The Territorial Organization of Americans

—“Fully half of white Americans live in places smaller than 45,200 people.”—

Here’s how the breakdown for where white Americans live works out:
Rural areas–Newton IA (0–15,000) 26.4%
Newton–Wallingford CT (15,000–45,000) 18.9%
Wallingford–Des Moines (45,000–370,000) 20.9%
Des Moines–Indianapolis (370,000–1.2 million) 11.8%
Suburbs of cities 11.6%
The top twenty cities 10.5%

Our elites live in cities, rule them, and are surrounded by underclasses. Our top cities are like hostess cupcakes. White centers, surrounded by darker slums, separating elites from suburban small town, and rural whites.

It’s just time before population ratios cause the development of Favelas in major cities.

Genetics matter. If only because the lower classes are a greater burden than the upper classes can organize and carry.


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