Cool or Cold Climate > Low Population Density > Low Survival of Unfit > Greater Cooperation > Low ‘Clannishness’
Distributed Production (low returns of hunting, farming, raiding) > Voluntary Militia ( Defense and Raiding/Offense)
Distributed Production(low returns) > Voluntary Militia + ‘Advanced’ Technology + Maneuver > Military Superiority > Prosperity (defense and offense) > High Risk Heroism as a means of climbing the dominance hierarchy > Broad Opportunity and Incentive.
Voluntary Militia (Raiding) + Military Superiority > Superior competition > Raiding for Profit > Rule for Profit > Domestication for profit > Production for Profit > Trade for Profit > Innovation for profit > Rents for Profit > Maximization of rents > Fragility to Shocks > Overextension or Inability to adapt. > Defeat.
Voluntary Militia > Sovereignty(Intolerance)> Natural Law (Reciprocity) > Markets in Everything > Association, cooperation, reproduction, production, commons, polities.
Markets in Everything > Climbing Dominance Hierarchy> Innovation > Faster Evolution > Division of Labor and Knowledge > Ever-Decreasing Costs > Imitation by Competitors > Co-Evolution.
Voluntary Militia > Reporting/Testimony > Natural Law (Reciprocity) > Markets for Dispute Resolution > Jury > Reason, Rationalism, Logic, Empiricism, Science, Operationalism, ‘Coincidence-ism’. > Incremental and Rapid Suppression of parasitism > minimization of oppy for rents/frauds > forced maximization of effort and innovation for survival > increasing productivity > increasing competitive ability.
THE INDUSTRIALIZATION OF MARKETS AND INNOVATION VIA COMMONS RATHER THAN MONOPOLY AND RENTS VIA PRIVATIZATION. Or stated differently: the maximization of production vs the maximization of rents because of constant pressure of coevolution.
Militia > Sovereignty > Natural Law > Markets In Everything > Transcendence of Man.