(controversial)(read it all before you jump to conclusions)

Assuming it’s under our ancient group evolutionary strategy (sovereignty), and under our ancient law (rule of natural law of sovereigns), and where we produce commons by a market between the classes (multi-house-government), where we use an intergenerational judge of last resort (hereditary monarchy), and where all those with enfranchisement are trained to, and fight in a militia. (I call this market fascism).

But to just separately bring white people together again, say under communism, is not to restore white civilization. And without our civilization we are nothing.

I advocate that all peoples of the world adopt nationalism and the white civilizational strategy. Not just us. In fact, I have no problem demanding it at the point of a gun.

Fascism for war and intentional reordering of the economy, Market fascism for when we are not at war. And that’s about as difficult as it gets.