The best weapons in an urban skirmish are mace – to buy you opportunity, hardened and weighted knuckles – to give you extra mass and minimize absorption of shock, a lighter and lighter fluid – to create uncertainty, and area of effect damage, molotovs – artillery at a distance, and a motorcycle helmet for defense. You cannot be identified easily, your weapons are impossible to find easily, and and your opponent can be disabled (mace), routed (fire), ranged( molotovs) and killed (fists). Yet you preserve your mobility, and ability to sprint into attacks, maneuver, and to disappear. This supplies weapons at long, medium, close, and short range.

Understand that you are not trying to win so much as provoke escalation to the point where there is sufficient confusion and opportunity that you can bring real weapons to bear.

It is nearly impossible for a state to defend against mobile infantry that relies upon fire, because fire is far more dangerous than you are, and its effects far longer lasting.

Revolution today requires fire, ending power and data transmission, slowing commercial road and rail traffic, and overwhelming first responders. Once first responders are overwhelmed they become the next target of action. At that point the state must admit defeat call in the military, and all one need to is move action from on urban environment to the next.