Apr 10, 2017 11:11am

—“I heard there were Nazi Sympathizers in the Ukrainian military. Is that true?”—

omg. Listen. what kind of privilege do you have to live under to virtue signal on that scale? You’d have to be be entirely incognizant of the desperation of a people who live under pervasive corruption, russian paid-for corruption, an oligarchy (libertarians desire a return to) that is basically nothing more than organized crime syndicate, that pays for the government to keep the people in poverty.

So here is how I (and others in ukraine) would translate your question: “What kind of ignorant, privileged, overweight, unfit, tv-watching, spoiled, effeminate idiot cares about the symbolism young men adopt in order to give themselves courage when fighting vast pervasive corruption foreign, domestic, public, and private in order to save their families and friends from

Next time you hear that from someone punch him, or slap her, in the face, and tell them to visit a ukrainian village or apartment block where fellow white people who are devoutly christian and far more moral than any brit has the pretense to be, live on $80 a month, because russians want to expand eastward toward europe again, and the people who were entrenched by the russians in the political system, and then entrenched further by the oligarchs (gangsters) want to protect their profits.

You tell me who is the more moral man? The one who seeks out costumes of fear and power over vastly superior numbers in order to gain courage so that he can take his ife into his own hands on behalf of his people, or the pathetic virtue signal spiral of western privileged do-nothings who destroy their civilization through such posturing?

Who do you lionize? What political power does it seek? What self confidence does it give you? Howe do you lie to yourself that your life has meaning other than conspicuous consumption? ANd worse, conspicuous consumption of virtue signals – little lies we tell ourselves to say we are anything other than excess burden on the carrying capacity of the planet.

These people are fighting for their families, friends, future, and nascent nation.

I’ll tell you who. It’s obvious. And that’s the end of the story.

Virtue signaling makes me sick. And angry.

And for that matter, what the hell is wrong with Nazi anything any more, what century are you (they) living in? They dress nice. They cared for their people. And they were loved by their citizenry. And if it weren’t for the brits and Americans we would never have had the first world war, the nazis or the cold war, or the iron curtain, or the rise of islam.

So if you wanna know who the shitty tyrants in this world are it wasn’t the nazies trying to save their people, it was the brits and americans who destroyed european civilization out of imperial greed.