This Week’s Aspie Post: The Process Of Maturing Your Mind

Aspies tend to love everyone. The difficulty in empathizing, common rejection, and desire for connection with others makes all successful connections more enjoyable. The hard part to manage comes in three:

1) It’s hard to find relations since listening to others most of their language consists of signals we consider either meaningless, tedious or confusing. So you must learn patience to listen and try to ask about how and why people feel the way they do. Most of us understand spoken emotions. Meanwhile the autistic impulse tries to control you into avoiding exactly what you are trying to accomplish. This is why ssri’s are so effective: they dull the impulse and allow you to practice building the strength of will over the autistic impulse. Social anxiety disorder is controlled by the same means. We must see the autism spectrum as excess in-uterine suppression of the growth of the self. And that we must assist the growth of the self to compensate. We tend to think as engineers today rather than gardeners and foresters. The mind is constructed more like a tree and some artful bonsai may be needed.

2) It is easy to alienate relations via over sharing minutia fascinating to the autistic mind because system-thought provides constant touch stones amidst sensory chaos in socially and emotionally dense environments. So developing self monitoring is necessary and it’s very hard work. Again the problem is severity: some of us are weakly affected and can rely on will. Others more so and require help in training. Others need chemical assistance to suppress the autistic impulse. And some of us lack sufficient self to imagine the very idea of self monitoring – and it is those people that are non functional.

3) Once you mature having not experienced all the “silly” distractions of normal minds, you can gain this sense of superiority that comes with expertise in anything, and you can lose your desire to engage with (boring, dull, stupid) normals. This requires acceptance that only comes with age: normals have different feelings and needs and they usually fail to mature intellectually as far as we do – or rather they stop maturing at much earlier ages. So the only technique I have developed is love. I keep working a problem in my head in order to keep the big black scary machine busy, and I merely enjoy the company of people like a warm bath or sunny day. But what has surprised me is that simple and good people do not engage in as much signaling with false intellectualism. So I prefer the company of common people for my emotional health, and the company of competitive and intellectual people for my mental health.

So how do we socialize? The trick for us is to develop something we can share with others that is interesting. So that we are valuable to the conversation.

My strategy is to seek to help everyone I encounter in some small way. This usually involves getting to know them while looking for some opportunity to assist.

And in that act of inquiry I show interest in others: seeking to understand, not to agree.

That’s my lesson for this week to aspies.


Psychologizing: The Great Pseudoscientific Deceit

[O]nce you learn propertarianism’s basic principles: acquisition, property en toto, inventory, transaction cost, opportunity cost, cooperation, suppression of free riding, reproductive strategy and group evolutionary strategy, and all speech as negotiation for acquisition, you replace totalitarian Freudian psychology and cosmopolitan sociology with universal amoral, unloaded, rational incentives.

And when you do that you see all psychologism get as a vast language of deception and manipulation for encouraging parasitism and consumption.

Humanity like all other creatures exists in the physical universe, and has evolved the means of estimating the future and acting to change it, capturing the difference for his benefit.

The only ‘shame’ is theft. The only oath, not to steal.


The Silver Rule: Cooperation. The Golden Rule: Buying Options On Cooperation


The only ‘shame’ is theft. The only oath, not to lie, cheat, steal or impose harm.

The summary of this ethic is: “Do not unto others as you would not want done unto you.” The anglo saxons were right and the Christians wrong.

The silver rule is necessary for cooperation. The golden rule buys options on future cooperation – but encourages parasitism.

We act upon that which we have acquired without imposition of costs upon that which others have acquired by doing the same.

We act in concert to voluntarily produce common goods and services.

We warranty the truthfulness of our speech by due diligence in the cleansing of error, bias, imagination, wishful thinking, and deceit from our speech.

We insure one another against the imposition of costs by collective suppression of free riding by collective prosecution of those who impose costs upon others.

We invest in the construction of commons for the production of returns, and we deny one another the ability to impose costs upon them.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

The New Right

Kudos, and A Question: “Do You Identify With the Label Alt-Right, or New Right?”

Hi Curt,
I wanted to let you know I discovered you and your work after listening to your appearance on The Right Stuff. Very interesting episode that stands out from the rest. I have never had much interest in libertarianism (I came from a left wing anarchist background) but I find all the material coming out of the propertarian institute to be incredibly lucid, coherent, articulate, and enlightening. I have watched a lot of your videos and read the posts you make and find the arguments you make to be salient in a way that is not typically found in discussions in the alt-right strata, or anywhere else for that matter. I’m curious if you would identify with the label of “alternative or new right” ? — Chris Jones

[T]hanks Chris. You made my day.

And it matters to me a great deal when I get these posts and messages. While in the past year or two I’ve been gaining popularity, and comprehensibility, I worked for many years to develop propertarianism as an amoral scientific language of ethics, morality and politics. And to do it, I worked hard to make enough money that I could afford to do it. And sometimes, when tired, overwhelmed, or subject to passionate criticism I wondered if it was worth it – the cost was my health, my marriage, and most of my wealth. So every compliment you folks give me is something I cherish.

Propertarianism should evolve to replace psychology, ethics, sociology, morality, and politics the way reason eclipsed mysticism. I believe I have corrected the pseudosciences of the 19th century, and completed the enlightenment transformation from mysticism to rationalism by the transformation of rationalism to science.

Now, as for how I consider myself, I consider myself an Aristocratic Egalitarian, or as we would say in common language “Conservative Libertarian”. What I share with the NRx movement is agreement that the Cathedral Complex has replaced the Aristocracy and Church, and done so at great harm to our people. What I share with the Alt Right is the disdain for the Cathedral Complex’s use of pseudoscience, propaganda, and the institutionalization of lying in its attempt to reinvent christian mysticism as a universal heresy we call democratic socialist secular humanism. What I share with both movements is a recognition that the enlightenment project has failed because it has resulted in the Cathedral Complex and the destruction of western civilization.

How I differ is in defining causes, and seeking actionable solutions rather than offering criticisms. I realize that the west never wrote down its philosophy and religion, but practiced it as a tradition – as did our british-drudic ancestors, who were exterminated, and our aristocratic ancestors who were indoctrinated by the church – as did our aristocratic ancestors who have been indoctrinated by the Cathedral complex. And because of these losses we had no means of resistance against the cathedral complex. And the first conquest of the greco-roman west by the first great lie (babylonia/jewish/egyptian mysticism) was only saved by the reintroduction of aristotle (science). Just as in the current era, the second great lie (pseudoscience and lying) – both Jewish inventions. Both propagated by women and slaves (underclasses). And so in both eras jews invented great lies, that appeal to women and spread tot he underclasses as a means of destroying our civilization.

The question is, since we cannot return the clock to the past, how do we innovate, rather than regress? We can write a bible of sorts (a canon of law) and we can reform our cult (religion of intergenerational pedagogy) and we can reform our government (means of producing commons) so that THE GREAT LIES can no longer be used by women and slaves (the underclasses) to destroy our civilization.

Yarvin is a jewish continental, Hoppe a german rationalist, and I am an anglo empiricist. We all carry our traditions in the physical structures of our brains. But just as the greeks brought us out of ignorance with science, and the british brought us out of mysticism with science, we can bring ourselves out of pseudoscience and deceit with science. And use that science to construct institutions that satisfy the needs of the human animal while limiting our collective desire to harm, lie, cheat, steal, and conspire rather than engage in productive activities.

Thank you for the support. And please stay with me on our journey. smile emoticon



The Epistemology of Entrepreneurial Evolution

(useful idea)
4 – LAW: Customers, Brand, Channels, and Income Stream, Predictability
3 – THEORY: Innovation (business model), Investment, Possibility
2 – HYPOTHESIS: Talent, Effort, Searching For A Business Model
1 – FREE ASSOCIATION: Idea (Free Association)

All human endeavors follow this principle just as most physical evolutionary organisms follow the “fibonacci, golden ratio, nautilus” sequence.

The evolution of business is no different from the evolution of any other field of knowledge except that time is one’s enemy, competition is brutal, and testing is ever-present and inescapable.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


Women Have No More Place In Politics and War Then Men In Childbearing and Midwifery

[M]en have had a much harder time taming women’s irrationality and impulsivity than they have their own.

We kill off troublesome men. We just constrain troublesome women.

We spent tends of thousands of years incrementally suppressing male behavior while merely containing female behavior.

But we turned the ballot box into Pandora’s box and let loose all the evils in the world.

Men have no more place in midwifery and nursery than women have in politics and war.

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The First Form Of Capital: Time And Violence

(very important)

[T]ime is amoral. It is put either to good ends or bad.
Violence is amoral. It is either put to good ends or bad.
Money is amoral. It is either put to good ends or bad.
Law is amoral. It is put to either good ends or bad.
Action is amoral. It is put to either good ends or bad.

Violence is however, the first capital upon which all other capital is constructed and preserved. If you lack violence-capital, lack legal capital, lack economic capital, and lack territorial capital, you lack cultural capital, and lack genetic capital.

The origin of wealth is not trade, it is violence used to prohibit non trade.