They don’t understand. We’re the inquisition. Our purpose, our function, is to issue verdicts. Once issued, moral men have moral license to commit acts of force, violence, and heady murder.

Many branches of Literary philosophy bring you inspiration. They suggest candidate goods. We practice law. Natural Law. We decide only what is bad. We do not choose what is good. Anything not bad is a candidate good.

And by our judgements we can license restitution, retaliation, punishment, and death.

Truth is enough. With sovereignty, truth, and violence we built the west, and with sovereignty, truth and violence we can restore the west.

The most frightening consequence of natural law, is if an individual takes action for which he is not capable of paying restitution from his assets, then his life, property, (and that of his kin) is the only form of restitution possible.

The identifying characteristic of the 20th century is the use of political action, the consequences for which individuals cannot pay restitution – except with their lives.

We are going to take a lot of life and property with our judgements.