Sources of Ignorance


I talk of Agency of late in no small part because like Popper, I grasp that there are not only sources of knowledge, but sources of IGNORANCE.

Sources of Ignorance = Barriers to Agency.

The most obvious of which we face today are:

(a) The failure of the 20th century thinkers to solve the problem of scale via operationalism, and the continued dependence upon idealism and fictionalism. This includes both anglo empirical and german rational schools.

(b) the Jewish Pseudosciences and the French Pseudo-rationalisms, of the Second Great Lie (Marx/Boaz/Freud) and;

(c) the Muslim fictionalism, Muslim heaping of undue praise upon Muhammed, Muslim doctrine of finality of Muhammed’s statements, and Muslim grant of respect prior to its being earned – meaning, the preservation of ignorance in the commons.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine


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