If you cannot speak in the language of truth how do we know you do not lie, and how do we know you are capable of making a truth claim?

To rationalize is to make excuses. To tell children’s stories is to rationalize by imitation rather than reason. To analogize in history is to offer evidence. To argue in physical and natural law is to offer proof. The truth is forever unknown to us even if we speak it. The best we can do is offer proof that we have performed due diligence against all known alternatives.

So we see the simple truth: that simpletons talk in Children’s stories, semi-simpletons in rational excuses, those that argue using wisdom stated historical references, and those that have obtained that wisdom in the laws of nature that cause that history to occur without our comprehension of it at the time.

To be christian is to be european, is to follow the law of nature and natural law, in correspondence with reality.

To argue in Christan verse is to argue in children’s stories. To argue in rationalism is to argue in excuses. To argue in law and history is to argue basted on the evidence of our actions. To argue in science is to argue in the laws of nature, and in natural law, drawn from that evidence, corresponding to that history, in spite of excuses, and children’s stories.

Have we not transcended? Are we still ignorant, illiterate, poor, lacking knonwledge, technology and institutions? Do we still require morality by children’s story, rather than by literature, history, law, science, and mathematics?

Are we admitting we are children and that we are not able to speak and think in the language that the gods have written the universe with?

if you speak the truth then why must you lie?
The judeo christian of the church constitutes a framing: a lie.

Why must you have that lie? Can’t you look at history as a greater story than the children’s story of the myths and superstitions? the chidren’s stories for the dim, the ignorant, and the impoverished?

Why aren’t your own histories superior to those? They are.
I can speak the words of natural law in the words of jesus(myths), of augustine(wisdom), of plato(ideals), and of aristotle(description). WE can obtain meaning from myth, wisdom and ideals, But I will only argue them in the language of truth: Aristotle.

To deny Natural Law is to destroy mankind. Islam and Judaism deny natural law.
Natural Law of the West > Laws of Men, Sharia of Islam, Talmud of Jews.

Natural Law results in man’s transcendence into gods. Abrahamism, Paul, and Muhammed results in landlessness and parasitism (jews) or mindlessness and parasitism (islam). The god of Abraham is the devil.

in order to prevent the poverty of every other civilization, we must develop trust. In order to prevent the stagnation of every other civlization we must develop markets. In order to prevent the fall of our markets and trust we must develop market institutions. In order to prevent the failure of our institutions we must develop methods of measurement.

A civilization fails when it can no longer measure success and failure.

What must we measure? The treasury? In part. Because it is the first capital to expire. But in sum, all capital.

What have we done in the 21st century to our measurements and to our capital?