The Evil of Comforting Lies


I have a thing: I like calculations. I like calculative technologies. I like them because they require specialists. And because they require specialists we get fewer idiots claiming they know what they’re talking about.

why isn’t public speech in politics regulated as highly as a series seven license for example? Or a Legal License? Or a medical license?

Are you saying that the construction of commons by political mans, backed by violence, is somehow less dangerous or open to misuse than financial predation, legal predation, or medical predation?

Why is it so hard to imagine a world in which a journalist, in order to publish content for money, would have to be able to write in propertarian language, a propertarian argument, defending his or her position, even if summarizing that argument in an abstract?

Why is it so hard for a politician to do the same?

Why can we ship s—t arguments into the commons?


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