Feb 26, 2017 11:34am
Even at the cost of the Anglo world we must ensure that this next ascent of Germany is successful. They have been ascending since the fall of the soviet union both economically and politically and greater Germania again possesses both the population necessary (>500M), and the sphere of influence, (germanic, latin and slavic Europe), to achieve the restoration of European (Germanic) civilization. Her primary weakness is created by Anglo-American military presence (NATO). The ending of the American world empire, the restoration of the balance of powers between core states, and the natural ascent of a federated and germanic Europe will allow the german core, latin and slavic periphery to form into a world power. The natural relations today in the anglo world – as a collection of large islands across all the seas, can then return to internal development, and cultural restoration. The problem of islam “the cult of submission by the low” will be spread across Chinese, Indian, Russian, European, and African – and crushed as we have crushed all archaic civilizations in history. I realize that I am an anglo saxon. a german. And that my kin, sometime in the 1800’s fell into the folly of the jews.