Response: Method To Verbal Attacks


I teach everyone the same strategy:
1) return ridicule or criticism,
2) restate the central argument
3) pose why the deception is necessary if one is correct.
4) repeat until the audience is numb to the rallying shaming and other emotional distractions, and has absorbed the central argument through repetition.

Ergo, (in response to ad hom)
1) you’re a poser, and a liar, and a fraud, and can’t address the central argument.
2) The central argument that heterodox views are disproportionately expensive if not impossible to obtain citations in orthodox distribution channels. And that this problem is endemic to all market-driven (customer seeking) platforms.
3) That you have been engaging in distraction and shaming rather than addressing the central question (despite the variety of forms I’ve presented it in) and that you’re demonstrating exactly the infantilized behavior I accuse you of as a means of avoiding the fact that if you DID address that question you would lose face.
4) I am happy to continue to demonstrate how you and other libertarians use marxist and feminist argument (rallying, shaming, and avoidance) as a means of defending your pseudoscientific contra-rational malinvestment in a failed cult. It’s for the good of mankind.

See how that works? See?

Feminine rallying and shaming is predicated on the cheapness of those arguments, the expense of repeating the central argument, and the intuitionistic emotional reaction of infantilized audiences.
However, through repetition we achieve what we cannot achieve through a single reasoned argument.

And this is why it is so valuable to play losers like you as suckers.
To demonstrate the success of the technique if you are willing to pay the cost of pursuing it – just as we pay high costs of altruistic punishment in all OTHER walks of life.

The informational commons must be protected just as all other commons are protected, if we are to crush the criminal left, and the infantile regardless of affiliation.


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