The Conduct of Revolution: A Market for Action

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Men with the Agency to demand Sovereignty for themselves, and liberty, freedom and subsidy for their kin, do not need a leader to direct them – that would be illogical.  They need an achievable goal, organization, communication, strategy, tactics, and communication.  And they need to rally a few handful of men of like minds.

It is only logical that a group of men with agency, in pursue of sovereignty, natural law, markets in everything, and the transcendence that results, would conduct a revolution by market rather than means of central leadership.

When throwing a revolution against a fragile but powerful state, one needs only to exploit the fragility of the fragile state, and to let fragility do the work for the revolutionaries.

No civilization has been more fragile, and no time ever more full of opportunity than the anglo-american empire in the current era.


6 thoughts on “The Conduct of Revolution: A Market for Action

  1. Scratches head… If one already has agency or can act sovereignly… this seems to be a demonstrated competence in manipulating complex abstractions to produce actual successful results… why does one need to bother with revolution? You can already get more than what you want. Where is the motivation to yourself the attention of the sub and incompetent?


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