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Reproductive Strategies and Markets

by Joel Davis
A polity can only generate the sovereign power necessary to establish and defend itself via competitiveness in the violence market.

Production (Brotherly) and Reproduction (Motherly) Strategies obviously require cultivation to successfully compete fundamentally in intergroup Violence (Fatherly).

Without production you lack weapons technology and food and shelter for your soldiers, without reproduction you lack soldiers.

However, through the institutions of property and marriage, individuals compete individually within the polity with one another for individual success.

In the institution of military, individuals must cooperate for the good of the group, they sacrifice their individual potential cost to accrue benefits to group fitness.

Fundamentally, participation in intergroup violence brings the individual’s interests in allignment with the group’s interests.

Individuals who merely compete in the markets for production and reproduction lack this grounding, they compete with the other members of their polity on behalf of themselves, not each other, hence they require regulation through the institutions of property and marriage to limit negative externalities from their behaviour. If given power, these people will rationally vote in their self-interest to transfer wealth to themselves, not the collective interest to transfer wealth to their group.


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