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Religion Is Explicable By Scientific Analysis.

Sorry. Just Is. No Magic Necessary. No Superstition Necessary. No Lies Necessary.

1) myth=history/heroes,
2) ritual=plays/stoicism
3) festivals=sports/holidays/feasts

That the ancients used primitive concepts in all walks of life where we no longer do is simply an artifact of the process of accumulating particular rather than analogistic knowledge.

What makes people feel spiritual is literally the combination of:

0) a narrative that provides common decidability on tie breakers that support our group evolutionary strategy
1) what we think of meditation or prayer in which we are free to be honest with ourselves,
2) the chant/fire/group prayer where we feel the pack response in safety,
3) the play/church/school/temple where we feel the pack response in narrative,
4) the feast/festival/sport where we feel the pack response in ‘celebration’.
5) war/competition where we draw upon all of the above.

Spirituality (elation,safety) is produced by the pack response.

Spiritual euporia (in all it’s names) is produced by the intellectual equivalent of abandonment of all ‘concerns’.

But these ‘effects’ are achievable by multiple means, both shinto/stoic/buddhist personal ritual, group prayer or storytelling ritual, team sport and festival ritual, and martial and funeral ritual.


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