I Am Not A Populist. Truth and Preference are Independent from one another

I don’t place any weight in ‘popular’ anything. I am not a supporter of democracy whatsoever, unless we mean empirical (economic) democracy. Opinion without warranty (skin in the game) is just self reporting of virtue signals, not demonstrated preference – which always differs substantially.
I only care if statements are TRUE and open to juridical prosecution and defense, so that the false and parasitic can be suppressed.
This DIFFERENCE is what separates :
1) Prophets, Priests, Literature, Intellectuals, Academics, Politicians, and well intentioned fools (social ambitions) (***reported preference***) (GOSSIP)
2) Financiers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, (commercial ambitions – demonstrated preference)(REMUNERATION)
3) Physical scientists, generals, and jurists,. (truth ambitions – decidability) in matters of dispute. (FORCE)
If you want a priest go find one. If you want opportunities go find them I’m a not a priest. I don’t care what you want. you can have whatever you can obtain morally – by reciprocity that does not cause me and mine to bear the cost of deciding a conflict, performing restitution, punishment, removal, or murder.
I have a difficult job. Engineering. prophets and intellectuals have an easier job: bullshitting, coercing, lying.
Curt Doolittle
The Natural Law of Sovereign Men
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Cult of Non-Submission
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.
Comment by Bill Joslin
—“Commonwealth democracy has a very different foundation than American Democracy.
Commonwealth democracy extends from the idea that people can have a say in WHO RULES THEM. It has nothing to do with the government actualizing the will of the people.
American democracy conflates common people’s say in who rules them with rulership itself. It was a damaging lie constructed to conceal from the polis THAT THEY ARE RULED.
All the conflations of libertarians, anacaps and protestor’s demands upon the state extend from this lie.
Democratic choice in deciding who rules you was a means to prevent revolution and rebellion – no different than law – a mechanism to prevent the regression back into violence as a means of decidability -prevention of retaliation.”—

2 thoughts on “I Am Not A Populist. Truth and Preference are Independent from one another

  1. Since my field of study is chemistry, I suppose I would fall in the truth ambitions “FORCE” category. If you think about it, most religion is like gossip — it’s all “he said this — she said that” with regards to various “revelations” and religiously important figures whose historical details are debated. I think that as long as people are able to separate in their minds what is known truth (physical science) from what is gossip (religion), religion should be fairly innocuous, even helpful to create social cohesion; the problem comes when the two are conflated, or gossip is simply assumed to be known truth.


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