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Under Propertarianism’s Rule of Law by Natural Law, Soros could never have come into existence, could never attack western civilization; could never escape justice; and the takeover of the Universities in the 60’s impossible; the prosecution of communists in the 50’s successful; the and the import of the Frankfurt School impossible.

Why? Truth, Reciprocity, Existential Possibility.

Free markets are a lie. There exist no scale independent theories, and likewise, there exist no scale independent markets. They are another cosmopolitan invention. A moral pretense by which to engage in immoral actions.

The requirement that we not impose costs by externality upon the investments of others causing the loss of capital in territorial, physical, institutional, cultural, normative, informational, familial, and genetic assets limits markets.

Markets allow us to create opportunity through proximity, informational, informal and formal institutions, and physical infrastructure as a common good. Market opportunities are produced as a common good. We can then serve the common good by converting opportunity into exchanges, the performance of which, creates more than it consumes by the service of the coincidence of wants.

We create opportunities for temporal compression through the division of perception, cognition, knowledge, labor, and advocacy, and seize them through the identification of a coincidence of wants, thereby converting the potential for temporal compression into the existential compression of time. And it is through this temporal compression that we, collectively, in increasing scales, constantly reduce the cost of existence, and defeat the dark forces of time, ignorance, and scarcity.

If you understand this you will understand all of human civilization, and the reason we have achieved what no other creatures have achieved.

We must defeat the dark forces of time, ignorance, distance, and scarcity, and we do so through cooperation, and we cooperate through the incremental suppression of the imposition of costs on one another upon life, body, kin, possessions, and interests, in the form of violence, theft, fraud, falsehood, conspiracy, rents and free-riding.

We accomplish this incremental suppression by the demand for a warranty of due diligence for our products(materials), services(actions), and information(speech) and the prosecution, restitution, punishment, ostracization, or execution, of those who circumvent that Warranty of Reciprocity by production, action, or speech.

This leaves us with no option but to participate in voluntary markets under which we limit our productions, actions, and speech to that which consists of productive, fully informed (truthful), warrantied, voluntary transfer, free of imposition of cost upon the life, kin, possessions, and interests of others by externality.

This explains the entirety of human existence.

Curt Doolittle
The Natural Law of Reciprocity
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Scripture of Nobility
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine