Unless women can reproduce with the best genes and obtain support from the rest of the genes in exchange for sex, then they will always be a dysgenic influence on mankind. Why? Their offspring are costly and they are capable of any self delusion possible in order to carry on the pretense that their poor choice of father has not resulted in an individual that is a dead parasitic weight on civilization. Monogamy keeps men from violence but forces dysgenia. Do you get it?

Addition by Joel Davis :
The world is hierarchical and women have not been physiologically able to directly compete in hierarchies and have therefore not being continuously evolving to maintain competitiveness in hierarchies for a long time.

Women merely compete with each other to mate with men as far up hierachies as possible.

Hierachies naturally reward dominant personalities, therefore the more alpha the male, the more dominant his personality. Dominant women are therefore less efficient to cooperate with in mating than submissive women for alpha males as they seek dominance, and without female submission this forces both parties to pay the price of conflict to resolve disputes.

Thus, selection will reward female submission to roughly the same proportion it rewards male dominance.

As women seek dominance, and hierachies distribute power in pyramid (pareto) form, women will concentrate at the top of the distribution (where they will be subject to the most marginal dominance) and polygamy will occur by default, unless Men redistribute them.

Therefore, monogamy is enforced by the upper class men only to recieve some marginal social benefit in reciprocity from the lower and middle class men (from which they receive peace), their upper class female partners (from which they receive greater psychological bonding and therefore loyalty) and each other (from which they mutually insure each other against “cheating” so they don’t risk being outcompeted by each other in quantity of offspring, to instead focus their competition on the quality of offspring, which is not eugenic to society at large, but highly eugenic to the upper class itself).