Islam and Byzantium: The Economic and Intellectual Dark Ages

There are very good reasons that Justinian and Constantine, from the safety of Byzantium, used Syrian and Judaic thought to attack the Greek and Roman Institutions of learning.

They did it with malice, intent, and forethought, and while it is true that islam caused the ECONOMIC dark age, the SOCIAL AND INTELLECTUAL dark age is impossible to divorce from the rise and fall of Christianity. That’s just the evidence. I don’t see any ‘good’ in christianity that was not in roman and greek thought prior to christianity: Aryanism.

Lies: false promises of utopia in an afterlife, like false promises of economic and status equality, are cheap means of government and parasitism.

Rule, using Rule of Law by Natural Law, under the promise of violence, in exchange for taxation (commissions) for the creation of increasingly profitable markets is about as truthful as one can get, for the simple reason that it contains no via-positiva promises, and leaves choice of pursuits to the ruled.


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