(Curt Doolittle December 19 at 12:20pm)


I think we need to give up on the hope that all people can be taught to think as we call ‘scientifically’ for the simple reason that as we dip below 105, the challenge becomes insurmountable.

If we had the IQ of every person quoted or tested I think we would tend to have a much clearer view of ‘what people think’.

We definitely have a spectrum that starts with neuroticism, progresses through paranoia, graduates to conspiracy theory, and matures in to schizophrenia – and its not an insignificant portion of the population.

We definitely have a spectrum that starts with sensitive, progresses through solipsism, and matures into solipsistic paranoia.

We definitely have a spectrum from needy, to extroversion, to balance, to introversion, to disconnected/withdrawn.

These three traits TEND to run in families and are only mediated by familial cohesion (indoctrination).

When I see quotes like this article, what I see is the “I am average” fallacy. If we had IQ markers along with our opinions then it would be a lot harder for pseudo-academics, and pseudo-intellectuals, to use SUGGESTION to deceive us by appealing to “i am average” or ‘most people are like me’.