[I] see class theory as a set of elites in each of four disciplines of only three of which produce political coercion:
1) Violence(male conservative)/Law,
2) Gossip(female progressive)/Speech
3) Remuneration (male)/Trade,
4) Transformation(male and female)/Production-Craftsmanship.

With Transformation not producing elites other than scientists (who are weak influencers). And with some groups succeeding in combining more than one means of coercion in the same group of elites. (Priest/Kings for example).

I see humans a negotiators for their part of the spectrum of the reproductive division of perception, cognition, labor and advocacy.
1) Female consumption, short term (progressive)
2) Male biased production, medium term (libertarian)
3) Male accumulation, long term (conservative)
And that through voluntary exchange we ‘calculate’ the optimum for the group, despite the fact that none of us senses the entire spectrum sufficiently to make a general judgement.

I see the creative, productive, and ‘true’ processes as merely different points…

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