Arabic Translation of Propertarian Core Concepts by Eli Harman

The Propertarian Philosophy: Core Concepts
by Eli Harman
Translated by Ahmed Reda
Revised by Heydar Rashed

Including an Introduction: “Property in toto”
by Allen Freeman
Translated by Heydar Rashed


The Darkness of The Abrahamic Dark Ages

by Daniel Gurpide

According to the Dutch economist Anguss Maddison, Europe suffered through zero economic growth in the centuries from 500 AD to 1500. Maddison shows that for a millennium there was no rise in per capita income, which stood at an abysmally low $215 in 1500. Further, he estimates that in the year 1000, the average infant could expect to live to roughly the age of 24 years—and that a third would die in the first year of life.

French historian Fernand Braudel, writing about the pre-18th-century era, points out, for instance, that although France was, by standards of the day, a relatively prosperous country, it is nevertheless believed to have suffered ten general famines during the 10th century; twenty-six in the 11th; two in the 12th—and these are estimates that do not even count the hundreds and hundreds of local famines.

European sewage and sanitation regressed back to primitivism during this era. Human waste products were often thrown out the window and into the street or simply dumped in local rivers. With the streets strewn with garbage and running with urine and feces—and with the same horrifying conditions permeating the rivers and streams from which drinking water was drawn—vermin and germs multiplied, and disease of every kind, untreatable by the primitive medical knowledge of the day, proliferated. Between 1347 and 1350, for example, the bubonic plague—the infamous “Black Death”—spread by the fleas that infest rats, ravaged Western Europe, obliterating roughly 20 million people, fully one-third of the human population. Norman Cantor, the leading contemporary historian of the Middle Ages, states: “The Black Death of 1348–49 was the greatest biomedical disaster in European and possibly in world history.”

Finally, the early Middle Ages witnessed a stupefying decline in levels of education and literacy from the Roman period. In the endemic warfare of the period, human beings lost the skill of writing and, largely, of reading. For example, during the 8th century, Charlemagne maintained that even the clergy knew insufficient Latin to understand the Bible or to properly conduct Church services.

A related disaster was that Classical learning was largely lost in the West. The loss of literacy in Greek was catastrophic for civilization, for it meant the simultaneous loss of philosophy, mathematics, medicine, engineering, and science. Andrew Coulson, a researcher in the field of educational history, points out that whereas the Greeks were fascinated by the natural world, taking pioneering steps in such sciences as anatomy, biology, physics, and meteorology, the Christians replaced efforts to understand the world with an attempt to know God; observation-based study of nature was, accordingly, subordinated to faith-based study of scripture. A decline in learning consequently afflicted every cognitive subject. What limited medical knowledge had been accumulated by Greek and Roman physicians was supplanted by utter mysticism. For example, St. Augustine believed that demons were responsible for diseases, a tragic regression from Hippocrates. Scientific work, in general, declined as interest in the physical world did.

W. T. Jones, the 20th century’s leading historian of philosophy, succinctly captured the essence of the decline, and of Christianity’s causal role in promoting it, when he stated: “Because of the indifference and downright hostility of the Christians almost the whole body of ancient literature and learning was lost. This destruction was so great and the rate of recovery was so slow that even by the ninth century Europe was still immeasurably behind the classical world in every department of life. This, then, was truly a ‘dark’ age.”

Daniel Gurpide: The quotations and data are extracted from an article by Andrew Bernstein: “The Tragedy of Theology: How Religion Caused and Extended the Dark Ages. A Critique of Rodney Stark’s The Victory of Reason”.

Magical Thinking 

–“Magical thinking is the attribution of causal or synchronistic relationships between actions and events which seemingly cannot be justified by reason and observation. In religion, folk religion, and superstitious beliefs, the posited correlation is often between religious ritual, prayer, sacrifice, or the observance of a taboo, and an expected benefit or recompense.”–

As you move east and south this seems to increases rapidly

What Is the Difference Between Continental and Analytic Philosophy?

Thanks for the Ask to Answer.


Anglo Empiricism evolved from Law; Science evolved from Empiricism; and Anglo Analytic philosophy evolved from Science. It’s continuously deflationary. Anglo analytic philosophy attempted to develop Decidability (Truth)

Continental Philosophy evolved from Literature. It is conflationary. Seeking to provide Wisdom (Good)

The only ‘enlightenment’ was the Anglo empirical. The rest of the continent (French, German, Jewish, and Russian) retaliated against the empirical enlightenment with literature that attempted to preserve the authority of church and state in secular prose, using the method of argument and values of the nation(culture) of the authors that produced them. French Maternal Authoritarianism, German Duty, Ashkenazi Separatism, and Russian Nihilism.

Continental philosophy is best categorized as Wisdom Literature: Literary Moral Fictionalism. (Plato)

Anglo analytic philosophy is best categorized as Law: Science of Testimony. (Aristotle)

Our Prophets are Homer and Aristotle, And our Saviour Achilles.

Once you understand that our ‘bible’ was the works of Homer – the tragedy of achilles – and the greek myths as parables, and finally Aristotle as our equivalent of a prophet, it becomes very clear that the easterners who were not of our line and who invented the great lies of abrahamism did so with the same intuitionistic conspiracy as women undermine their males, and the (((opposition))) undermined the scientific, romantic, and economic revolution.

Apr 15, 2018 9:37am

Spring Eli Harman Quotes

–If my ancestors did anything bad to yours, the fact that you’re complaining about it just means it wasn’t bad enough. It’s never too late to rectify their oversight…–

–Crimes of a genocidal nature we will punish with death, not just of the perpetrator, but of everyone related to the perpetrator. It’s the only way to reciprocate.–

—The “tolerance” ideology is actually just gussied up intolerance rooted in hatred. This is obvious from the fact that “tolerance” is extended only to certain, protected, categories and denied to select others, whom this one-way “tolerance” is merely a weapon against.
Whites must tolerate non whites. Men must tolerate women. Straights must tolerate gays. But the reverse is never true. Nobody ever need tolerate straight white males, and we may be punished and excluded with impunity, according to this ideology, which originates in hatred and envy directed specifically at us and aimed at our destruction.
And while our enemies virtue signal about “love” (meaning their hate) conquering “intolerance” (meaning normalcy, virtue, tradition, homogeneity, borders, Eugenia, and everything else worthy and good) we know that the only thing which can beat genuine intolerance is even more intolerance…—

—“Understanding is hard. Obedience is easy. This is partially reversed if you’re autistic, but probably not fully.”— Ely Harman

—“It’s only worthwhile to argue equality from a position of inferiority.”—Ely Harman
—If resources (power, territory, capital, subject population) are being mismanaged, then entrepreneurs of violence can profit by taking them over and putting them to more productive or sustainable uses.–Eli Harman

—“Appeasement is not a winning strategy.”— Ely Harman

—“Paganism is the monarchy and aristocracy of the gods. The intertemporal model we seek to both emulate and avoid the hubris of.”– Eli Harman

—“Permissiveness and promiscuity haven’t done anything good for Western societies. We’ve just been able to afford more of them by spending down capital accumulated through past repression.”— Ely Harman

—“Postmodernism is the 5th Abrahamic revolt against Western Reason, Empiricism, Aristocracy, and Eugenia – their ongoing struggle to drag humanity back into ignorance, poverty, disease, filth, parasitism and superstition:. The 1st, Judaism; 2nd Christianity; 3rd, Islam; 4th, classical, Marxist, pseudoscientific, Socialism; 5th, Postmodern, cultural Marxist, critical theory and intersectional socialism.” — Eli Harman




Spring Friend Quotes

—“Universal access to white people isn’t a right.”–Richard Heathen

“…telling your citizens they have a “human right” to invade a sovereign nation should probably be considered an act of war.”-Charles H

—“There seems to be a global demand for white people’s institutions. And we can give it to them by colonizing the world again.  If we don’t, because of this apparent demand, we may anticipate that white genocide will play out as a Malthusian catastrophe of world combustion of white production and demographics.”— Simon Ström

–“It’s time for Plan B. The second amendment is Plan B.”–George Oswald Vandal

—“The 2nd Amendment isn’t written with pen and ink on paper, but with fire and fury in the hearts and souls of men and with lead and blood in the dust of the ground.”— Ely Harman

—“Curt, You have humongous brass balls — huge respect for calling it as you see it regardless of who will come crying. Particularly your SJW answer.”— A Friend

—Certain (((Factions))) spent a lot of words on propaganda creating a debate between capitalism and socialism when the only debate there ever has been is over rule of law vs rule by discretion. If we have rule of law, markets will develop, and we can redistribute some amount of the proceeds. All economies have always been mixed and always will be. It was the (((attempt))) to produce authoritarian monopolies that put the world in chaos.–CD

—“Woah… Women would NEVER commit crimes if only women were allowed to prosecute them.”—-Ana Stowe

—“I stopped being a leftist the instant I stopped viewing myself as being in the bottom 50% and started viewing myself as being in the top 50%.”—Colin Everett

—“In Nietzschean terms libertarianism or any form of capitalism rooted in the liberal tradition elevates the rights of others, especially to non-aggression, above the will-to-power of the individual. The idea of having rights and property itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when those rights become objects of worship so that the individual becomes encumbered with slave morality, that’s when the issue arises.”— Josef Braun

—“Who are you to…..!!!!!”—
(sarcasm) Well, domesticated animals lack the agency for self determination, and people below the threshold of reason and reciprocity, are just domesticated animals. Or as Heinlein said: “If you can’t do math you’re just an animal that’s house-trained and doesn’t need to turn around three times before laying down.” So I don’t grant sovereignty to those lacking agency, because they are incapable of it, any more than I let children run with scissors or women talk politics and war. lol — CD

—What do you think about organized crime in Malta?— “I think it’s the only thing that’s organized here.” –Dawid Wella

—“WE HAVE OVERSTIMULATED IMAGINATION AND UNDER-STIMULATED THANKFULNESS” —“The Cult of your own ancestors needs to be restored, other deities are less important; we all have overstimulated imagination and understimulated thankfulness.”—Igor Rogov

—“Everything bad in Christianity was invented by Plato and Saul of Tarsus, whereas everything good by Aristotle and the Stoics.”—Yiannis Kontinopoulos

Curt Doolittle:
Jehovah is a demon and the abrahamic religions his design for hell on earth.

James Fox Higgins:
Says a beneficiary of Christendom.

Curt Doolittle:
Says a survivor of the Abrahamic Dark Ages – saved only by the remilitarization of europe under the vikings, the reintroduction of greek and roman thought, the development of printing that broke the church’s monopoly on propaganda, and the revolution in british law and steel. There was nothing good in christianity that was not extant in europe as far back as 1500bc, and everything bad in christianity (and all abrahamic religions) was invented by christians. Lies are lies are lies. Truth is enough.

—“Anonymity’s downside is network uncertainty”.— Steve Pender

—“Melania Trump has more children than the leaders of Germany, France, England and Italy combined. The leaders of genocide are genocidal.”– Steve Pender

—“Lord-craft, like any craft, is heritable. A father passes his trade to his son and the accumulated knowledge over the generations is valuable capital to the local commons.”—Oliver Westcott

—“British is anyone in the commonwealth. It’s been misappropriated as documentation permitting rights within the United Kingdom. A Briton is of a limited genetic stock of Northern Europeans with predominant ties to the British Isles. Specifically a Britonnic Celt, with degrees of Anglo-Saxon (especially), and Jute, Dane and some other nordic/viking admixture.”—Oliver Westcott

—“The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a crib-house whore. We don’t just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.” —James Nicoll

—“If masculinity were truly toxic, then fatherlessness wouldn’t be correlated with literally every societal ill.”— Ana Stowe

–“The internet only survives because several hundred network specialists have agreed not to sabotage it.”— Maxim V Filimonov

—“I’m not a universalist. Experimental micro-states are strictly Anglophone business.”–@Outsideness

—“Peace is a desire, war is a fact; and history has never paid heed to human desires and ideals.”— Ahmed Reda

—“In the wide swath of history, we went from church and state as bedfellows, to statutory corporations and state as bedfellows, from veritable theocracy to fascism, with a small window of Enlightenment in-between.”—Angus Jameson Sock

—“As a side note, statutory shielding of personal liability for stockholders, officers, and boards of directors is just as bad of an idea as clergy being personally immune from the broader actions of the church.”—Angus Jameson Sock

—“Medieval and modern monarchs used the information technology of catholic and state churches as well as the new economic instruments of the emerging bourgeoisie urban class to subvert the traditional pagan world and its devolved cultural character stemming from distributed political sovereignty of the aristocracy.”– Simon Ström

—“The US is the modern equivalent of Rome, the interventions in foreign shitholes were all about maintaining stability and ensuring that the supply chains are undisturbed. The problem with the US is that it has enshrined the market as a culture.”—Dawid Wella

—“Mutual agreed upon contracts spelling out reciprocal arrangements is all the “diversity” human kind has ever needed and does a mighty fine job of it. … One key esoteric or side-benefit is that these voluntary arrangements tends to make all parties smarter, making such arrangements better and better, evolving to enrich and benefit even more, amassing more and more wealth. … Civilization.”—Richard Nikoley

—“Diversity transforms specific racial hatred into universal hatred. It already happened in most western countries.”– Danny Seis

—“The choice is between suppressing the underclass via propertarian methods, or watching society return to high infant mortality, ignorance, want and disease, never to rise again.”— Ryan Williams

—“My experience with classically liberal academia is that they will acknowledge genetics to the extent that they can deny them.”— Kashif Vikaas

—“forge brotherhood not equality.”—Neil A. Bucklew

—“Pull your weight and your Brothers will compensate for your shortcomings as you do for them. If you can’t they impose limits to keep you safe”—Bill Joslin

—“If the Indian States of Goa and Punjab were independent countries they’d be more affluent per capita than either Iran or Saudi Arabia.”— A Friend

—“Future so bright we gotta wear shades.”—Chris Mc

“in the current phase of warfare, cities are no longer defensive anchors against armored thrusts ranging through the countryside. They have become the main targets of offensive action themselves. Just as the huge militaries of the early twentieth century were vulnerable to supply and communications disruption, cities are now so heavily dependent on a constant flow of services from various centralized systems that even the simplest attacks on those systems can cause massive disruption.”–??

—“There is only nomocracy or kleptocracy, with kleptocracy using many names.”—Bill Joslin,Neil A. Bucklew

—“Of all evil I deem you capable: Therefore I want good from you. Verily, I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws.”—Friedrich Nietzsche

—“Only those capable of violence can offer peace, and only to others capable of violence (reciprocity). Everyone else is just mislabeling forbearance.”—Luke Weinhagen

—“There is no real way to “take violence off the table” but only a borrowing of peace from the future. Eventually any reality which people seek to avoid comes back on them – and with interest.”— Noah J Revoy

–“All they’ve [the leftists] got left is reputational smearing.” — “Hate speech is now heresy.” —Niall Ferguson

—“Society has replaced real violence with faux violence. We are a horrific point in time where many believe words are weapons. Wise up; otherwise the truth will return as a sword to cut through more than just the lies.”—Brandon Hayes

—“An armed society is a polite(civil) society.” But women to the political debate makes discourse less civil (Polite). How’s that for counterintuitive?”— Daniel Roland Anderson

—“Feminizing society takes violence off the table. When violence is off the table there is no counter to rally, shaming and gossip, and no driver toward negotiation.”—Bill Joslin

—“Do Men have a duty of violence or privilege of guardianship?”—Brian Barr

—“Truth suppresses parasites and liars. It’s a prosecutorial tool. The damage it inflicts is part of its value.”—Steve Pender

—“Children are broken because families are broken because women are broken because men are no longer Hoplites – no longer husbands of their freeholds.”—Greg Swann

—“Science is no longer a methodology, it’s a criteria which many different methodologies can meet. The criterion unites the sciences.”—Bill Joslin

—“Once you see it you can’t unsee it. Hence the ubiquitous war on noticing in general . The time and resources expended to keep people from seeing the obvious are truly astounding.”— Edgar Braintree

—” A critical error of many contemporaries – particularly in the United States – is the inability to correctly assess a more favourable trade-off between the material and mental well-being”—Aaron Kahland

—“The concept of the Cathedral hit the spot because it recognized that what was being promoted as the rule book was in fact enemy scripture.”–Outsideness

—“I mean if you lack the basic human survival skill of differentiating in-group from out-group do you really count as human?”–Annika Stark

–“I believe that the enlightened people, should immediately remove themselves from the repulsive non-culture whites have perpetrated upon them.”—Andrea McIntosh

—“We need to crash the signal market”–Micah Pezdirtz

—“the real and most important lesson from the Holocaust. Instead of constantly blaming the Goyim for inflicting pain on Jews, it is time for Jews to look in the mirror and try to identify what it is in Jews and their culture that evokes so much fury.” —Kevin MacDonald

—“I’m living this truth here in Brazil right now. They’ve managed to disarm the population 20 years ago. Now criminals are murdering everyone else to protect their right to bear arms. 60.000 people die per year in the process.”— Rodrigo Yoshima

—“Intolerance is the most masculine virtue one can have.”—Bashar Al Stedman

—“Never appease Marxists, it only whets their appetite.”— Edward Townes

—“Hate stems either from lack of exit, lack of autonomy, or predicted declining future autonomy/exit.”–Steve Pender

–“The entire SLW playbook is to leverage the commons (accountability) for warrantied speech against their political opponents. They are only able to do this because those commons are not being policed against parasitism. Mainstream media is doing it as well. Fake news is the result of sloppy commons.”—Luke Weinhagen

—“Being white affords you the privilege of working until you’re 75 to finance your own ethnic replacement.”—Blair Cottrell

—“If no one wants to avenge your death then you are doing something wrong.”—Noah J Revoy

—“I won’t have any enemies unless I want to do evil. If you pursue good and seek the truth, you are my brother.”– Aloysius Augustus

—“Trolling is forced transfer, intellectual honesty is productive reciprocal exchange.”— Steven Kolpek

—“Reminder. I don’t hate on anyone. I have a class thing, and a truth thing, and a voluntary exchange thing. All three of these are solvable. But I don’t hate on anyone.”—

—“In a leadership vacuum new leadership will constantly emerge whether you like it or not. Its up to us to decide if that leadership is friendly or hostile.”—Noah J Revoy

—“Time horizons and acquisition strategies couple to which grammar one uses (low investment, short time horizon etc etc)”— Bill Joslin

—“Look at the difference between Buddha and Marcus Aurelius: Buddha, sitting, with his eyes closed, mind closed to outside stimuli and the world. Juxtapose Marcus Aurelius, slaughtering barbarians by the hundreds of thousands, engaged with the world, changing it for the better.”— Vincenzo LaSala

—“So we can fix leftism by carpet bombing only 5 counties ? Ok”— Shawn Miner

—“It’s time to stop asking what Jesus would do and start asking what Vlad would do.”— James Santagata

—”…childhood was believing Vlad the Impaler was the villain – adulthood is understanding he was the hero….”— Thorsten Stuart Norgate

—“Men find their place in the competence hierarchy. Women either deny the hierarchy or insist on its instability.”—Megan Kusui

—If you think unchecked Mega-Leviathan is a small price to pay for a marginal improvement in the quality of tacos you’re probably a mainstream American libertarian.— Outsideness (@Outsideness):

—“There’s a difference between emotionless and emotionally disciplined.”—Murray Sell

—“Historians are apologists for the human race.”— Charles Martel

—“There’s no convincing me that Voldemort is a bad guy.”— Alexander Zavialov

—“The idea that the underclass should rule is so deliberately societally dysgenic that its ideological development could only possibly be conceived as an intentional tactic of subversion to poison the minds of an enemy to self destruct.”—Brandon Smith

–(via Paul Blessing) —“It’s best to view (most) continental philosophy as entertainment.”~~~ Nassim Taleb–  (Or as I put it, ‘fantasy moral literature’.)

—“There are about 3,000,000 American Federal government employees costing taxpayers $119,934 each on average (when you include benefits). This amounts to $359,802,000,000/year. I can’t even….”—-Kahl O’Dournian

—“Japan is an Island. It has NO mass migration or freedom of movement policy. It is a top 10 world economy. It trains and educates its own young to work instead of importing cheap labour. Be like Japan not a dinosaur like the soviet EU”-Jason O – via Steve Pender

—“The earth is situated in a tiny, sparsely populated spur off of one of the spiral arms in the galaxy. In other words, we are located in the middle of nowhere. And we’ve only been communicating in the electromagnetic spectrum for about 100 years. It’s very likely that no one knows that we are here.”—Eric Blankenburg

—“Dumb americans fought against germany to make the world safe for communism – and have been paying for it ever since.”—??

—“That’s because the investigation was never intended to investigate crimes. It was meant to generate them.”—Ana Stowe #Trump

—“Italy has more genetic diversity than the rest of Europe combined.”—Alexander Zavialov

—“Think of how humans have come to discover health. It’s not a checklist of properly functioning systems but rather the absence of ailments which restrict functions of living below a threshold of overall wellness (over all function). It’s a negativa definition.”—Bill Joslin

—“They need us, but we don’t need them. They want and need to live around us, but we don’t want or need to live around them. The parasite needs a host, the host rejects the parasite.”—John Mark

—:People are willing to listen to things outside their Overton window if they perceive that it will give them what they want politically (while old tactics/assumptions don’t cut the mustard). Everyday the left is doing half our job for us, e.g. Sarah Jeong, by waking our people up to the fact that what they thought would work (being nice/tolerant) will not work.”—John Mark

Leftie: “See you around.”
James: “Not unless you have night vision goggles.”
—James Santagata

—“The Church, as we know it, in all this has a lot to answer for! They haven’t been teaching Men how to fish! They’ve created schools of fish from Men. To be harvested!”—Nick Heywood

—“yall all vikings muthafucka”— Justin Fortune

—“Violence hasn’t decreased. It’s just been temporarily monopolized by the state and underclass.”—Steve Pender

—“Packs require contribution (value); herds merely conformity.”— Brandon Hayes

—“I would add that “Jesus” is a compound character made up of several people and that Christianity predates “Jesus” by a decade or two and is basically a failed Reformation of Judaism brought on by the Roman conquest of Palestine and the introduction of Hellenistic philosophical ideas.”—Andrey Sokoloff

—“Reading the foundational texts, Postmodernism really questions how legitimacy is constructed as an image… And that image is used to justify power. People have taken this to mean that nothing is legit or that power is everything. But that’s kind of like saying that the theory of relativity is about how there’s no such thing as time.”– Alexander Lee

—“The way women pursue and the way men pursue is very different. Women make themselves selectively available to men they find attractive. They seek to be in his orbit. Men then pick out a woman who has made herself available and “take” her. …. The number one complaint that my female clients share is that when they make themselves available to a man he often fails to take any sort of leadership actions such as ask them out. Instead he just beta orbits hoping she will mother him. We have too many untrained, lazy, beta men in society.”— Noah Revoy

—“Their crimes are millennia long. They are the premier intellectual terrorists.”— Andrey Sokoloff

—“It is perhaps not for nothing that Christianity was first popular with the under classes during the Roman times – women and slaves. The idea that you should not struggle to improve your lot but rather to bear it and receive some unspecified benefits in some future life was also attractive to the ruling class, to promote among the underclasses. … As for the Emperor – monotheism was attractive as the idea is “you don’t like your god? Too damn bad, he’s the only one you got.” Rather than polytheism which is a form of religious democracy. If a God stops taking care of you, you go a sacrifice/worship another God. There is a type of responsibility that a Deity has.”— Andrey Sokoloff

—“Marxism = Feminism. Post-Modernism = Full-Spectrum Feminist Hegemony”—Claire Khaw

–“Love is just alimony waiting to happen.”– anon  ( Ouch. Love is insufficient for the prevention of child support and alimony. A compatible and preferable division of labor is necessary. )

–“Everyone wants to outsource responsibility.”–Charles McCennit

—“People spin great webs of complexity in efforts to entangle producers in a web of parasitism.”— Austyn Pember

—“Everyone must remember that they themselves are the purest form of propaganda to those around them.”— A Sock Account (Goldstein).

—All nations of any scale are now fascist (intolerant) mixed economies, with minor variations in corruption and liberty.—

—“The problem with “out of the box” (straight from the dealer, no options) Western Reciprocity Inclusive of Externalities (WRIE), is it needs a dual-morality (in group / out group) module otherwise the range of agency is too narrow (self limited).”—James Santagata






But What Does National Socialism Mean?


–“I’ve been reading your posts. Propertarianism sounds an awful lot like national socialism. Maybe there is something Im missing. But, I’d be interested, if you have time, just to know what perhaps the major difference is.”—

Well, you know, that depends on your definition of national socialism.

In the choice of Nationalism vs Universalism, I suggest nationalism in order to force groups to pay the high cost of domesticating their own people educationally, normatively, culturally, economically, and politically, rather than forcing other groups to pay for that domestication. This is compatible with natural law (reciprocity) where universalism is not because it consists of forcing others to pay the cost rather than you paying the cost of revolution, reformation, and reeducation.

In the scientific vernacular, Socialism refers a political and economic system whereby production, distribution, exchange, and reward, are determined by a bureaucratic government in order to insure equidistribution despite unequal contribution to production. In other words, turning a society into the equivalent of a 18th and 19th century factory.

In the scientific vernacular, Capitalism refers to a political and economic system whereby all production, distribution, exchange, and reward are determined by market forces.

In classical liberalism, and social democracy, some degree of the proceeds of mutual cooperation in markets, is captured by the state and used to produce commons outside of market competition.

In christian monarchies these goods are determined by the monarchic administration.

In classical liberalism these goods are determined by those who produce (the middle classes), and in social democracy these goods are determined by majority (which means the working and underclasses).

Since this market(private) and non-market(Public) activity always and everywhere exists, we are all merely discussing which class has a monopoly on the decision making, the distribution of that taxation across the population, and amount of that taxation at any point in the population, given the available proceeds from cooperation (taxation).

At present (a) the economic mainstream seeks to maximize takings and maximize commons. However, that is because they do not measure all capital changes (intangibles like trust, group traits, and survivability from shocks).


(b) we know the current targeting methods (gdp, interests rates) do not work, and;

(c) that the austrian prediction (exacerbation of cycles until collapse) appears to be correct. And we have;

(d) only to resort to direct inflation by redistribution of liquidity to consumers in times of shocks, despite;

(e) this will create a dependence upon redistributions, only exacerbating larger and longer cyclic shocks.

So, what I propose instead is (a) nationalism, in fact, collections of city states, and (b) redistribution, yes, but (c) markets for the production of commons, and the total elimination of the political class other than a monarchy as a judge of last resort. And (d) we pay underclasses (those who are unproductive) not to reproduce. Because (e) it is possible to create a constitution under rule of law that is not open to interpretation, only to expansion of suppression of parasitism.

But when you (or others) say ‘national socialism’ I don’t really know what that means, other than to say that in my understanding we run the government in the interest of the tribe (nationalism) using rule of law, without engaging in discretionary rule.” And in that case I don’t know what ‘socialism means’ since nationalism and socialism are synonyms, just as communism and universalism are synonyms.

Now, compare Fascism’s version of ‘National Socialism’, that’s a very different thing, with a very strong political class, and the use of aesthetics and propaganda to reinforce the hero worship of that political class, and, well, that is just something I would rail against. We can laud our generals in times of war, our kings in times of peace, each other in times of prosperity, and our ancestors, thinkers, artists, scientists, engineers in times of stress, and nature, her gifts, and her seasons in times of sacredness.

Why? Those things are true and difficult to corrupt into deceits that manipulate us. Rousseau and Kant tried to create secular version of christianity and it led to marx’s destruction of civilization.

Our ancient ancestors never made the mistakes of the semites, but in our time of weakness, the eastern (syrian) byzantine empire imposed semitic superstition on us by force. And we only rescued ourselves from that dark age during the viking conquests, the crusades, and the Hansa, by taking back responsibility for ourselves, and our achievements, instead of submitting to the evil god of middle eastern slaves.

Why? Because our origins are in the militia: the voluntary army of individually sovereign warriors, who submit to no one. To resolve differences between sovereign equals requires we can only decide as such by tests of reciprocity, and tests of reciprocity limits us to property and the common law of tort.

We will continue to convert ourselves into gods, and drag mankind kicking and screaming behind us if we preserve our sovereignty as a militia of warriors, each of whom is a shareholder in the nation. But, we die, the west dies, and our transformation of man into gods dies, when the militia dies.

It all begins with the militia.

It Begins with The Oath

Oath(Contract) > Reciprocity > Sovereignty > Natural Law > Violence > Markets > Non Parasitic Order.

You must make an oath to produce reciprocity; if you produce reciprocity you will as a consequence produce sovereignty; if you produce sovereignty, decisions are only decidable by natural law, and only enforceable by violence – the sum total of which results in markets, and because of markets, the result is a non-parasitic order.

The Problem of Symbolic Existence


Or to quote my long time friend Frank Lovell, Knowledge of unicorns exists, even if unicorns do not exist. And even this statement depends upon how we demarcate between Knowledge with Information. We actually don’t have a vocabulary for existence as idea or information other than ‘symbol’. And symbol is often confused with ‘glyph’. So, assuming we demarcate symbol and glyph unicorns exist only symbolically while horses exist existentially.

So for existence we have grammars:
|| platonic < symbolic < constructive(operational) <- descriptive(existential) -> analogistic > literary > and fictional(isms) ||

Rousseau And Foucault Were Sexual Deviants

Rousseau and Foucault were “Sexual Deviants” and french culture anti-masculine for historic anti-german reasons. Their philosophical bias, the pre-christian venus cult, the revolution’s revolt against white men in church and state, have created a conformist, feminine, hostile, anti-western civilization – at least in paris and in the intelligentsia. Meanwhile the population remains largely german in intuition. The british less so , the nordics less so, the germans less so the poles less so, and the russians least of all.

Social Media Politics = Pillow Talk (Honesty)

Replying to @JonHaidt

1) Markets allow competing groups to collaborate on means, even if they pursue opposing ends. Classical Houses of classes create a market. Democracy creates a monopoly by eliminating the market for commons between the classes, and forcing conflict into the informational commons.

2) Cosmopolitanism(political communism) has failed everywhere its tried, just as has economic communism(socialism), and commons communism (libertarianism).Yet people pursue heterogeneous polities despite only homogenous polities exiting poverty, corruption, low trust, and tribalism.

3) BTW: As far as I know, (a) we over-report compromise, and over-demonstrate on conflict. (b) we self-report more honestly online than in person. (c) We most accurately self-report in conflict (from a position of physical safety.) IOW: social media = “political pillow talk”.

Smart: Why the Eastern Value of Orthodoxy


—“Orthodoxy came before any written culture or urbanism had take root in those regions. As such, there was a syncretism with the local customs and religious practices, who’s traces remain visible to this day, in various folk and orthodox objects. The roman “invaders” where offering a higher level of culture, so we took it. There was no inquisition, no which hunts. Mass literacy, and the translation of the bible, occurred far latter here. (Around the 19th century, in 1899 it was at about 22% ), which is when some savvy writers, now part of our national cannon, started collecting our folklore and putting it in written form. So the folk and the church coexisted more or less harmoniously. Not that they could afford great conflicts and fanciful notions with the Turks knocking at our door. Every orthodox region has differences in art and architecture reflecting local folklore. I’d say it might have made us ‘meek’ these days, but I’m seeking to illuminate our attachment towards it. If “historical memory” begins with written records, then there was nothing (for us) before orthodoxy. Not a pagan “past”, so much as a pagan “amniotic fluid” surrounding our “orthodox” history. Note how this differs from the West’s situation.”— Dan Fodor

Our History of Destruction. What Do We Do?

Um, you know. The aryans destroyed most of the people of northern europe. The romans committed a genocide against my celtic ancestors and sewed their own defeat by making possible the migration period. The Jews and Muslims destroyed the great civilizations of the ancient world, and created the dark ages. The Europeans destroyed (temporarily) the Amerindian (siberian). The Anglos and Russians destroyed german civilization in the greatest crime since the fall of rome. The Bantu are destroying the boer. The jews and muslims are destroying the west.

The question is what we do. I want to separate. Or at least separate by political preference. The only alternatives are war and genocide.

I won’t let my people become the Boers. I don’t want any of us to prey upon one another or make a genocide of one another. The only solution is separation (europe) or degeneration (india, south america, the levant). The east asians are right.

Expansion was a bad idea.

The Thirty Years War(s) – It Takes A Generation.

You know, every reformation of europe in history took about thirty years, including the world wars.

That’s a GENERATION. It takes a generation to change the organization of society by dismantling the hierarchy and rents of the previous and replacing them with the new.

These wars (markets) are the price of our rapid evolution vs the rest of the world’s stagnation.

War is an industry. It is the most profitable industry.

Libertarians are just advocating political judaism: dark ages.

—“curt: What’s European? and What About the Balkans?”—

(Possibly controversial? Shouldn’t be.)

This is a great question I think a lot of us wrestle with: what does ‘european’ mean.


Europea refers to the territory Between the Atlantic in Portugal and the Urals, and from the arctic to Sicily.

Siberia that territory east of the Urals to the pacific. The fact that Alaska, Canada and Greenland are isolated from Siberia is an artifact of political history. Greater european civilization effectively controls the northern hemisphere, south to the mediterranean, central asian deserts and mountain ranges of east asia.

Southern Route Shepherds
1 – OLD EUROPE (Southern Route Shepherds – black hair)
2 – SOUTHERN EUROPE (Catholic Europe below hajnal line)
Northern Route Cattle Raiders
3 – WESTERN EUROPE (Protestant Europe above hajnal line – anything bordering the north and baltic seas, including the baltics – brown hair and blonde hair)
4 – EASTERN EUROPE (slavic speaking non-russian europe – brown hair and blonde hair – modernized by german expansion.)
5 – RUSSIA (Russian speaking europe – not modernized by german commercial expansion) With regard to russia, the demographics at present suggest that as long as russia prevents asian immigration, that they will have effectively settled and conquered siberia, since the native population there is about the same as the native population in the north americas (tiny).

My understanding of “European” requires:
1) European Territory
2) Culturally Christian: Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox
3) Genetically and Culturally New European (Aryan – northern migration path above the black sea via the european plain)
Genetically Old European (southern migration path via following the water ways).

I consider the territory old europe (it is)
I consider the people byzantine (old european) not new European (they are).
I consider the region a ‘torn civilization’ or (borderland) or ‘failed civilization’ once it was conquered by the muslims. (it is) It is weak for no reason other than Byzantium and the trade routes are occupied by the Turkish Muslims (previous northeast eurasians)

Or put it differently, I agree with the Russians that orthodox (byzantine) civilization was defeated and ‘ruined’ and that old Europe cannot be restored without aggressive intentional restoration. This is what the Russian thought leadership dreams of doing. My view is that if they can create rule of law then they can. Until they create rule of law not.

Had Russia constrained her expansion to orthodoxy rather than slavic countries, they would have probably succeeded in the great power game. By threatening germany they cost germans prussia but they set the stage for their failure. Both russia and germany lost, and the anglos and latins won. This was not a good thing since russia and germany are the fortress against the east.

The Arabs where effective in destroying eastern (Byzantine/Anatolian) Christendom which encircled the mediterranean, and threw north Africa, the levant, Anatolia and Persia into darkness ignorance and dysgenia. They justify this creation of impoverishing monopoly as ‘making us all the same’ which is precisely the OPPOSITE of what produces prosperity: markets, competition, differences. Most of islamic tradition takes advantage of self destructive intuitions (monopoly, empires, submission) and labels them goods when the counter-intuitive (markets, city and nation states, and agency) produce prosperity. What we want is not what is good for us. Just as wanting drugs is not good for us.

Religion = Law, so I do not agree with religious tolerance whatsoever. Cults and heresies are one thing. Competing religions are another. Religious competition is just low velocity warfare. Immigration of nonprofessionals more than single digits is just low velocity warfare.

If rituals differ this means nothing. If tradition, custom, norm and law differ, then this means everything.

My definition of ‘white’ is the same as my definition of ‘european’.

Things are defined not so much by what we say they are, but by what we say they are not.

No more excuses for the (((rentier))) immigrants.


Paradigm Shifts

Author: William S. Lind

1 – Unipolar Power (Monopoly) vs return to balance of powers – nationalism (Markets).
2 – An Endless Supply of Money vs Return to ‘harder’ money (markets)
2 – Wilsonianism (Expansionary Democracy) vs Nationalism (Markets)
3 – Cultural Marxism (Anti-Whitism) vs Nationalism (Markets)
4 – The End of White Acquiescence.

By William S Lind.

The Establishment knows how to succeed in obtaining what it cares about, power and money, within the current paradigms.

Those paradigms include America as the only real world power, before which all other nations must bow; an endless supply of money; Wilsonianism, i.e. forcing “democracy” down all other countries’ throats; and cultural Marxism, which seeks to put women over men, blacks over whites, and gays over straights (where they conflict, cultural Marxism takes precedence over democracy).

But those paradigms are all beginning to shift. President Trump represents, at least in part, new paradigms which leave today’s Establishment irrelevant, isolated, and powerless. In response, the Establishment howls in fear and in hatred, especially hatred of a President who represents the heartland instead of the coastal elites.

If we look at each of the above paradigms, we can see the shifts occurring. Not only does America lack the military power, money, and moral credit to dictate to every other country, all countries now face the challenge of Fourth Generation war, war waged by entities other than states.

This challenge renders competition between states obsolete, something President Trump seems instinctively to grasp, at least in part. He knows a post-Communism Russian-American rivalry makes no strategic sense; he correctly thinks NATO is obsolete; and he may sense that states everywhere face crises of legitimacy, although of widely varying intensity.

The Establishment howls because one of its major components, the Military-Industrial-Congressional complex must have “peer competitors”, other states it can inflate as threats, in order to justify the trillion dollars a year we spend on national security. F-35s, Ford-class aircraft carriers, and opposed amphibious landings have little relevance to 4GW.

Meanwhile, the money is running out. The U.S., and most of the rest of the world, is heading for a colossal debt crisis. When it hits, we may not be able to afford $100 billion a year in defense, much less a trillion.

This points to a third paradigm shift: the end of Wilsonianism. Our “defense” budget is really an offense budget. It supports a military that is supposed to force “democratic capitalism”, which is really oligarchic rent-seeking, down the throats of every people on earth — along with cultural Marxism and its definitions of “human rights”.

Even if the money were not about to run out, Wilsonianism would be doomed from the start. Russell Kirk wrote, “There is no surer way to make a man your enemy than telling him you are going to remake him in your image for his own good.” Even Robespierre, too late, said that missionaries with bayonets are seldom welcome.

President Trump grasps that attempts to turn places such as Afghanistan into Switzerland are foolish nonsense. Yet at the same time, he chose a neo-con, one of the people who tried to turn Iraq into a peaceful, secular democracy by invading it and destroying the state, as his national security advisor. So he still has a ways to go to ride this paradigm shift.

( cd: my view is that trump sees punishment until defeat and making ‘better choices’ rather than reconstruction in our demon-cratic image as his strategy and it’s working.)

The last shift he not only grasps but rode into the White House on: the revolt of America’s heartland against political correctness, e.i., cultural Marxism.

The Establishment either believes in cultural Marxism (most democrats) or is too cowardly to challenge it (most Republicans).

Heartland voters are fed up with it, its advocates, and its sacred “victims” groups, most of whom distinguish themselves by their bad behavior.

In a political battle between the coastal elites and their clients on the one hand and the heartland on the other, the heartland will win.

Look at the percentage of whites among people who actually vote in all the swing states. The collapse of white acquiescence in cultural Marxism, both here and in Europe, may be the biggest paradigm shift of them all.

And so, faced with irrelevance, the Establishment howls, froths at the mouth and chews the carpet, raging at President Trump. Like a madman whose derangement is killing him, it screams meaningless words, most ending in “ism”, as it dies. I’m sure the President will give it a grand funeral.

—Cater to The Audience?”—


No. Build an audience with what needs to be in their heads, not because it is familiar, but because it is unfamiliar, and as such provides a method of political action that satisfies their discontents. People only know what they know and what they know is often bad, may not be good, and is demonstrably not enough.

What the audience knows is not good enough. Which is why they’re an audience.

|| Inform, plan, organize, act, conquer, separate, rule, prosper, speciate.

Feminine Monopolies vs. Masculine Markets

French Communism, French Democratic Socialism, French authoritarian Socialism: The three jewish-catholic universalist political strategies.
Communism, Libertinism, Neo-Conservatism: the three jewish universalist political strategies.
– vs –
National Socialism, Classical Liberalism, Aristocratic Nomocracy. The three white nationalist political strategies.

Sovereignty Not Property.

Private Property arose everywhere – but Sovereignty arose in the aryan expansion. We strangely emphasize private property which is not unique over Sovereignty which was unique. It was in greco-roman world it was institutionalized at scale. It was in the middle ages that it became extendable to a middle class. It was in the late middle ages and early modern period it became extendable to all. The rest of the world DRAMATICALLY OBJECTS to Sovereignty. They view community property as something they require or they will be left behind, excluded, and without insurance. Only Aryans consider ourselves sovereign, and our property an extension of the self.

Hence why we kept alive the judicial duel. Justice will be served by the sovereign men of the community to prevent the externalization of harm to the community. But each man is sovereign, just as is any sovereign nation, and as such may fight for his life and property should he believe justice fails.

But a man must earn his sovereignty before he can so use it.
And the only way is demonstrated investment in the reciprocal insurance of other sovereigns.

This requires miitary service, in defense of the private and commons, policing the private and common, and possession of capital that provides reciprocal demonstration of worth and incentive for loyalty.

Its Not Private Property It’s Sovereignty

There is no civilization that lacks private property since private property is necessary for the formation of a division of labor. This is why the size of the family decreases to reflect the atomicity of private property, and why northern europeans are the only absolute nuclear families, because only northern europeans achieved that state of development.

The universe is very simple.

There Can Be No Hypocracy in Postmodernism

by Austyn Pember

There is no hypocrisy – only strategies of deceit for self-interest:

– The left is not hypocritical. They set up or use your moral framework as a tool against you. Whatever moral justification they are using to have their interests met is just a practical strategy of achieving said interests. they do not believe in truth, reciprocity, principle, reason, or science – only power.

– When they say “you are a racist,” they are using your moral guilt about that principle against you. They don’t actually adhere to the premise that ‘racism is bad’. It’s only that they don’t want yourself or your demographic resisting against the thing they are championing or demographic they are aligning themselves with – they do not believe in truth, reciprocity, principle, reason, or science – only power.

This can be shown when they are perfectly fine with ‘racism’ against whites, like the latest NYT editor.


The Final Word on Oaths, Christianity in Particular, and Religion in General


Rituals that accompany oaths do not require belief in the ritual, only promise to adhere to the oath lest one be punished for violation of that which the community demands is inviolate (sacred) and therefore unforgivable.

The Construction of Religion: Myth, Ritual, Oath, Feast (Festival).
Political religion (for governing) in addition requires dogma and ‘law’.

European pagan religion divided the law (real) from the mythic (ideal), from the cult (supernatural). It was the monotheists who sought a political religion by which to rule others that created a monopoly political dogma, from what had been a market of myths and rituals.

The problem with atheism is that while there are dedicated atheists – often people of questionable character, some of us are atheists in that we practice Christanity as a wisdom literature, and many are agnostics in that they go along without knowing one way or the other, and the vast majority only deists who go along because they believe it’s a familial good, – all of us would still (and do) claim we are Christians.

And it is why Evangelicals have used that term to distinguish themselves from the rest of us: they practice faith not reason.

All that is required to claim one is a Christian is to have adopted the teachings of Christianity:

1. A Respect for private property and that no law may precede private property (the ten commandments) because private property creates harmony.

2. The eradication of hatred from the human heart.

3. The extension of kinship love to non-kin.

4. The extension of exhaustive forgiveness before punishment, enserfment, enslavement, death, or war,

5. The commitment to personal acts of charity for those who are in need.

Now, ‘believers’ seem to think that the dogma has some basis in reality, but this is simply untrue (unscientific). The purpose of the dogma was to train illiterate unskilled slaves, peasants, and subsistence farmers in those four principles.

The reason for the success of this dogma is that it creates an addiction response in believers for reasons we understand very clearly now.

However, many of us do not need cerebral chemistry addiction to follow those five rules. And we understand the value of ritual (the combination of lesson, oath, feast of the church ritual) regardless of how greatly its demand for obedience differs from the five principles of Christianity.
Western civilization has always been poly disciplinary and polytheistic. Those of us from germanic northern European families were just as familiar with the pagan myths and fairy tales, if not far more so than those of the ‘alien’ semitic religion.

The Germanicization of Christianity was nearly immediate, and the origins in judaism, and non-european Byzantium was quickly and forcibly adapted to european (germanic and latin ) civilization, just as was the orthodox in the slavic lands.

Today a person of minimal learning can undrestand quite easily that community rituals and oaths and feasts are necessary for the construction of civic trust. That aspirational myths are somewhat necessary for the intergenerational preservation of group evolutionary and competitive strategy through imitation. And that the mythos of western civilization is merely our history from the ancient greco-roman, germanic continental, and Atlantic periods.

The reason we can worship our ancestors and use our history as mythos is because we have ancestors and history worth remembering. Those people who need falsehoods and fictions do so because they have either few or no ancestors or achievements worth remembering.

I am a pagan if

1) I accept the laws of nature as binding on all of existence; and;

2) if I treat nature as sacred and to be contemplated, protected and improved; and;

3) I treat the world as something to transform closer to an Eden in whatever ways I can before I die; and

4) if I deny the existence of a supreme being with dominion over the physical laws, and treat all gods, demigods, heroes, saints, figures of history, and ancestors as characters with whom I may speak to in private contemplation in the hope of gaining wisdom and synchronicity from having done so. And

5) if I participate with others of my society in repetition of oaths, repetition of myths, repetition of festivals, repetition of holidays, and the perpetuation of all of the above to my offspring. And 6) if I leave open that synchronicity appears to exist now and then, and that it may be possible that there is a scientific explanation for it, other than just humans subject to similar stimuli producing similar intuitions and therefore similar ends.

I am an Aryan if:

1) I proudly display my excellences so that others seek to achieve or exceed them;

2) I seek competition to constantly test and improve myself so I do not weaken;

3) I swear to speak no insult and demand it;

4) I speak the truth and demand it; 5) I take nothing not paid for and demand it;

6) I grant sovereignty to my kin and demand it;

7) I insure my people regardless of condition, and demand it; and in doing so leave nothing but voluntary markets of cooperation between sovereign men; and to discipline, enserf, enslave, ostracize or kill those who do otherwise;

8) to not show fear or cowardice, abandon my brothers, or retreat, and 9) to die a good death in the service of my kin, my clan, my tribe and my people.

I am a warrior in that:

1) we will prepare for war so perfectly that none dare enter it against us.

2) Once we go to war, we do so with *joy*, with eagerness, and with passion, and without mercy, without constraint, and without remorse; And

3) before ending war, we shall defeat an enemy completely such that no other dares a condition of our enemy, and the memory of the slaughter lives a hundred generations.


Sovereign. A Man Transcendent.

When you say we need a ‘complete religion’ we have one.
This and the natural law of sovereignty.
And the history of the european peoples.

Personality Traits and Academic Specialties

And they’re entirely predictable.

—“Consistent findings across studies were that

– students of arts/humanities and psychology scored high on Neuroticism and Openness;
– students of political sc. scored high on Openness;
– students of economics, law, political sc., and medicine scored high on Extraversion;
– students of medicine, psychology, arts/humanities, and sciences scored high on Agreeableness; and
– students of arts/humanities scored low on Conscientiousness.

Effect sizes were calculated to estimate the magnitude of the personality group differences. These effect sizes were consistent across studies comparing similar pairs of academic majors. For all Big Five personality traits medium effect sizes were found frequently, and for Openness even large effect sizes were found regularly.”—-

End Deficit Reproduction

—“Deficit reproduction shall never be subsidized, unless we can expect it to successfully be amortized over the long-term (generations) as high yield dividends from high performing genetics. No more shifting of resources from the most productive to the least, pretending to do good, while actually causing harm.”— Steve Pender

Undo Survival Sexism

—“Men shall be lifeboated and escorted out of burning buildings FIRST. Again, nobody wants this, but it’s perfectly consistent with the feminist gender equality objective. They are getting away with undoing “sexism” where there’s minimal liability (STEM jobs), but any time there’s real liability to gender equality, they ignore it.”— Steve Pender

Genetic bads create cultural bads, and cultural bads create genetic bads.

We, at least in the upper classes, remember our pagan origins.

I think those of us whose cultures went through church governance, the reformation, the empirical revolution, enlightenment, and the scientific revolution, and repeated justifiable retaliation against the churches, have a clearer view of the distinction between christianity and the rest of our culture.

I have been working to understand the Russian fascination with orthodoxy and other than these admittedly influential eras, I can’t understand it. And I still can’t comprehend why people don’t grasp the difference between the ancient greco-roman world, and the semitic, and the total loss of reason for a thousand years.

The difference is between monopoly justified by submission superstition, ignorance, and fraud, and markets justified by sovereignty, reason, knowledge, and law.

Contact with the east ruined Alexander, Macedon, and Greece. Contact with the east ruined Rome and Europe. Contact with the east is ruining anglo, germanic, slavic, and Russian civilization. The east is a cancer that rules by the expansion of ignorance superstition and fraud. There is every good reason to understand that trust increases with distance from the Bosporus north and west, and decreases from the Bosporus south and east.

Genetic bads create cultural bads, and cultural bads create genetic bads.