Did The Marxist/socialist-libertarian-neocons Give Us The Incentive To Finally Overcome Our Humility?

From one perspective, the Marxist-Socialists and the Ashkenazi Pseudoscientific Enlightenment combined with protestant feminists (less attractive women), catholics (the lower classes), blacks (the underclasses) created a successful series of revolts against the productive classes (military, legal, financial, entrepreneurial, agrarian), by co-opting media(selling consumer goods to all of their constituents), education (indoctrinating generations into the false narrative), and academy(selling false narratives to new constituents in exchange for economic rewards) in a successful attempt to overthrow our aryan(eugenic) experiment in formalizing contractualism (constitutional natural law) into a new civilization.

From another, without this crisis would we have every discovered, written down, our reasons for excellence in the ancient and modern worlds?

Have they not given us the excuse to finally formulate, articulate, document, and institutionalize our ancient traditions as a new world order – not just for ourselves, but for all mankind?

If the liars can create three books of lies, then why cannot the truth-speakers create a book of truths?

If lies can be spread by the sword, why cannot truths be spread by the contemporary weaponry?

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


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