The Course of The Coming Revolution


The legislature and the courts have determined:

(a) that the social, economic, and political capital costs, are inferior to the social, economic, and political gains of, enforcing:

(b) that the right of free speech, and in particular, political speech, supersedes anyone’s approval or disapproval of that speech, and the costs and consequences of permitting such speech;

(c) and we must not exclude others from association, transit, proximity, employment, residency, goods, services, and information those whom we would otherwise choose to;

(d) whether or not we prefer to ostracize, suppress, or not subsidize their presence, behavior, costs, or consequences; as familial, social, economic, political, normative, traditional, religious, informational, demographic, and genetic competitors;

(e) when and if those others are members of a protected class granted special privileges where those privileges prohibit, suppression ostracization, and non-subsidy;

(f) of that which is inherited rather than chosen (race, sex, creed or class);

(g) but these privileges do not extend to not protection from exclusion by political affiliation;

(h) despite that political affiliation is empirically an expression of race, sex, creed and class; for the purpose of familial, social, economic, political, religious, and demographic competition;

(h) despite the fact that when the market for association and disassociation is suppressed, that the only solution to accumulated conflict is political action; and if the market for political action fails to resolve the conflict; that the only remaining market is that of insurrection, revolution, and civil war;

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Revolution: Never Has an Empire Been More Fragile


(repost from september ’17)

There is no natural gas, electrical, or electronic infrastructure that can survive a magazine of steel core 7.62 ammunition. There are no transformers that can survive a collision with a pickup truck. There are no poles that can survive a man with a chainsaw. There is no physical infrastructure than can sustain loss of water pressure and five gallons of gasoline, and a match. There are no railways that cannot be stopped by simple removal of rails. There are no drivers willing to transport goods under threat of snipers, road spikes, and hijacking. America is vast and dependent upon energy and that is its weakness.

Three seconds without blood, three minutes without air, three days without water, three weeks without food, three months without commerce, three quarters without government.

It takes about three weeks to a month to collapse a country. Because just as people fall of their own weight, economies fall of their own weight, countries fall of their own weight. Empires fall of their own weight. Civilizations fall of their own weight.

It takes a few hundred if not a few thousand men to conduct a revolution. and all retaliation against those few hundred, or thousand men, by opposition or the state, will accomplish is acceleration.

Revolution Comes

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

Everything You Need to Understand About Religion in Less Than 1500 Words.

(important piece)(synthesis)

Religion consist of a category of education we evolved for the purpose of training the intuition (emotions), such that we are less dependent upon reason, calculation, and computation, and can reduce our stress (effort) by limiting the demand for reason(calculation, computation) in a universe seemingly kaleidic (nearly random).

So just as we have:

|ANALOGIES| children’s stories > fairy tales, myths and legends > young adult stories > stories > novels > biographies > histories > the sciences and law > mathematics

and we have:

|ETHICS| Imitation of Parents > Hero Ethics > Virtue Ethics > Rule Ethics > Outcome Ethics;

we also have:

|EDUCATION| Physical Training > Emotional training > Calculation training > Knowledge training > Professional Skills Training;

And so we have developed these institutions to provide training:

|INSTITUTIONS| Play/Sports/Work(physical) > Church (emotion) > Primary School > Secondary School > College > University.

What we learn from religion can be taught by many methods. Unfortunately, abrahamic religions are one of the worst possible methods because they have a near perfect record of manufacturing ignorance.

Despite being the most literate people in Europe the Jews contributed nothing to mankind for two thousand years until converted to Aristotelianism (Testimonial Truth). Christianity created order cheaply but maintained ignorance that cut the rate of literacy, learning, and innovation to near zero for over a thousand years. Islam destroyed the accumulated capital of every single great civilization of the ancient world other than India, China, and southern Africa who were all geographically isolated from Muslim Raiders, and their continuous destruction of capital, and mandated ignorance through religiously enforced predetermination.

Of the major religions of Abrahamism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Ancestor-Nature Worship, and Stoicism, it is quite clear without exception that Nature-Ancestor Worship and Stoicism are the optimum methods – Particularly for the optimum group evolutionary strategy: ethnocentrism and nationalism. In fact, every other strategy is far worse than ethnocentrism. And only ethnocentrism leads to beneficial continuous eugenic evolution, by resisting regression to the mean, because of the continuous dysgenia of underclass reproduction.

That does not mean church(education and universal cults) and temples(banks and minor cults) aren’t a good thing. Church (communal ritual of lesson, oath, and feast) is a good thing if it’s actually transmitting temporally and intertemporally useful content. (iIts not currently.)

But the lies of the abrahamic religions are horrifically destructive compared to the Trials of Achilles, hero, ancestor, and nature worship; or the continuous self-authoring of virtues in stoicism and buddhism. Our original religions of nature, ancestor worship (thankfulness) and Stoicism (mindfulness) were far superior at making mentally healthy people who are able to adapt to constantly changing conditions – and possessed of independent minds: something the authoritarian semitic religions could not tolerate, and actively suppressed.


Religion Consists of:
|RELIGION| Mythos (strategy) > Repetition (ritual), Recital (oath) > Feast and Festival.

But so does every other category of education:
|EDUCATION| Mythos (Logic) > Repetition/Ritual (Grammar) > Recital (Rhetoric) > Reward (Recognition of Achievement)

All education follows the same process:
|LEARNING| Logic > Grammar > Rhetoric > Success by accolade, application, or achievement.

All knowledge follows the same process:
|EPISTEMOLOGY| free association (+ test) > hypothesis (+ test) > theory (+test) > law ( survival).

All due diligence in the production of knowledge follows the same process:
|DUE DILIGENCE| identity > consistency > correspondence > demonstrated possibility > rational choice > reciprocity, coherence > limits > and completeness.

So, we have a rather odd misconception of ‘religion’ as something other than training the emotions such that we intuit values and relations that are coherent with our group evolutionary strategy (embedded in our mythos), which we rarely if ever understand – those rules of evolutionary strategy are obscured at the metaphysical level. This invisibility makes them sturdier because they are less vulnerable to argument and criticism and therefore more likely to persist due to simply imitation of myths and rituals that produces that strategy by externality rather than by direct apprehension.


Our brains evolved and are organized to think  in human experience and actions just like cows are for cows and dogs for dogs, etc.  Our ‘most primitive and intuitionistic form of computation is imitation’. We do not think of imitation as algorithm but imitation produces a host of algorithms.

The value of a narrative is that we can convey thousands of times the density of experience that we can experience as individuals alone.  We can, in that sense, compress time, by storytelling. As in all things, we are not wealthier than cavemen, we have just made better use of time by cooperating such that everything in our world is cheaper – including ideas, information, and experiences.

When listening to ‘stories’ are capable of suspension of disbelief, and suggestion, that would otherwise subject to criticism (testing).  This suggestion provides categories, relations, and values.

When in Groups Listening to Stories, especially if we recite them, sing with them, dance them, march with them, work with them, walk with them, or play with them, of celebrate with them, we experience the Submission to the Pack Response, under which we can abandon reason and worry in the safety of harmony. This experience is euphoric for most.  Combining the myth, the recitation (any ritual), and the pack response provides us with what we call mindfulness – but is better thought of as a calm submissive sense of safety, where the mind is free of the ever present stress of continuous calculation and comprehension of the world around us.  Given enough practice, by repeating that ritual, we can restore that sense of safety.  It is this ‘chemical reward’ (the spectrum of calm, to safety, to euphoria) in combination with the lessons and suggestions of ‘stories’ (loose algorithms) that each categories, relations, actions, and values, that provides the emotional training we found in religion – but is present in all forms of learning and education.


A story consists of a series of transactions (actions) that accumulate to produce a sequence of changes in state.  Stories serve as search algorithms so that we may seek to seek or avoid opportunities for gain or loss.

All stories consist of Outcomes:
|LESSON| Positive (Happy Ending) > Negative (Unhappy Ending) > or Tragedy (Catastrophic Ending)

And, all stories contain Changes in State:
|CHANGE IN STATE| Rise, or Fall > Rise-Fall, or Fall-Rise > Rise-Fall-Rise, or Fall-Rise-Fall; 
… or some combination. With the most common being Rise-Fall-Rise (Cinderella), Fall-Rise-Fall (Oedipus), Fall-Rise-Fall-Rise (Rescue), and Rise-Fall-Rise-Fall (Tragic Cinderella): all which, being common, are warnings against hubris.

And, all stories follow a Plot (Fix Problem, Satisfy A Want, Caution against Hubris)
|PLOT| Rebirth > Rags to Riches > Quest (And Return) > Overcoming an Evil  > Tragedy > Comedy;
Although a full survey of the plots would expand this list in to the twenties or thirties depending upon the level of detail, that list is not infinite.

And, all Characters reflect a Stage of Life:
|STAGE| The Innocent(Child) > the Commoner(Youth) > The Hero (Adult) > The Saint (Sage)

And, all Characters apply a Strategy (Archetype):
|CHARACTER| Jester (Play/Intuition/Child) > Magician (Action/Cunning/Youth) > Ruler (Power/Authority/Father) > Sage (Truth/Wisdom/Mother)

And an InGroup Organization:
|ORGANIZATION| The Herd (Feminine) > The Market (Ascendant Male Pack) > The Hierarchy (The Dominant Male Army) > The Anarchist (The Solitary Hunter)

And a Group Morality as Competitive Strategy against Other Groups:
|MORAL BIAS| Charity (Feminine/Hindu/Buddhist) > Reciprocity (Christian /Libertarian /Anglo-Scandinavian /Japanese-Korean ) > Rule (Authoritarian /French /Chinese /Russian) > Parasitism (Gypsies) > Predation (Judaism-Poly-Ethicalism) > Destruction (Islam – Eternal Conquest).

And all Environments a Relationship between mankind and Nature:
|METAPHYSICS| Submissive (Feminine, Religion, Submission, Herd, Equality) > Harmony (Balanced, Philosophy, Agreement, Proportionality)  > Dominance (Male, Law, Limits, Hierarchy).

And all Fictional Worlds Permit a Hyperbole for the purpose of simplifying illustration:
|HYPERBOLE| The Unknown: Magic/Technology(Real,Amazing, Fairy Tales) >The Past: Surreal/Supernormal(Ideal, Mythical,Legends) > The Eternal: Occult/Supernatural (Mystical, The Dead, Religion)

And a position on Truth:
|TRUTH| Truth No Matter What > Truth To the Limit of Harm > Cunning to Avoid The Truth >  Deception and Cunning as Heroic.

( … )

Therefore ‘What debts do you want to generate in a population such that they persist in paying them?’

There is nothing special about religion. If we look at the hierarchy of choice:

|REACTION| Physical Response (Automatic) > Emotional Response (intuition) > Rational Response(reason) > Calculated Response (calculation) > Computed Response (Computation) > Market-Calculated Response (Markets divide labor of  reason, calculation, and computation in a network);

… then EACH ONE OF THOSE STEPS allows for increase in precision in the EXISTENCE of knowledge, and GRACEFUL FAILURE in the ABSENCE of knowledge.

This hierarchy means that at about every Standard Deviation (15 points) in human mental (cognitive) ability, (75->150 IQ) there exists a grammar of decision making (methodology or set of algorithms)  from the base animal instinct up to the most skilled professional, that we can use from when we have very little knowledge and ability to when we have very much knowledge and ability.





Humans are very simple creatures. It’s the lies we tell ourselves that confuse us, and keep us mere animals, responding by intuition and automatic reaction, rather than possessed of agency and welding reason, calculation, computation, and markets, such that we evolve into the gods we imagine.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

Harman on Abandoning Hope for Western Women, And Resorting to Self Defense.

By Ely Harman

At this point, I officially no longer care even about legitimate victims of rape or victims of legitimate rape or whatever you want to call them.

Too many of them, in a blind, senseless, rage, mean to make ME a victim of a suffocating and overzealous matriarchy that won’t even address, but will simply compound, their own troubles.

For an example, look at those shrieking harpies who cornered Jeff Flake in that elevator. Ok, maybe you were raped? What does that have to do with Kavanaugh? Sure, the guy is a stud. But he can’t be responsible for ALL the raping. Screaming at Jeff Flake about Brett Kavanaugh is a total non sequitur and attempted miscarriage of justice motivated not by reason or even self-interest, but by vengeful hysterics. And Jeff Flake knuckling under, even just a little bit, makes him a weak and spineless cuck in exact proportion as he lends credence to their infantile tantrums. Furthermore, wasting the moral and emotional weight of their experiences on naked partisan hackery devalues OTHER real victims, and makes it less likely they’ll ever see justice in their own cases.

But that last is a moot point, because assuming that institutions have any business preventing or redressing the emotional anguish of women supposes that there was ever any hope of incorporating them into masculine societies on an equal footing, with rights, responsibilities, and all that other jazz, same as men. But all we’re doing now, all day, every day, is proving that hope was always foolish and vain.

I don’t want institutions to protect women at all, because I don’t want them to listen to women at all, and I don’t want their officers to care about women at all, because women will simply try to take advantage of that in silly and self-defeating ways.

I want institutions and their officers to protect me and my sons. And as for my daughters, me and my sons can do our best to protect them… But I will not sacrifice my sons for my daughters, or anyone else’s, because it’s simply not worth it. It’s not like they’d provide anything worthwhile in return, but only far LESS of what worth they CAN provide under a vigorous patriarchy that disregard their wishes (or demands) totally.

Legitimate Bounds

by William L. Benge .

So then boundaries defining internality vs externality in our case are not any sort of artificial “cultural construct” but derive from actual tests which transpired and were recorded over a very long period of time, and thus gradually formed into the official unique history belonging only to our group, with it’s special peculiar narrative and body of legal and moral precedents which also systematically evolved into wise, time-tested, sensible norms.

What we now observe in modernity, however, is disruption and interference with this consumption, via confusion and noise created (and designed with malice) to interrupt/ prevent/ hinder our enjoyment of these benefits and for nefarious ends. For theft. Cultural, habitual theft.

The lessers covet our more? O definitely.

The boundaries we refer to or hint at/ suggest are not in any way illegitimate, artificial but the opposite. As a concept, these delineations we speak of are immutable.

Therefore, anyone offending them must know they do so at a price.

Select September Quotes

—“The main problem of western civilization is humanism (automatic attribution of human traits to inhuman people).”— Günther Shroomacher

—“Eugenics, in the vernacular, often equates to needless discretionary euthanasia. Eugenics via negativa would consist of eliminating and preventing dysgenic policies and practices i.e. the welfare state etc. Eugenics via negativa is eugenic by not practicing dysgenics. — Bill Joslin‎

—“No society is rich enough to artificially prop up a nation indefinitely via education or instruction. A high IQ just makes it cheaper.”— Lisa Outhwaite

—“Hierarchy (A Pack) requires only that you seek your position. There is no fear of exclusion, only change in position. Equality (A Herd) has no position so one is either in and conforming our out for not. This is the origin of male(conservative) female (liberal) minds, and their cognitive, moral, and political biases.”— CD

—“Packs survive by fighting together and protecting each other, regardless of position in the hierarchy. Herds survive by fleeing and leaving the weak behind.”— Andy Lunn

—“The rothbardian argument originated in a bias to favor the concentration of savings for the purpose of redeployment as usury over the utility of credit. (yes, really, that’s the reason)”— CD

—“Politics boils down to generation of demand in response to intuitions of genetic self-interest. Why? IDEOLOGICAL explanatory power is less explanatory than BIOLOGICAL explanatory power.”—Butch Leghorn

—“The internet is revealing TRUTH in a way that humanity has never before seen, and the effects will change us as a species.”—Noah J Revoy

—“Find the sacred, and you’ll likely find ignorance. For the sacred is that which we hold above criticism, thus removing our best means of education.”—Skye Stewart

—“10,000 hours and all that. Novelty is exploration. Repetition is refinement.”—Ely Harman

—“Novelty seeking is the preoccupation of those who lack the ability to master.”—Noah J Revoy


Is Libertarianism A Failed Property Management Business Model?

by Dax Rayner

—“Libertarianism is simply marxism for the commons instead of marxism for private property.” —Curt Doolittle…/libertarian-pretense-of-payi…/

I’ve been thinking a lot about this statement the past few months and I see it more and more every day now that I’m paying attention to it, every time I’m in a libertarian thread or discussion.

Coming from a libertarian-ish/Ayn Randian worldview myself for much of my life, I began to really heavily question libertarianism the past few years. Anyone who’s known me for awhile can probably tell my positions have shifted quite a bit on many things. It just became glaringly obvious to me that there were a lot of holes and discrepancies between libertarian theories and what we see happening in the real world. I know many others have felt the same way.

I’ve just started scratching the surface of propertarianism as defined by the Propertarian Institute but so far it has given me incredible clarity on the problems I was seeing before with libertarianism that I lacked the operational language to describe.

Simply put: It seems the core problem of libertarianism can be boiled down to mismanagement of the commons, and that is why marxism has run rampant through the education system, pop culture and liberal establishments.

The irony here is that when libertarians talk about the tragedy of the commons it seems they have actually misinterpreted what that means and the REAL tragedy of the commons, at least in the modern West, is an inversion of their analysis. The solutions they propose are not only incorrect but simply not possible. Many libertarians seem to misunderstand or miscategorize what the commons is or in some cases, deny that it even exists at all.

There’s a lot of things that made me begin challenging libertarianism from borders to foreign policy to trade but ultimately what really pushed me over the edge was libertarianism’s complete ineptness and total impotence at countering the societal cancer of social justice warriorism and marxist feminism.

Not only has libertarianism been an abysmal failure at using individualism to effectively thwart leftist authoritarians and SJWs, but in many ways it’s directly contributed to the problem and is even actively working to suppress real solutions to the problem.

I believe this comes down to, again, mismanagement of the commons, as well as gaping holes in the NAP which I’ve seen for a long time, but furthermore an incomplete understanding of what property actually is and inadequate property norms, which I didn’t begin to understand until coming across propertarianism.

If you owned a 30 unit apartment complex and you hired a property management company to take care of it and they allowed the place to turn into a complete dump, with people crapping all over sidewalks, throwing trash on the lawn, etc would you continue to work with that property management company?

That’s basically what libertarianism has given us.

Luke Weinhagen also said it well:

“The way it hit me was that libertarianism survives/exists by miscategorizing relations. Specifically libertarians interpret commons(cooperation) as commons(conflict) and use property rights(IVP) to attempt to resolve that conflict. In doing so they justify libertarianism’s parasitism of the commons(that can only be generated via cooperation) as defense and that justification requires it not suppress any parasitism of the commons(cooperation) as this would self destruct the ideology.”

I’m writing a 4 Part series on this that I’m putting on to elaborate my thoughts on it. I’m still an amateur when it comes to political science and legal theory but having started, run and sold numerous companies in the digital publishing world over the last decade and a half I’ve dealt with my share of intellectual property issues, so I’m writing from that perspective in addition to my other research. I know this has been a particular sore spot for many other internet marketers as well. Just based on my own personal experience and observations, I would say a loose form of libertarianism is kind of the default political philosophy for a good amount of people in the sales and marketing world I come from. It just naturally appeals to our independent entreprenur/anti-corporate personality. But I think if a lot of people looked into it more they may find the propertarian definitions of property to be much more all encompassing, useful and applicable to the real world, as I have.

Propertarianism has added a whole new dimension of understanding for me when it comes to asset classes, brand protection, diversification & portfolio management.

If you’re a business owner or individual who’s using the ideology and school of libertarianism/AnCapism as your property management company, I might encourage you to consider reevaluating your relationship with them.

They may not be caretaking your family’s future, your community, your assets and your retirement as well as you’ve been led to think.










The Problem with Egalitarian Universal Franchise and Some Other Political Ideals

Ely Harman
September 30 at 5:41 PM

In any actually existing system there is going to be some unequal but non unitary distribution of *actual* power (strength, weapons, numbers, resources, wealth, charisma, influence, etc…)

So I just think it’s best if the *procedural* distribution of power (voting protocols or whatever) matches that as closely as possible.

If your civic religion says we’re all equal and our votes count the same, or we’re all subordinate to an absolute and unquestionable führer, neither of those things is that close to being true, and so there will be huge incentives for someone with the ability, to disrupt, upset, ignore or overthrow the established procedures and institute ones more beneficial to them.

It’s fundamentally unstable to structure institutions around false articles of faith or sacred cows. In exact proportion to their falsehood; It’s merely an invitation for chaos…

Joslin on Parasitism, Immorality, Predation

by Bill Joslin
Repost from October 1, 2017 ·
Re: parasitism, immorality, predation etc…

First thing to get is that predation, parasitism and cooperation are all natural consequences of the same natural phenomena – life must seek asymmetrical benefit to survive.

From there – cooperation because it multiplies agency through aligning agents, opposed to predation and parasitism which reduces net agency, provides the only strategy (application of natural phenomena) which has an unlimited time horizon.

Predation ends when the prey have been consumed – the more successful the predator the more likely the prey supply is reduced to zero; the more successful the parasite the more degradation of the hosts health.

Predation and parasitism cap their success – their success increases their limits to success. Cooperation, however, when success increases, limits decrease.

When we extend the interpersonal strategy (cooperation) to our pool of resources (environment- including social=material, intellectual) our extraction of asymmetrical benefits increases the health of the pool of resources (stewardship) woof.

Like I Said, Its Genetic.

via Carl Onni

“Finally, a relation between pride, testosterone, and the willingness to engage in “cheap” behavior also fits the observation that the five inmates with the lowest testosterone levels in a sample of 87 female prison inmates were characterized as “sneaky” and “treacherous” by prison staff members”

Dabbs J, Hargrove M (1997) Age, testosterone, and behavior among female prison inmates. Psychosom Med 59: 477–480.
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—“Q: Revolution: What about the effect on the global hegemony?”—

—“If your goals are realized in the US, what (do you believe) would be the effect on global hegemony? Is this speculation worthwhile?”—

Yest the speculation is worthwhile because external effect is part of the desired outcome.

Lets assume one of four initial reactions:

1 – External actors will become more confident in world affairs and more critical of US activity in the world.
2 – external actors will support the activity of activists
3 – external actors will seize opportunities for political expansion of influence.
4 – external actors will seize opportunities for military expansion of influence.

The degree of change in the world will be dependent upon those actions and the outcome of a revolutionary change:

1 – acquiescence by the state and restoration of the powers of the states.
2 – continuing declining low level civil warfare and related economic decline
3 – a significant uprising that forces the military to enact martial law .
4 – a significant uprising that forces the military to call troops from abroad to american soil.

By and large the balance of powers will be restored,and either way america will return to a domestic rather than imperial power.

Since everyone KNOWS this, particularly the upper levels of the military, the objective (my objective) is to make revolutionary outcome so certain that the government merely meets our demands for devolution to the states.

It is pretty hard to object to my proposal other than out of job defense or collusion with the world’s (((globalist))) movement.

We will own the blue water navy for a long time to come. We will lose and want to lose our responsibility for defending europe. That will force germany and russia to work together and end our conflict.

China much like russia operates entirely for its domestic market. The usa operates for its globalist market. we just need to restore the balance of powers and then we can all focus on the only remaining enemy to the world: judaism-islam.

The Law

(important piece, core)

1) Judges are forced to adjudicate between customary law, regulation, and legislation during a period of rapid social, economic, and political upheaval. In science for example, there is no temporal pressure to decide. In conflict there is temporal pressure to decide. The state has taken on the monopoly of the application of violence, and created a monopoly method of dispute resolution (courts), and created a monopoly body by which to adjudicate such conflicts (law, legislation, and regulation.)

2) There exists only one universal law of human cooperation. We call that law ‘natural law’. That natural law consists in reciprocity. Reciprocity requires satisfaction of the criteria (a) fully informed, (b) productive, (c) warrantied, (d) voluntary transfer, (d) free of imposition of costs upon the interests of others by externality. One can obtain an interest by bearing a cost (performing an improvement) for the purpose of obtaining an interest; and one can have no interest until one has born a cost to obtain such an interest.

3) This one law (reciprocity) provides decidability independent of opinion, preference, custom, or presumption of good, and is the reason international law is governed by reciprocity it is the only rule that provides reciprocal (equal) incentive against retaliation for the imposition of costs upon one another. Law evolved, from the first record, to the present, for the purpose of preserving the volume, velocity, and returns on cooperation, and preventing cooperation’s opposite: retaliation cycles that throughout history have produced the deleterious effects of feuds.

4) Customary Law (especially germanic, if not all european) consists of the discovery and accumulation of applications of this law of reciprocity that we call Tort law. Legislation (command) and regulation (prior constraint) have been given the FORCE of LAW by those whose profit interest – either the population (preservation of returns on cooperation) or the territorial rulers (returns from taxation).

5) The primary function of RULE has been the preservation of cooperation by use of organized violence to suppress impositions of costs upon the investments of others. This is the role of insurer of last resort of Personal Interests.

6) The primary function of GOVERNMENT has been the construction of commons and the extraordinary returns produced by commons, while insuring those commons from privatization of commons, socialization of losses into the commons, by the organized use of violence. This is the role of insurer of last resort of the Commons.

7) The primary function of the STATE, particularly with the advent of paper currency, and now fiat (unbacked) currency (our money consists of nothing but shares in the economy) has increasingly evolved to function as the insurer of last resort against the Hazards of the vicissitudes of nature (disasters, tragedies, accidents, disability, health, old age, and even war).

8) Rights can only exist (a) by reciprocal exchange of the same obligation, and (b) when insured by a third party with sufficient organized violence to insure and reinforce them. Otherwise they are not rights but impositions by means of command. It is correct to say we create a market ‘demand’ natural rights, and we create a market demand for human rights, but those rights do not exist until we organize sufficient violence into roles and institutions to insure those rights: police, sheriffs, soldiery, and judges.

9) Human rights consist of AMBITIONS that we demand from the Governments of States in order to tolerate their retention of a monopoly of control over a territory. They exist as a postwar attempt to constraint governments to improving their territory, people, and assets by market means, without imposition upon their neighbors. Such rights, likewise, do not exist. But are merely an ambition.

10) The universal declaration of human rights contains a few provisions that were necessary to obtain the signatures of the then-communist states, that asserted positive rights (obligations to provide for one another without constraint on the reproduction that exhausts the ability to provide for others, and therefore results in the gradual dysgenic decline as we reverse thousands of years of upward redistribution of reproduction back down to the underclasses who are not able to produce sufficient market goods and services to exist without harming the reproduction of the middle and upper classes.) [note: we have reversed the flynn effect and have, even in china, been losing a third of a point of intelligence over a fairly short number of years. The productivity of a people is reducible to the median of the population’s cost of education and training, such that every point below what is today’s 105 and tomorrow’s 110 places an intolerable burden upon the rest of the polity.]

8) Our American constitution persisted the anglo saxon, germanic, proto-germanic (and possibly proto-indo-european) law of sovereign men limited to acts of reciprocity, and licensed the government to act in their interests to preserve their sovereignty (the original text being ‘life, liberty, property’). Unfortunately at the time the techniques of formal logic, strict constriction from first principles, were not known. We are no longer limited, and there is no reason any and every law cannot be constructed formally from the natural law of reciprocity, producing a complete, consistent, and easily falsifiable body of adjudicatable law. There is no reason any and every act of legislation, and any and every act of regulation, cannot be so constructed. The principle difference under such formal construction is that the one law, discovered application of the one law, regulation to limit hazards of those actions not open to restitution, and CONTRACTS for the production of commons would be consistent, and as such the government could only issue contracts under law, not edicts above that law. (This would destroy the left’s ability to usurp power by democratic means).

9) The uniqueness of western civilization is reducible to (a) a militia that constitutes the shareholders, (b) individual sovereignty of shareholders, (c) the demand for truth, duty, and reciprocity from one another in mutual insurance of our sovereignty. (d) And sovereignty results in the necessity of markets for association, cooperation, reproduction, production, commons, and polities. (e) such markets, adjudicated by the law of tort, adapt to change faster than all other methods of human organization. (f) it is this rapidity of adaptation and resulting insulation from corruption and rent seeking that made the west develop faster than the rest in both the ancient world and the modern, with the Abrahamic Dark Age of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim attacks on the great civilizations, providing the only hindrance. Once north sea trade was reestablished, the saxon commercial order constructed in europe, and the atlantic opened to the age of sail, the west was finally, by the age of napoleon, able to return to Roman levels of institutional sophistication, and universal imposition of law. [note that the west had fertile lands and forests but no flood river valleys to concentrate production, concentrate people, and develop taxation. So while the ancient world could form armies by taxation, western people had to form militias that relied on advanced (at the time) technology that required whole families to pay for. These militias (cattle raiders, sea peoples, vikings, pirates, european explorers ) organized expeditions (raids) but did so voluntarily. There was no other means of organizing other than contract. It was this order that led to our law, our debate, our reason, and from there our science and technology. Western excellence is due to our law – which elsewhere is not contract but command.

10) The progressives lie to mask what is merely theft – they rely on postmodernism (lying by sophistry), and they rely on marxism (pseudoscience) as well as freudian and boazian pseudoscience. So yes, the Progressives (socialists) lie, but the Conservatives (Aristocratics) cannot tell the truth: The truth is quite simple: the reason for the success of western and eastern civilization, and most obviously the ashkenazim, is the upward redistribution of reproduction, and the use of manorialism, taxation, and the vicissitudes of nature to limit the reproduction of the underclass until such point that surpluses are sufficient to continually increase the standard of living through continuous market competition and innovation. Man was not oppressed. The man self domesticated through the same process he used for plants and animals: breeding the best and culling the rest. This is the dirty secret of civilizations.

11) Sovereignty, Truth, Duty, and Reciprocity produce markets, and markets are eugenic. They are just a peaceful form of eugenics rather than war, enslavement, enserfment. By use of Sovereignty, Truth, Duty, Reciprocity, and Markets western man in the ancient world, and in the modern, dragged humanity kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, infant mortality, early death,

12) The chinese are not so inhibited as we are. they do not care about markets other than in their ability to preserve their racially homogenous polity, and return themselves to position of world power to do so. They are actively researching methods of direct improvement while event their one child policy did not help the ongoing decline in the distribution of intelligence. We are doing the opposite, which is undermining the very reason for our evolutionary success, ad the means by which we dragged mankind out of darkness, and we are doing it through immigration of those very peoples who we have spent thousands of years eliminating from our polities. As far as I know anglicans and ashkenazim remain at parity, but the anglos otherwise have lost a full standard deviation or more since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Even the Norwegians are in distributional decline.

13) The most profitable action any polity can take is to institutionalize benevolent eugenics, and that is to pay the underclasses not to reproduce, and to limit all immigration to skilled professionals, and to push the young and old into the labor force in the less demanding occupations. This is the lesson of our experiment with universal democracy and marxist-postmodernist globalism: dramatic reversal of centuries of civic improvement. At present only the east asians are willing to pay the costs of retaining their accumulated achievements. The eugenicists were right and in retrospect it appears that the Boas, Marx, Freud, Frankfurt, and French Postmodern movements were but reactions against Darwin, Maxwell, Menger, Spencer, and Nietzsche. And the entire postwar period has been nothing but a pseudoscientific and pseudo-rational attack on western civilization – an effort to repeat the destruction of the civilizations of the ancient world by the same means – false promises. This time with pseudoscience and pseudo-rational sophisms using the major media instead of supernatural sophisms using roman roads and greek writing.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

The Plan

People will rally around a plan that includes sufficient incentives, and sufficient detail, that they can themselves operate without relying upon desperation and luck.

A Moral License. (you have one)
A Set of Demands
A Plan of transition
A Means of altering the status quo
An Opportunity
it will come this year I think.

—“Q: When the world ends, … “—

—“When the world ends, do you think it’s gonna look like a lush paradise as God promised, or look like the planet is beyond ravaged?”—

There are no gods, they are mere fictions men invented so that we can lie to ourselves about being a transitory life form that must struggle to survive, and use the comfort of that lie to manipulate people politically rather than educate them so that they can act rationally to improve their condition, or welcome the end to their discomfort.

The planet will turn to ash first because the sun will expand.

The planet will be destroyed and absorbed by the sun after it expands.

The sun will collapse and take everything with it at the end of its life.

We are in adulthood of our star and do not have unlimited time to get off the planet.

Programming is a New Way of Thinking – and you need it.

IMO: Programming will help you think linguistically better than all other forms of reasoning combined, other than physics. Once you have physics and programming you have a formal logic of thinking about the real world and the verbal world. Once you have a BASIC understanding of economics as just ‘delayed’ physics (equilibrium), then you have the world at your feet.

Programming, as Minsky said, was A NEW WAY OF THINKING for mankind. It is not mathematical thinking or language thinking as much as scientific thinking.

1 – Reasoning (unconstrained) -Associations

2 – Logical Thinking (constrained, non operationally constrained) – Sets – Consistency, Non Contradiction

3 – Operational Thinking (constrained, operationally constrained) – Operations – Operational Possibility.

Operationalism: The absence of inference, and all the negative consequences of it.

The Error of Extending the Franchise

(NOTE: Banned on Facebook for this post)

Women are wonderful, and superior at the same things men are not. The problem was extending the franchise without producing a market for differences between the genders in the production of commons.

We created houses for the aristocracy(monarchy), nobility(lords), middle class (commons). But when we added labor (labor), and then added women(women), we did not add houses for them, and thereby failed to grasp what we had done: created a market for the production of commons between the classes that prohibited the abuse by any in gaining majority.

The problem was, that people become increasingly incompetent in matters of the day as their responsibilities decline.

So without requirements for children and property it is almost impossible to create a civil discourse and market between the classes – since the people in the market for commons must demonstrate prior ability to succeed in markets of voluntary cooperation.

All Stereotypes Are True

Men do not cheat to ‘trade up’ so much as satisfy the need, which is not much different (any really) from drug addiction. Women cheat to see if they can trade up, and are willing to trade up (for financial reasons). Women are likely to forgive for financial reasons whether they love or not. Men are more likely to forgive because they love their wives (and loyalty) women are less likely to forgive because they are less likely to love their husbands (devotion), since their devotion almost entirely to their kids. (Really).

German Immigrants to the USA

—The Germans who came to America mostly came from the northern parts. And various studies indicate that just as Germany is a genetically diverse nation by European standards so there are significant IQ differentials by regions. Generally speaking, the south is cleverer than the north.”—Anatoly Karlin

In response to the question of why German Americans have a slightly lower IQ than other groups.

(And why they don’t fight in the military.)

British vs American Legal Systems

I think the open question is between the british model of professional litigators of the court, and professional advocates for the individual, and the american model without the intermediary position.

It is much harder to ‘pull bullshit’ in court in the british model. It is much easier to ‘pull bullshit’ in legislation in the british model. I am not yet sure if the house of lords is superior to the supreme court or not, but there is good reason to think it might be. Or, that the lords AND a supreme court would be superior to either condition.

American constitution is better given the fact that our founding documents (declaration, constitution, bill of rights) are written, and consistent, if not as consistent as we could make them today – and aside from the fact that one requires all three documents to make sense of the constitution or the bill of rights because the natural law of reciprocity is not stated, and instead states men are equal rather than must be equal for the law of reciprocity (natural law) to fulfill its purpose of harmony.

Conversely, the american model is far more common law (meaning permissive – less regulation) than the british model (meaning impermissive – more regulation).

So this means that while americans have a superior juridical presumption (optimistic leading to more innovation, but more court disputes to resolve) while the british have less litigation to resolve because of higher regulation. I think the impact on the cultures is vast and the regulation culture in the uk has led to the feminization of the british male in less than eighty years.

The optimum is probably the mixture of the two systems, with near zero regulation in america, and adding the intermediary between the lawyer and the court so that less nonsense occurs in court.

It can be embarrassing to listen to young lawyers speak for their clients in court, rather than tell them “there is no fking way this is gonna fly so I won’t take your money”.

Words Do Hurt.

—“Women know that words hurt. Notice how they are always quarrelling among themselves. Sometimes these feuds last decades. Sometimes they try to torment those they hate by seemingly ignoring them.

Woke men know that words hurt. This is why it is necessary for men to punish all forms of gossiping, rallying, shaming, passive aggression and spite.

Saying that words don’t break bones is simply lies. The correct way to put it is that words are a cheaper and readily available means of aggression.”— Den Tsatsu (Teacher Ayelam Agaliba)

Spirituality? Neural Economy at Work

The reason you want your myth, cult, occult, is to reduce the cost of comprehending and compromising with others to obtain what’s in your genetic self interest. It’s nothing more than neural economy at work. Everyone wants a different myth, cult, and occult, other than the bottom, since it is only the bottom that has commonality – a commonality of demand for parasitism.

Dylan Thomas’ Bias Toward Postmodernism and Authoritarianism

Yes on content, no on criticism. Demand for monopoly of positiva is different from necessity of monopoly of negativa. Make up whatever fairy stories incels desire. There is only one truth, and it is falsehood, and everything else is simply preference that expresses one’s reproductive interests.


—“It’s the problem of squishy definitions like “liberalism” opposed to clear operational definitions.  Propertarianism, essentially, combines nomocracy and property, where by law is decided by calculating exchanges of demonstrated property (en toto). All the nuances and details boils down to different configurations (and preferences) in which one applies this basic fundamental notion.” — Bill Joslin 

—“It’s not a matter of “don’t have spiritual values.” We ALL have them. Trying to eradicate spiritual values is most likely a vain and pointless ambition.

The issues are:

1) It’s not always possible to meaningfully communicate spiritual values that aren’t already shared. And even when it is, it’s usually not possible to reach any sort of agreement.

2) It’s very hard to check, correct, adjust, or update spiritual values that are wrong, bad, unsuitable, or out of date.

Which is why maybe you might WANT a few autists around profaning the sacred with unnaturally precise and complete language.

Otherwise your faulty spiritual values have no way to die, when they inevitably must, but to die with you…”—Ely Harman 

—“The IQs of racial groups in the United States, including East Asians … includes data from the NAEP, TIMSS, PISA, ACT and IQ tests, that puts the East Asians in the US at 103.3 to the US Whites 100. And the East Asians do relatively worse on verbal tests than on mathematical tests in every single test in every single year.”—

It’s just math but math is more valuable in many careers.

Nationalism and Male Genetic Interest

—“A theory I hadn’t thought of before, but makes sense… What if Nationalism is a biological side effect of the unfulfilled need/drive for human males to mate/marry/domesticate. After all, most immigrants are male, of breeding age, and most nationalists are also males of breeding age. Both groups are in competition for native women who have mostly rejected the idea of mating/marriage making a limited social commodity even more rare. Thoughts?”— Anne Summers

Well, if you just said nationalism is the male (pack) reproductive strategy and universalism is the female (herd) reproductive strategy then that would be the most reductive method of expressing the truth. And that nationalism in the current case is yes an instance of the male reproductive strategy.

There Is No Reason to Complicate Things; Emergence Is Complicated Enough

by Brandon Hayes

Everybody knows Occam’s Razor; when you take that razor to human behavior and cut it in half, this is what emerges: Packs and Herds.

Packs [masculine, thinking bias, eugenic (selects for specialty)]
“Acceptance to a pack requires contribution; you’re good only for your value.”

Herds [feminine, feeling bias, dysgenic (selects for conformity)]
“Acceptance to a herd requires only blending in; you’re good only for camouflage.”

No more NAXALT arguments; we all know, not all X are like that! But, you don’t get to boil-down a trend to a single data point and use that datum to disprove said trend; that’s called lying. This means stereotypes are accurate, as they with-stand the market of ideas, and behavioral evidence (data) to counter the stereotypical outcomes isn’t mounting.

This shouldn’t upset anyone. Having a bare-bones (a skeleton) framework like this is incredible. The insights that can come from proper frameworks can’t be overstated.

*h/t Curt Doolittle as there aren’t any others (that I know of AND I look, hard [link educators below if you have suggestions]) that produce as much intellectual output publicly; and I see no others fostering as much intelligent debate or facilitating as much actual learning as he. [Arguably Jordan Peterson, but Peterson has been slow to move his ideas forward; Maps of Meaning still being his under-rated masterwork and still being explained {This Pack/Herd split can be gleaned from that work as well as Erich Neumann’s:The Origins and History of Consciousness} but it’s not made explicit; the work meshes nicely together.]

Curt has also closed holes in personality by concretizing the mapping onto brain structure/function:…/human-brain-regions-functions/

“We ought not destroy competing packs to benefit the herds. Herds can’t respond efficiently to rapidly changing environments; what you get instead of problem solving is panic.

Panic among animals shortens their time horizons (they make quicker decisions less thought through) for shorter term gains. This mistake accumulates until the day of reckoning comes about. The day all of your “not planning for the future” comes back to haunt you.

Strong feelings are not the equivalent to being correct. There isn’t a feel good substitute for truth; no matter how much we’d like there to be!”

I abhor virtue signaling; scoring cheap points offends my being; life isn’t a game (although easier if framed as such). The best version of everyone else makes a better world for ME! I am acting in my self-interest. I have been PM’d many times (warning of my offences) and blocked many more; this is good, I prefer to know where people stand; because many are standing on intellectual IEDs (emotional explosion is right under the surface). I intentionally use Facebook to incite (there’s an insight joke in there I’m sure). Invite ALL people to the table [humans do some of there deepest bonding over food {and information is meta-food}] and share with them.

It’s Time to Choose Our Future


The female of our species, or more correctly, the female mind in our species, is extremely susceptible to individual psychosis and solipsism, and even more so, herd panic, trend and consensus; and verbalizing those behaviors by drama, outburst, disapproval, shaming, ridicule, rallying, gossiping, and reputation destruction that never ceases.

This is the reason why women’s testimony has been discounted throughout history; why the cancer of abrahamism was spread through women; why women defected against their men and their civilization yet again, to feminism-postmodernism; and why there are continuous calls for “women must be heard”; and then, not surprisingly, counter-to-all-evidence that “women must be believed”. The female lacks the degree of male agency because she is more dependent upon the panic of herd than the hunting of the pack.

It is rather obvious that once given the franchise under the presumption of agency, that women took out their anger on the church in europe, and on men in america. It’s rather obvious that as much as marxism was designed to appeal to and rally men at the bottom, that feminism and postmodernism were designed to appeal to and rally women as was christianity. It is rather obvious that women’s urge to nest and preen are more easily manipulated by advertising marketing and media.

But Truth is Truth. The feminine mind lacks agency regardless of the sex of its bearer. And we cannot both preserve our civilization which is the originator of truth, reason, science, and all that comes from it by once again submitting to the herd of the female in this modern era as we did in the ancient.

“Herd Panic”, and “herd consensus”, as well as the series solipsism, psychosis, and disapproval, shaming, ridicule, outburst, rallying gossiping and reputation destruction as a means of obscuring the truth due to lack of agency and fear of falling out of sync with the herd, must become part of our conscious vocabulary and argument such that we bring the distinction between lack of agency, falsehood and fear, versus agency, truth and reason.

Lacking agency means you are not yet human and therefore not worthy of or capable of reciprocity any more than is a child – but require parenting.

It is truth that in modernity we have greater prosperity and as such greater ability to absorb the damage of the feminine mind than in the past. But that reservoir is not limitless.

That same prosperity however does leave us a choice: we can oppress one another, or we can revolt and separate, and develop feminine (failing) dysgenic orders and return to the animals and another dark age, or masculine competitive eugenic orders, that will continue our transcendence.

It’s time to choose which of those consequences we will pursue.

The Moral Foundations by Gender Bias (M vs F)


The Moral Foundations by Gender Bias (M vs F)

1) (M) Negative Freedom (Liberty) vs (F) Positive Freedom

2) (M) Reciprocity (Fairness) vs (F) Proportionality(Equality): rendering justice according to shared rules; opposite of cheating

3) (M) Defense (Negative) vs (F) Care (Positive): cherishing and protecting others; opposite of harm

4) (M) Loyalty vs (F) Devotion(Ingroup): standing with your family, group, nation; opposite of betrayal.

5) (M) Authority vs (F) Respect: submitting to tradition and legitimate authority; opposite of subversion

6) (M) Sanctity vs (F) Purity: abhorrence for disgusting things, foods, actions; opposite of degradation.
(M) Absorb Cellular Damage. (F) Limit Cellular Damage

Differences Are in Cognitive Load


—“there are no differences between Blacks and Whites on four of the seven personality constructs. Blacks are slightly more extroverted and emotionally stable, and Whites are slightly more agreeable. … (but) differences in the Big 5 are moderated by the cognitive loading of the personality scales.”— Tate and McDaniel [1]

The Economics of White Privilege

by Eli Harman

Critics note that white privilege is unearned & conclude that it is therefore undeserved. But I have to pay for my white privilege, when it is extended to me, by not abusing it. E.g. if I’m not followed around by security, I’m being given an opportunity to steal.

To maintain my white privilege of not being followed by security, for myself and others, I have to pay the *opportunity cost* of foregoing opportunities to steal. Evidence suggests that enough white people are willing to pay for this privilege, in this way, to maintain it.

Some groups aren’t willing to forego opportunities to steal reliably enough to make the privilege of not being followed around by security worth giving them. By whining about white people getting this privilege (saying it’s unfair) they’re trying to obtain it at a discount.

The demand is basically that whites conduct all business and interactions with non-whites on ingroup terms. But this is not worthwhile if they are not ingroup, and won’t treat us as ingroup, by the standards we demand of ingroup members. It’s a parasitic demand.

The only other way to be uniform and “fair” (as these parasites define fairness) would be to conduct business & interactions w/*everyone* (even fellow whites) on low trust, out-group terms (have security follow everyone) but this is not optimal. It’s costlier for ingroup members.

I didn’t “earn” my white privilege. But I do pay for it, every time I am extended it and don’t abuse it, such as when I am not followed by security and nevertheless refrain from stealing. Payment of those *opportunity costs* is what maintain that privilege for myself and others.

Are all whites trustworthy and all non-whites untrustworthy? Certainly not. But it certainly pays to employ different risk management strategies with different groups, according to the risks, statistically, that they present. Accordingly, different out-groups get different terms.

Asians get better out-group terms in white societies than blacks, & whites get better out-group terms in Asian societies than blacks, even if none get ingroup terms, because whites and Asians are lower risk and higher benefit, relative to blacks. It’s not just ingroup/out-group.

There are 2 kinds of blacks who object to being mistrusted, the untrustworthy, b/c it makes it harder to abuse trust, & the trustworthy, for whom it’s costly & embarrassing to be lumped w/the former. But if we can’t tell the difference, demanding not to be lumped is unreasonable.

There are 3 main, honest, productive, ways to minimize the cost of being associated with an untrustworthy group.

1) Signal, with speech, dress, mannerisms, etc, to distinguish & differentiate yourself.

2) Offer more positive value.

3) Suppress the parasitism of your own group.

Don’t demand ingroup terms from outgroups. It is NEVER worthwhile to extend you those terms, and those demands are always dishonest and parasitic. But by employing the methods above, you can obtain better out-group terms from others for your group.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that ingroups and out-group are generally defined according to kinship because closer kinship makes trust and altruism, the mechanisms of ingroup privilege, evolutionarily self enforcing (they reward and propagate other instances of your genes.)

Conversely, kinship also makes defection, non performance, & irreciprocity (the basic mechanisms of out-group parasitism) evolutionarily unstable & self-punishing (they punish & therefore diminish & handicap other instances of your own genes.) This is why ingroup is kingroup.

A New Constitution of Natural Law

—“Transcendence and Immortality through Excellence, Beauty, Truth, Duty, Reciprocity, and Markets for association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, and polities.”—

—“Revolt, Separate, Specialize, Prosper, Speciate, and Transcend Animal Man.”—



The Conflict of Our Time

reciprocity and hierarchy of the pack vs equality of the herd

The Great Fight Renewed (semitic vs european)

And no man or men may make a choice to favor cult or corporation over kin without act of genocide, culture-cide, civilization-cide for which the only recourse and restitution is retaliation by and of the same.


Our goals are:

  • The incremental evolution of our laws such that we suppress and reverse the institutionalization of the arts of lying that produced the abrahamic dark ages  in the ancient world, and the horrors of communism, socialism, feminism, and postmodernism and their cults in the modern.
  • The equalization of suppression of soft and hard powers of coercion.
  • The extensions of involuntary warranty from goods and services to information and speech.
  • The cessation, reversal, and restitution for  the cumulative rent seeking in all aspects of life;
  • The cessation of organization by the maximization of consumption at the expense of individual, family, nation, the joy of civic life, and the accumulated inheritances from the inventions, labors, and arts of our our ancestors, and restoration of the construction of civic society’s emphasis on commons rather than consumption.
  • The redistribution of coercion, influence, commerce, rights of free association and dissociation, and rights of self determination by the devolution of the federal government into an insurer of last resort, and the restoration of the sovereignty of and alliance of the states;
  • The cessation of the exploitation of the people for purposes of creating and preserving an empire and the state bureaucracy that is counter to the interests of the people.
  • The cessation, reversal, and restitution for the attempt to genocide against our people, our nation, our race; our culture; our government, and our civilization;
  • The restoration of our right to self determination;
  • The restoration of our ancestral rights of sovereignty, and our civilizational strategy of competition and evolution by means of truth, duty, reciprocity, rule of law, markets of voluntary cooperation in all walks of life, and our ability to produce high trust civic commons.


To achieve these goals we submit these truths to a candid world.

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