What Happened to the Right?


—“What *happened* to the right? Despite the fact that I lean right I often find myself embarrassed by the state of modern conservative thought and its aggressively anti-intellectual tendencies. Today’s conservatives can’t seem to accept evolution or articulate a coherent vision of right-wing principles and theory, yet they descend from De Maistre, Evola, Burke, Mises, Rand, and similar thinkers. Other than you, Moldbug, and a handful of libertarians like Tom Woods and Bob Murphy there is almost nothing interesting happening. What went wrong?”— A Friend

They couldn’t find an answer to social darwinism and the fact that western civilization is in fact, darwinian – and that this Darwinianism is the reason for our success.

What do you do when you tell the lie of democracy and at the same time have to tell the truth of darwinian evolution?

You talk nonsense

That’s what

—“Ah. So if we don’t want to squander the promise of the Western Aristocratic tradition there’s no avoiding social Darwinism?”—

We have to TELL THE TRUTH.


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