Yes we can create a market for truthful (non false, non-parasitic) political speech. In fact, it was the state that ended our market for truthful speech. Why?

Isn’t science an ongoing discovery process? doesn’t it function as a market for information, with career ending punishments for violators?

Don’t we protect against fraud and deceit in the market for goods and services – and provide special protections that PROHIBIT us from defending the market for information against fraud and deceit?

Didn’t we, for millennia, protect against libel(written) and slander(spoken), and don’t we grant special privileges that prevent us from using the course to protect ourselves from libel and slander – especially in large scale media? In other words, doesn’t the state PROHIBIT us from self defense against falsehoods?

Why is it that we cannot in private advocate for conspiracy (theft), yet in public can advocate for conspiracy (theft) as long as the majority of conspirators approve of the theft?

Why is it that we used to be able to protect the environment,and the commons via the judiciary, but the state removed our juridical defense?

Why is it that the state removed our juridical defense against members of the bureaucracy, the government, the academy, and the media?

Are you going to try to advocate that reciprocity (natural law) is not, in cooperation, the equivalence of truth (decidability)?

Or are you saying specifically that people should be able to violate reciprocity and violate truth in order to use large numbers to impose thefts using the violence of the government, in order to obtain by non-reciprocity and deceit, that which they might obtain by voluntary exchange, thereby depriving those who have one thing from obtaining another thing in exchange?

Just because you can’t figure out how to create law of information regarding political speech (forcible coercion) such that it holds to the same standards as market speech (goods, services, and information) doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In fact. it was done for millennia.

The question is why did the state take it away, and why can we not restore it?