanted, and created, and created with malice of forethought.

We are at war. A very nearly hot, civil war. A civil war brought about by design, beginning in the postwar period, and one that would not have succeeded in overthrow except for underclass, and particularly Hispanic immigration. All liberal societies pursue commercial interests to the point of undermining the society. This is what separates military (armies) states from trading (naval) states: armies do not tolerate imposition of costs upon the civic order.

When at war, people demand generals. And every single time any civilization has pursued liberalism to the point where they undermine the homogeneity of the population they have died at the hands of conflicts between despots.

Because only a despot can rule over competing peoples.

And we now have at least four hostile demographics in at least ten culturally separate regions.

You get what you ask for.

We got what we let HOSTILE PEOPLES ask for.

We Had No Religion only Law, Oath, Festival and Myth (Literature)

—“It is perhaps misleading even to say that there was such a religion as paganism at the beginning of [the Common Era] … It might be less confusing to say that the pagans, before their competition with Christianity, had no religion at all in the sense in which that word is normally used today. They had no tradition of discourse about ritual or religious matters (apart from philosophical debate or antiquarian treatise), no organized system of beliefs to which they were asked to commit themselves, no authority-structure peculiar to the religious area, above all no commitment to a particular group of people or set of ideas other than their family and political context. If this is the right view of pagan life, it follows that we should look on paganism quite simply as a religion invented in the course of the second to third centuries AD, in competition and interaction with Christians, Jews and others. — North 1992, 187—88, [34]

Quotes on They.

–Or you can simply look at it as (((they))) are all cognitively female, and that (((they))) are just the most evolved version of “Sh– Tester” (females), and we need to correct both problems. Which is how I look at it.—CD

—Again, let’s repeat: “Cosmopolitanism is genetic communism, just as socialism is private property communism, just as libertarianism is common property communism, just as neo-conservatism is national communism.”–CD

—This is why segregation will be ineffective. The inertia of their religion dictates they permanently instigate class warfare explicitly, Egalitarianism/oppression narrative is simply the strategy but not the ideological impetus compelling them, which is power at any price. Segregation only kicks the can down the road. They must be ruled, and brutally—Joseph Smith



(our attempt at restoration of tradition, before the abrahamic attack on history and science)

–Paganism resurfaces as a topic of fascination in 18th to 19th-century Romanticism, in particular in the context of the literary Celtic and Viking revivals, which portrayed historical Celtic and Germanic polytheists as noble savages.

The 19th century also saw much scholarly interest in the reconstruction of pagan mythology from folklore or fairy tales. This was notably attempted by the Brothers Grimm, especially Jacob Grimm in his Teutonic Mythology, and Elias Lönnrot with the compilation of the Kalevala. The work of the Brothers Grimm influenced other collectors, both inspiring them to collect tales and leading them to similarly believe that the fairy tales of a country were particularly representative of it, to the neglect of cross-cultural influence. Among those influenced were the Russian Alexander Afanasyev, the Norwegians Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe, and the Englishman Joseph Jacobs.[67]

Romanticist interest in non-classical antiquity coincided with the rise of Romantic nationalism and the rise of the nation state in the context of the 1848 revolutions, leading to the creation of national epics and national myths for the various newly formed states. Pagan or folkloric topics were also common in the Musical nationalism of the period.—

J-Bias in Nobel Prizes


—Have you come across this before? It is a research paper aimed at better understanding the Jewish bias in Nobel awards.—by Lisa Outhwaite

Yes, lisa, and I think most of us know this. “Heaping of Undue Praise” and “Activist Nepotism”. A high school clique popularity context.

–‘It is expected that the national frequency of Nobel Laureates should correlate with the average National IQ, but this is not the case. However, the literary production of a country correlates significantly with the frequency of laureates in that country (Figure 3 insert). The number of granted patents correlates significantly with the national IQ, but not with the number of Nobel laureates. The size of the Jewish population in a country has no significant effect on that country’s intellectual activity, measured as National IQ, book production or patenting. ‘—

—‘Networking behind the J-bias When the policy decision has been made by the Nobel Assembly, already in February, it is up to the extended Nobel Committee (16 persons) to choose from the short list of candidates. At this stage the most important factor is the number and status of the scientists who support a particular nominee. A nominee with many or weighty supporters will probably be the finally selected one. And it is here that Jewish scientists can and do use of their talent for networking (with other Jews) and their exceptional verbal intelligence. ‘—

J-Bias: The Difference is Distributions

( )

There is no superior race, just superior distributions that make use of superior ideas.

Thee jews, despite being the most literate people in the dark and middle ages (a darkness they contributed to) achieved precisely NOTHING.

Every Jewish achievement was made by their nearly forcible indoctrination into aristotelianism, in exchange for integration.

They managed to produce the most murderous ideas in ancient history (judaism, christianity, islam), and the most murderous ideas in modern history (marxism), and the pseudosciences and deceits of the modern world (boasianism, fruedianism, cantorian supernaturalism in mathematics, the frankfurt school, and nearly single handedly destroyed both the academy and rule of law. And have nearly destroyed our civilization thrrough the 1965 immigration act, and their continuing efforts at making the world safe for judaism, which roughly transates to turning the world into the levant.

The ONLY thinker they have is Einstein and he is overplayed because everything other than the Frame was the product of Europeans – even E=MC^2. He did manage to explain why. But he is their only non-pseudoscentific thinker. There are plenty of minor players, and a masterful effort for nepotism in the awards process. But data is data is data.

Europeans did everything worth doing in history and did it faster for the simple reason that we tell the truth, —- and on one else does.

So no, I don’t play superiority games, I just look the data.

It’s notable that Babbage and Turing were Brits, and the Logicians were frequently Jewish, and so was Chomsky’s grammatical take on Turing. Turns out the logics were a total waste of time – there is no closure. Turns out mathematical set theory (logic) was harmful. Turns out the Grammars have far more to do with Turing than Chomsky.

Everything is easily explained by jewish pilpul, pseudoscience, pseudo-mathematics, and psuedo-logic, versus anglo testimony, science, mathematics, and computation.

J-Bias, Anglicans vs Jews


The highest average white IQ (Anglican/Episcopalian:113 ) is higher than the the jewish IQ: 112)

The jewish distribution is WIDER (13.1 vs 11.1), with more at the bottom and more at the top. So they produce an extra 10% above 130, and it is 130 and 140’s that provide executive (130) and academic (140) competitive ability.

The size of the world jewish population is about 6.5m. World anglican population is about 85m.

Jews pursue a narrower set of careers than Anglicans/Episcopalians. Jews practice more nepotism. And Jewish excellence, which is verbal, is in demand in an era of mass communication.

So, Anglicans are white equivalent of the jews (which we have known for 400 years, and is why we had the scientific revolution in britain, and both the English and Scottish enlightenments).

If whites returned to practicing nepotism, and outlawed lying in the commons by involuntary warranty of due diligence, and elminated financialization – all of which are easy, the numbers would stabilize.

My observation which I cannot find research to confirm or deny is that jews (“all jews are female”) have not only obtained female verbal ability, but the abilty of women to work on details for long periods of time. This ‘reverse dimorphism’ combined with culling of the underclasses, upward redistribution of reproduction to rabbis, extereme clannishness and nepotism, and specialization in extractive (immoral) professions explains the statistical differences.

So, anglicans choose a wider distribution of careers, are not nepotistic but universal, and produce about as many outliers.

Jews are people of words, deception, and mysticism, and europeans are people of metalsmithing, truth, and magic. We still specialize in our ancient traditional occupations.

Steve Pender Spring Summer Quotes

—“The lowering of standards has no bottom, but the raising of standards is limited only by natural law. It’s far easier to stick near the top than to climb back up a path that took billions of years. Which way, western man?”— Steve Pender

—“Having Nuclear Weapons in a polity is like having guns in the household. If you don’t have one, your sovereignty depends on those who do.”—Steve Pender

—“Sometimes war happens just because people want to see change in their lifetime.”— Steve Pender

—“Politics is outsourcing and only to be used when common ground is obtainable. For anything that really matters, DIY. Nobody ever voted to start a revolution.”– Steve Pender

—“Those who don’t take the red pill willingly will have it shoved down their throat by reality any way.”—Steve Pender

—“Anonymity’s downside is network uncertainty”.— Steve Pender

—“Melania Trump has more children than the leaders of Germany, France, England and Italy combined. The leaders of genocide are genocidal.”– Steve Pender

—“Fascism originates from communism…  Only in the sense that chemo was created because of cancer.”—Steve Pender

—“I doubt any people have ever won a war where they did not reach a consensus on who the enemy was. Democracy lets divisions fester. But now the extremity of our division prevents consensus on existential threats. In that case, internal separation will occur until eventually the divided sides will fight it out.”— Steve Pender

—“Truth suppresses parasites and liars. It’s a prosecutorial tool. The damage it inflicts is part of its value.”—Steve Pender

—“Hate stems either from lack of exit, lack of autonomy, or predicted declining future autonomy/exit.”–Steve Pender

—“Suicide is never honorable. It kills an ally without taking out any enemies in the process.”— Steve Pender

  • —“Your life is yours to give, not to take.”—Dan Warren

—“Violence hasn’t decreased. It’s just been temporarily monopolized by the state and underclass.”—Steve Pender