Some Quotes

Explaining the Church of TED to a college student:  “It’s Oprah for the over-educated classes”.

—“Women are hypergamous… Government is the biggest resource and thus the handsomest.”—Anne Tripp


—“Any pretense of humanity having diverged from its most reliable and durable political system (monarchy) is just another load of bullshit virtue signaling. Our kings elect our presidents. We’re just the upscale peasants that think we had a say in the matter.”— Emil Prelic

—“Universalism – Proof that “some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them”–Julian le Roux

—“There is no greater decadence than virtue signalling against those less fortunate than you.”—Julian le Roux

—“As I understand it Curt focuses on building a grammar from the ground up, as it were. Operational grammar staves off assumptions about the ends and emphasises inquiry into the means.”— Nicholas Arthur Catton

(I’m glad smart people follow me ’cause I can’t say some of this stuff as smartly as they do. )

***Love thyself, love thy kin, then thy neighbor, then mankind.
Because it is through this love we redistribute and bear the costs of persistence, and through constraint of our own against the parasitism upon others that we bear the costs of transcendence.***

I support universal nationalism, tribalism, and familialism, so that families, tribes and nations can produce the commons that are most helpful to their families tribes and nations.

It’s interesting that (((the people who lie))), and the people who imitated the liars (anglos), and the people who manufacture ignorance (arabs, muslims), and cannot build civilizations with any degree of trust (non-corruption), are so successful against the people who speak the truth, avoid corruption, and innovate technologically.

Thanks to the success of the Marxists and Critical Theorist in the occupation and conquest of the academy, Academic discourse in philosophy, politics, economics, what passes for ‘social science’, using books, journals, papers, blogs, and classrooms appears at least in retrospect as indifferent from seeking the approval of the church fathers prior to publication. There isn’t any difference between offense of the pretenses of the church, and offence of the pretense of the marxists, feminists, and snowflakes. They are both hostile to truth.

( Conversations with Mom. My bedroom. Small. Corner room with two windows. Wood paneling. White ceiling, antique hanging lamp over Bed, braided rug on oak floor. Two book shelves over headboard, Nightstand, Dresser, Desk, bookcase, small bookcase for just the encyclopedias, large map of the world, US declaration, constitution, and bill of rights. B&W TV sitting on the dresser. )  Environment matters.


2 thoughts on “Some Quotes

  1. Making more new and varied things faster than the Chinese or whomever is an act of rapidly diminishing returns. More stuff isn’t making us happy and the profit is being squeezed out such that, 40 years ago already, manufacturers were forced to seek near slave labor conditions. It has not improved since.

    Delineating the means by which power is gained, expanded and retained is an act of folly because, first of all, this is already widely known, second of all it is already widely practiced, and finally gaining power has not morally improved those that strove to gain it. Most fail and the few that succeed can’t retain it and their offspring, if they even have them, can’t wield it. But no, you’d have us try it one more time. This time, you’ve figured it out. Ah, no.

    The problem of knowledge is not one of either quantity, our libraries are stuffed to the gunnel, or quality, for the thinkers of old thought with greater clarity producing works of greater quality because they suffered less dissipation in all relevant areas of life.

    You are simply trying to squeeze harder the proverbial stone for the blood. There is none. Never was.

    Look, I mean no disrespect. You are obviously a man of very high IQ and significant vigor. I am not try to goad you. I have made a not insignificant effort to reflect upon your ideas and have the capacity to understand them, granting that a few would take some reading to make sense of.

    The solution to mankind’s problem, because it is a problem that everyone has, to the man, must be available to even the below average in intelligence. Mankind’s problem, an you propose yourself as a solver of problems encountered by mankind, even going so far as to say you sit at the left hand of God, is not one of intelligence. Some problems are, but this is actually only a very small proportion.

    You do not understand the problem of the will. This is fatal to your system. Unfortunately for you, it is morally impossible, as it stands, for you to correct this because you have calumniated, here in this post and elsewhere, the very means by which the will is rectified.


    1. argument to should rather than is. I go with data. you are just making excuses. data is data is data. the church is dying in the west, and only expanding among the ignorant and undeveloped. Why did the church fail us?


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