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Why Does The Church Fail Europeans?


How can you advocate christianity as a market good (something that people want to believe), when it so clearly is failing to compete in the market?

What do socialism and cultural marxism, and postmodernism sell that people prefer to buy over christianity?

What does islam sell that people prefer to buy over socialism, cultural marxism postmodernism – as well as christianity?


4 thoughts on “Why Does The Church Fail Europeans?

  1. Easy. People want to do what they know is wrong and not feel bad about it. These grant license.

    Traditional Catholicism is all about telling you your faults, making you feel bad about them, and getting you off your duff to do something about it. Not calculated to be widely appealing. Meh.

    It was actually doing quite well until the commies, practical atheists, Freemasons and perverts suppressed it and replaced it with a fake. You can tell how well it works by how hard the morally depraved worked to wreck it. You should know, they worked to beat the devil.

    That isn’t the Church failing. That’s fallen man doing what fallen man does without God’s grace.

    We’ve gone back to tradition and the results are fantastic.

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  2. On the back of Cold Standing’s comment, I would just add that having listened to Dr. Jordan Peterson quite regularly over the past few months, it’s amazing how much his “meditations on Truth” derived through his understanding of clinical psychology and what we call Catholic moral theology (pre-VII) have in common. Here is a clip I ran across during Holy Week.

    If one were to substitute “Christ” for “logos” or “Truth”, this response from Dr. Jordan would be hard to distinguish from your typical pre-VII Sunday homily.


    1. The problem I seek to solve is not whether it is possible to make true statements by all sorts of methods both scientific, rational, fictional, and using fictionalism (pseudoscience, pseudorationalism, pseudomythology/theology) but that we cannot prevent our defeat by the same methods: marxism (christianity 2.0) in all its forms. Since we have lost germanicized crhistianity due to the failure of the church, and since our women and our underlcasses have been indoctrinated, and since our academy and state have displaced the church, then how is it that we will both falsify the second great lie of marxism (christianity 2.0), and restore our civilization, wither with germanic mythos, or reverting to primitive babylonian, jewish, and egyption mythos?

      You think you can win but the answer is the evidence says that on all fronts, in the numbers of people, in the instituions, in the laws, in the norms, in the intellectual, political, financial, economic, personal, and familial spheres you have lost…… period.

      Excuses and faith won’t make a difference.

      The church failed to produce another Aquinas. I am certainly not that man. It is too late for one. So the church will continue to die in europa. WHY DID THE CHURCH FAIL?


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