All truth is very simple: Deflation and Full Accounting, and absence of suggestion by consequence.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

All Lying is very simple: Conflation, and Partial Accounting, and Suggestion.

No truth, a little truth, not enough truth to require a combination of self substitution and suggestion.

The problem is that the transfer of meaning is conducted by the same method as lying – because its cheap and independent of prior knowledge in the audience.

While at the same time the transfer of truthfulness (parsimony: deflated yet fully accounted), is expensive and dependent upon prior knowledge in the audience.

We suggest by conflation of properties that assist in the formation of free associations, then we deflate until only the truthful associations remain.

So you get an ‘aha’ moment, if you convey meaning, but then you deflate error from that meaning.

Or, as popper said, you cast a really wide net to convey meaning, and then you have to filter out all the stuff you didn’t mean to catch.