by Joel Davis

  1. Imagine two hypothetical nations.. Let’s call them Nation A and Nation B.
  2. They have different cultures.. Let’s call them Culture A and Culture B.
  3. And because of these different cultures, they have different sociopolitical structures.. Let’s call them Sociopolitical Structure A and Sociopolitical Structure B.
  4. Now, if a bunch of people from Nation A all decide to force their way into Nation B for the purpose of altering Nation B’s sociopolitical structure, we correctly call this an invasion.
  5. However, if a large number of people from Nation A immigrate to Nation B, they will gain sociopolitical influence, and because they have Culture A, they cause the sociopolitical structure to alter akin to Nation A.

    In both scenarios, people from Nation A are occupying Nation B and altering their sociopolitical structure.

    So really, a military invasion and mass immigration differ only in method, but have the same result.

    If someone aides a foreign power to invade their own nation, this is called treason, so why do we tolerate those who endorse and facilitate mass immigration?