We live In a world where we have worked hard to ensure that women were no longer stolen for sex, offspring, and labor. A world where women were no longer stolen for slaves, prostitution, and labor. A world where women were no longer sold for sex, labor, and reproduction by their fathers to increase kin, relations, property. A world where women were merely married to men of their own volition in exchange for sex, labor, and reproduction. A world where women are freed of all labor except child-bearing. A world where women need no longer even choose a man to own them, their sex, their labor and their reproduction with some promise of longevity; fear a man they will be sold to for the same with some hope of longevity. Where they will not be captured and sold for the same, regardless of their longevity – only their replacement cost. And where they are stolen, for sex, and labor, regardless of their burdensome offspring.

And it is in this world we have made our women turn against us. Within one generation of obtaining the vote women raised arms through the proxy of government, against us, and all we have built.

What lesson do our women teach us?