—“Do these opinions of trump resonate with any opinion at the Propertarian Institute?”—

No. because I know from close personal experience what kind of shitty assholes the financial capitalist class is, what kind of shitty assholes the legal capitalist class is, how shitty and corrupt the regulatory politicians are, how dishonest, and corrupt, the construction and maintenance organizations are, how shitty and corrupt and criminal the union organizations are. And I know how hard it is to employ ‘low level workers’ in a ‘high precision customer service environment’.

And Trump grew up negotiation between people who are shitty lying scumbags for a living, while employing large numbers of low level workers in high precision customer service environments and then selling that stuff to people who have enough money to pay for it – usually the upper middle class around the world.

Trump is doing what he has done his whole life. He is just letting the public see what that game is really all about:

We are surrounded by lying thieving scumbags that prey on the middle and working classes, who are the only morally naive people moral enough in the world to fall for such criminality.

Yeah and that’s my professional opinion.

I have interacted with a large number of people in one capacity or another, usually as analyst giving an opinion on some sort of technical or marketing strategy given the financial resources available. My experience is that people outside of the middle and working classes are pretty much shit human beings burning down the western commons in the equivalent of a crash and grab that has lasted a century.