The Reasons for Decreasing Crime – In Order

FYI: Reasons for the decrease in crime.

1) widespread availability of cheap, high calorie, fast food, laden with monosodium glutamate, and/or consisting of carbohydrates, and/or high fructose corn syrup sugars.

2) widespread use of cheap marijuana,

3) widespread availability of cheap digital entertainment products.

4) widespread availability of free pornography,

5) widespread overweight underclass population lacking physical energy and speed,

6) widespread broken-window zero-tolerance policies by the police, courts, and legislatures – reversing motherly and progressive policies,

7) widespread increase in incarcerated population,

8) aggressive feminization of males from early childhood in the school system.

9) limited expansion of stand-your-ground laws, restoration of self-defense policies, and increase in home gun ownership.


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