(read this or remain stupid)

—“Curt, would you still say fascism possesses a useful albeit temporary function?”—Robert Harris Scott Hayes

Fascism has an EXCEPTIONAL short term function. It is a means of marshaling every resource in a nation for war on all fronts: military, trade, economic, financial, cultural, religious and informational.

But it’s as costly as war over the long term. It is a means of warfare. Just as an army is an authoritarian means of organizing a people for physical war, and investing in certain commercial sectors is a means of organizing people for trade and economic war, and organizing credit for financial war….. Fascism allows us even to organize INFORMATION for the purpose of warfare. And that is what the Fascist generation did.

War is war.

But we do not fight the last battle just because we understand the tactic. Today we have a different tactic. We have a very very very fragile civilization that has been at war for a century or more with the cosmopolitan financial vision of managing the world for their benefit rather than each nation using financial, legal, cultural, and informational institutions to advance each nation WITHOUT exporting capital to others – by PREVENTING the parasitism of the cosmopolitan order we live under.

Fascism isn’t necessary because fascism is DISCRETIONARY. We can do the SAME THING without putting a dictator in charge. We can simply starve out the other side by cutting off their means of funding.
1) direct redistribution of fiat liquidity to citizens.
2) demand for warranty of due diligence upon truthfulness (testimonialism) for all speech of all forms in the commons.
3) revocation of the copyright and institution of involuntary creative commons.
4) require sponsorship and full warranty of all costs for any immigrant, and rolling back the 64 immigration act, as well as the 14th and all related judgements.
5) addition of voluntary and involuntary disassociation without limit.

I can lengthen this list but it is unnecessary. The first three will end globalism, the academy, the media, the entertainment business, and vague statements from the politicians in short order.

Whether you understand these things or not, they will destroy the cosmopolitan attack on western civlization in months.

Because they may shame us and harm our status and employability. But we will prosecute, judge, and hang them.

Dead people can’t propagandize and lie.

Curt Doolittle