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Propertarian = the reduction of social science, group evolutionary strategy, morality, politics, law, ethics, and cognition, to statements of the voluntary or involuntary transfer of property between consenting individuals.

Next you will grasp that the scope of property Rothbard claims (physical intersubjective) lacking rule of law, and Hoppe’s use of rule of law, limited to the intersubjectively verifiable), cannot provide the incentives necessary to produce a sustainable voluntary polity capable of surviving competition against other polities.

Once you have made that distinction you can come join Propertarianism:
1) Acquisitionism (psychology)
2) Testimonialism (epistemology)
3) Propertarianism (ethics and morality)
4) Evolutionary Strategy (Sociology)
5) Market Government (Politics) (“Market Fascism for the insiders – meaning only markets”)
6) Group Evolutionary Strategy (avoidance, competition, conflict, war)
7) Aesthetics of Transcendence (obtaining Sovereignty through Agency)
8) Natural Law: the logic, grammar, and rhetoric of all of the above.

The normal path of maturity appears to be Libertarian > Anarcho Capitalist > Dark Enlightenment > Propertarianism.

This spectrum describes hope (Libertarianisn), separatism (anarcho capitalism), hopelessness (dark enlightenment), taking responsibility (Sovereignty: Propertarianism : Natural Law of Sovereign Men.)

Its a lot harder than memorizing a few simple phrases common in libertarianism, or mastering a few arguments as in Anarcho Capitalism. But if it was easy it wouldn’t have taken us so long to write a formal grammar of Natural Law.

We’re waiting for you. Or at least, those who can make the journey.