I have to continue to crush the Rothbardian fallacy just like I have to continue to crush the neocon fallacy, and the postmodern fallacy. The socialist fallacy has been crushed. And we are in the process of crushing the Keynesian fallacy and the democratic fallacy.

But to unite libertarians both artisanal, bourgeoisie and martial, I have to kill off the competing lies. Why? because the truth is uncomfortable for each of us. But it is only the truth that illustrates our common goals, and the high cost we must each pay to create liberty by the organized use of violence to deny it to others.

And in that organization we must understand we must each sacrifice class perfection in order to achieve class maximum good: the artisan, the bourgeoisie, and the martial must limit their gains to that which imposes no cost upon the other two.

To be an army we must obey the natural law discovered by warriors: impose no cost upon your brothers.

We insure one another’s property. All of it. In every form. That which one expends his life’s efforts upon determines his investment in his property. The scale of that investment is not determined by his efforts, but by its value to others in providing incentives to change state of the universe from the current condition to one more favorable.

So between effort and scale we know value exists. But even if we have difficulty measuring it other than by comparison, that value is never zero, and as such must be respected.

This is the reciprocal exchange of insurance of property between warriors that creates the institution of property and if sufficiently rigorous, the condition of liberty.

And no other means exists by which to construct either.

Liberty cannot be obtained by permission, only by construction.

Curt Doolittle
the Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine