One can hire an administrator of contracts. If that’s what you mean by ‘governor’ then that kind of “government” is something I am comfortable with.

But I won’t give up my Sovereignty (My “rights as an anglo saxon”) in the choice of contracts I will prefer to pay for; which choices of contracts I prefer not to pay for; and which choice of contracts I will not tolerate.

This is the difference between Sovereigns investing in Commons (Anglo Saxons) by vote and hiring project managers, and Subjects choosing their rulers by vote, who will then choose the commons they produce for those who chose them.

We have had our rights for thousands of years.
It took those thousands of years to preserve them.
It took those thousands of years to capture them in draft form the US Constitution.
And today we can capture them perfectly in a new one.

So will you choose the Sovereignty of the Warrior, or the Servility of a Subject?