If You Want To Knock Me, This Isn’t The Way To Do It.

(Curt Doolittle December 23 at 10:12am · Doniphan, NE · )

—“You’re a 50 something autist who lives in a backwater European country. You studied art history in college, you’ve never been published, and you spend your whole time espousing your ideas on reddit and Facebook. Who is going to ever take you seriously? “— Liberty Owl

Ad hominem of the day.

Apparently can’t google my bio.

Let me help you.

The correct criticism of me is that I am a ruthless and ethically questionable competitor in business and life who single-mindedly pursues his messianic calling nearly regardless of consequence to myself or others, and the outcome of which is as yet unfinished and untested – yet shows profound promise.

I know who and what I am. My mirror doesn’t lie. It’s far more critical than you would have the courage to stare into.

I have not the courage either. It is fear for my people and mankind not courage that drives me.

I do not judge myself a good person. I judge myself a warrior and there are no ethical and moral constraints in wars of extermination.

From a man who kicks my backside on a regular basis:

“it took you two hours to basically say that ethical systems throughout history where man made, and not necessarily compatible with what I suspect you consider to be the Darwinian nature of man. “–liberty owl

The premise is that all of these human behaviors are different evolutionary strategies. The parasitic methods are no less an evolutionary strategy than the one that utilizes testimonialism to a higher degree.

“On Red Ice radio you said that the legal process and the scientific method are “the same!”. Why, of course they are, at a superficial enough level.”

What’s the deeper level?”— Josh Jeppson

—“I don’t understand how ostensibly intelligent people can’t pause and ask themselves whether they’re merely signaling their weakness. There’s a way to kick Curt’s ass. It’s not through telegraphing you have a lower verbal IQ. “Vague language” is not a complaint. Hit the books. Ask questions. Don’t be a little bitch. He’s on our side, so you picking a fight with him of all people screams feminine gossipy insecurity.”— Josh Jeppson



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