1) The english immigrants were germanic, and were eugenicists before the term was coined.
2) the german immigrants improved on the english, by increasing the numbers of germanic peoples
3) the scotts irish at least held onto our traditions.
4) the consequences of the potato-famine irish and catholic were severe (see New England)
5) the consequences of the italians were worse (see NE/NJ)
6) the consequences of the (eastern) jews were the worst of all.
7) the destruction of the souther black agrarian family was the tipping point.
8) the invasion by the Caribbeans, south Americans (Mestizos), and Muslims has been catastrophic.

And now we are at civil war.

How can we measure these things? In effect on law.

Who caused it? Look at THE DATA. Women + Catholics. Whose idea was it? Jews.