—“I don’t know if it’s just me but your tone and presentation (I almost said style, but that’s not it) have changed dramatically in the last week or so from what I observed as dramatically consistent for the last few months since I started following you.”—Daniel Anderson

You know, I have very low self awareness which is why I think about it in order to try to. Me, I don’t notice much other than it’s harder or easier to make arguments and write code. lol I work around the clock and that’s it.

I think, if you will forgive me for over-sharing, that I while I don’t ever feel ‘depressed’ in any material sense, that I was having some sort of depression from the stress of the past two years, and I think I must have gotten over it at the end of last month, and I can see it in my writing and in my code. My subconscious is less exhausted and frustrated. And I have room for empathy where I had no emotional reserves before then. So I can write with a bit of feeling now. I think that’s what you and others are noticing.