The Model Is Information – For All Thought.


There is no steady state. the rules are not stateful, but adaptive. There is no ‘done’. genes and culture and norms and institutions all store past information that we can express when needed. It’s not that we are machines that adapt to a fixed set. but that we store a broad range of possibilities that we can express through genetic, cultural, normative, personal, political and institutional SELECTION.

We are still thinking in terms of mechanical models rather than informational models. man and the universe are correctly represented as information.

This is what Hayek was trying to tell us but he was too early, and the crisis too early. It took Turing and two or three generations of programmers to understand what he and popper had intuited: information is not only the model for the physical sciences, but we are part of the physical sciences, and information is the current model we must work from.


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