Anyone can build an empire with resources and technology to do so. You just can only live under the type of rule, institutions, and culture, necessary to maintain an empire.

And that means european civilization retains many small nation states or it ceases to exist. Because you cannot have a high trust heterogeneous political order. It’s not possible.

—“If your people are organically organized, clannish, tribal, egalitarian and have a thing for “purity” then they will also have high trust. You can expand, but you can’t build an empire or you’ll destroy it. Empires require bureaucracy and hierarchy as well as the extension of kinship to others. People that can’t (and didn’t!) do extended families can’t do empires. I guess It should be obvious.”—

Markets for nations. Markets for regions. Markets for whatever we want – among our kin. We can build a civilization but we cannot build an empire.

An empire by definition crosses ethnic and cultural lines. a civilization by definition is defined but ethnic and cultural lines.

America is an empire and cannot therefore persist as a european civilization under common law.