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Hierarchy of the Sentient Being

– Sense: change state in reaction to changes in information state.
– Movement: physical change in state in reaction to change information state. (automatic)
– Perception: changes in state by sensations (memory and anticipation)
– Sentience: identity : positive/negative rewards/punishments in reaction to changes in anticipated state of the organism (automatic)
– Consciousness: perception of changes in state and expected state of memory (automatic)
– Apperception: scaling (organizing) an idea into a body of knowledge.(automatic)
– Cognition: (wayfinding) (automatic)
– Reason: (intentional)(comparison and judgememt) is a faculty of our minds. It consists of a very small set of operations.
– Philosophy: (intentional) recursively re-organizing: commensurability

Rational Instrumentation
– Identity
– Rationalism: non-contradiction
– Logic: set comparison
– Algorithm: process comparison
– Model: equilibrial process comparison.

Physical Instrumentation
– counting
– measurement
– change
– magnification (scale)
– time

Relational Instrumentation
– numbers (identity)
– arithmetic (operations)
– mathematics (sets)
– geometry (space)
– calculus (relations)
– statistics (scales)
– post-euclidian (logical)

Cooperative Instrumentation
– voluntary exchange
– narrative, parable, argument, proof
– numbers, mathematics, accounting
– economics


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