Christianity as we know it is dead. The rituals are not unique nor terribly effective compared to the alterative major religions. The myths and lessons are suitable to those living at subsistence levels. The priesthoods are populated by those who can console us from the forces of nature, but not those who can educate, advise, lead, and decide, and as such,, form both a local head of community of common interest, and counter to the state.

But the philosophy is exceptional as it seems to create trust, ‘openness’, encourage salvation through action, creates commercial prosperity everywhere it goes. This combination of interpersonal optimism and the Aryan predilection for markets, and stoic natural law is nearly as effective as our greco-roman civilization.

So assuming the word ‘philosophy‘ means ‘method of decision making’, then of the spectrum of Religion, Political philosophy, Ethical Philosophy, Personal Philosophy, Law, and Science, I would state that transcendence, sovereignty, natural law, male stoicism/female epicureanism, the common empirical law, and Testimonialism are probably the optimum combination for those who wish to LEAD humanity, rather than to be led by others, by some some other strategy.

But natural law is skeptical, and incomplete without christian optimism. In other words, christian optimism tells us that if enough of us invest in trust, and tolerate minor losses, we will produce it, and produce outsized gains.

The problem we face, is we need a binding narrative, and we need better binding rituals and we need better local teachers, advisors, leaders.

To create the mythos we must distill it from our many authors into our own ‘bible’. Because we learn from loose general principle, to more specific general rule, to more precise rules of science.

And without the binding narrative it appears to be very difficult to bind general literary rules and precise rules of science into a portfolio of decisions across the entire possible spectrum in which we must make decisions in modernity.

I have been struggling with this problem for two years now and while I have my ups and downs, the problem remains the same: without an effort equal to the council of nicea, or the first american constitutional convention, or a frankfurt school, it will be difficult to produce a ‘bible’ of western civilization – a ‘book’ that beyond which no man nor state may tread.  It is necessary to restore teaching, advising, and leadership, and community.

But also as a means of defense against the semitic technologies of deception that arose from the innovation of abrahamic deceit. And a ritual that is costly so that men defend the law in that book against all attacks.