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Definition of Class: Reproductive Value

(profound) (complete decidability) (objective morality) 

[S]ocial class refers a rough division of humans into a distribution by their reproductive value. There is a competition between the classes, as there is a competition between all living organisms – and there must be for evolution continue and the species to persist. The competition between the classes is dysgenic at the bottom and eugenic at the top. In other words, classes are the result of evolution in action. And the question of whether an action is eugenic or dysgenic provides us with complete moral decidability in the broadest possible ethical and moral questions facing mankind. There are no moral dilemmas.  There are no morally undecidable questions.

It’s just anti-monotheistic, anti-democratic, anti-dysgenic to say so.

But then, I don’t get to say nice things. My job is true things.

Or isn’t that the function of philosophy?


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