The Devolution Of The American Experiment In Eugenic Civilization Through Immigration

1) The english immigrants were germanic, and were eugenicists before the term was coined.
2) the german immigrants improved on the english, by increasing the numbers of germanic peoples
3) the scotts irish at least held onto our traditions.
4) the consequences of the potato-famine irish and catholic were severe (see New England)
5) the consequences of the italians were worse (see NE/NJ)
6) the consequences of the (eastern) jews were the worst of all.
7) the destruction of the souther black agrarian family was the tipping point.
8) the invasion by the Caribbeans, south Americans (Mestizos), and Muslims has been catastrophic.

And now we are at civil war.

How can we measure these things? In effect on law.

Who caused it? Look at THE DATA. Women + Catholics. Whose idea was it? Jews.


4 thoughts on “The Devolution Of The American Experiment In Eugenic Civilization Through Immigration

  1. Bah ha! Did you think you thieving English rebels would get away with it? You did. You didn’t.

    Don’t blame Catholics for your ancestor’s guilt. The poor are our treasure.

    I like what you say. Except when you get gin’d up. It is like a gold mine for me. All these truths that you and your followers will never be able to use. So sad. There is simply isn’t enough accumulated labor on your side especially when it comes to the civilizational architecture. And students these days, eh? They seem like nice fellows.

    The English, who’s myths and fairy tales you trade in, and their protestant fellow travelers have to pay the piper for the dissolution of the monasteries , free masonry, the enlightenment, the destruction of the Reductions and sundry revolutions all of which, being a policies of lies and looting, means the cupboard is bare. For you. Catholics have the ultimate insurer of last resort. His promise to make good our losses is worth more than all the gold there is, given that He can neither deceive nor be deceived and He pays in eternal life, the value of which never diminishes.

    Sorry, Mr. Doolittle, but what truth you have in hand belongs to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. That which He possesses He possesses eternally, never relinquishing His claim. Ask yourself, “What is the punishment for the possession of stolen goods?” That depends on who you stole it from doesn’t it? It is a greater offense to steal from the king. How much more to steal from God or to pretend to His goods? Yikes.

    I am assured of His thanks to you for your work and He surely wants you to know that it is not too late to convert and be saved. He is the Sovereign of Sovereigns. The most worthy Lord. You can even bring your work with you where it will find a welcome home. I speak prepared to warranty what I say as the truth: You’ll be glad you did.

    However, until such time, the Catholic Church will be reclaiming the property looted from Her by your ancestors using your work to get it back and there isn’t a damn thing you’ll be able to do about it. Not that we need it, but as much as anything, it will be because we can.

    If it is any consolation I will give credit.



  2. Fair enough. Though, I’d say beaten, robbed, stripped, and left half dead by the side of the road, not per se, dead. But this is my point. How on earth do you, Mr. Doolittle, intend to get anywhere with your ideas when you work from a tradition that is in even worse shape than the Catholic Church?

    You call Christianity dead, but how do you think I found you other than I landed on top of your corpse when I got tossed into the ditch!

    I mean, I can call to mind a sizable number of thinkers working along my lines. There is, conservatively, 10,000 trad Catholics that walk 70 miles to Chartre France every year. And you? You have to typically rework a libertarian to get a follower. Dicey.

    Besides, I’ve got five high IQ (ok one is a little suspect) kids and an intact marriage. How many do you have? You need numbers. We need to be stirred to action. What is an aristocrat without subjects or without sons? You need more than courtiers.

    There is a long tradition in the Church of selecting what is good from the Pagans.

    You are the most pagan thinker I’ve ever crossed paths with.

    Only, the deal is, there is no west like you want… there is a west like you need… that west, the one you need, includes the Church.

    Well, I’m off to assist at the Holy Sacrifice. Rest assured I shall petition My Lord for favorable terms for you.


    1. I’m sure you hate to hear this but that’s not an argument, and history tells me pretty clearly how to construct revolutions. History not my imagination or my excuses teach me and guide my actions.


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