I am on my side.
I am on my kin’s side
I am on my extended kin’s side
I am on my civilization’s side.

Truth happens to be the weapon of choice in this battle, because it lets us build commons and compete via commons against those that cannot compete via commons. And because it is by cunning deceits sold to women and the underclass that we have been defeated in the ancient and modern worlds.

I considered myself a classical liberal. I had the constitution and declaration and a map of the world on my bedroom walls, and a set of encyclopedias under that map. I stared at them a lot. Not romantically, and not ideologically, but in the context of what I learned from those and other encyclopedias.

I considered my self a libertarian (a hayekian classical liberal) when I believed in the potential of mankind..

And current events have made me understand that such a fantasy was the product of european eugenics, and that the rest of humanity except for perhaps the Japanese and koreans is are still but animals, and we we must protect ourselves and our generations from them.

I love sovereignty and will pay for it with my life.
I love liberty for those who can pay for it.
I love freedom for those who can wield it.

For the rest, the best we can do is prevent them from harming us, our people, our civilization, and this planet.