—“The world is full of vast conspiracies of shared interests. The question is which one is consistently chosen as a target of their attacks.”—Igor Rogov

—“Patriarchy is a giant conspiracy to ensure the long-term survival of one’s tribe.’— Steve Pender

—Those who function by gossip and rallying will of course suppress all language that violates gossip, the same way that those of us who function by property and responsibility will of course suppress all action that violates property.— Curt Doolittle

—Well, just as all mathematical expressions consists of context independent, scale independent, constant relations using positional naming, and algebraic expression consists of position-relative positional names. ie:Pure relations. Sometimes there are no such possible positional names, sometimes one, and sometimes more than one positional name that satisfies the description expressed in the algebraic description  So again, I am trying to get past the error of the set-logic thinkers who over-extended their technology, by re-operationalizing and de-platonizing mathematics.— Curt Doolittle.

—Heroes = External order and personal change
Anti-heroes = External chaos and personal stability.—Curt Doolittle

—I mean, you have how many Alexanders, Caesars, Khans, Tammerlanes, Napoleons, Rommels, MacArthurs, to choose from and you pick some japanese pubescent dick-girls as heroes? WTF is wrong with you? Man up.—Curt Doolittle

—pleasure = consumption ; joy = production—Curt
—“”If violence isn’t the answer, ensure you are asking the right question” – Moi paraphrasing Curt Doolittle (If inadvertently quoting then priority goes to Curt!)”—Jeff Odgis