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The Destruction of the Craft of Motherhood


—“Curt you said something a long time ago….”—

Yes… that western women are losing the art of motherhood and parenting which was transferred intergenerationally through direct experience, just like the military responsibility of men. Women may no longer have either the knowledge or the confidence to mother children. So not only have we destroyed the family, not only have we infantilized our children for multiple generations, but we have destroyed motherhood, fatherhood, responsibility for the commons and the nation. So are we nothing more than decreasingly civilized, decreasingly domesticated, irrelevant individual animals herded by the government for tax revenue? And for what purpose? So that women could enter the workplace and increase the scope and scale of government? so that we could delay entry into the workplace and lengthen retirement out of it? So that we must immigrate hordes of the undomesticated underclasses and commit genocide against our people? To undo all western civilization for no other purpose than to justify a school system and tax system that serves as little more than socially and developmentally destructive day care?

The alternative is simply to restore ourselves to rulership, specialize in rulership, and breed in the luxury of rulership.


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