Aryanism: (19th Century)
Associating the name of set of tribes with their strategy, telling us nothing about the constitution of their strategy.

The Faustian Spirit: (German Legend ~1400?)
A literary allusion to the western predilection for experiment, change, and achievement. Again, this tells us almost nothing about causality, only the description of a few values.

Aristocratic Egalitarianism: (Duchesne)
A descriptive title of a military and political strategy that states that distributed rule of peers can scale by opening the franchise for participation in rule, and its benefits (property and commissions/taxes) is open to all who will pay for it by demonstrating merit in family, industry, and war. (compare to the chinese method of entering the bureaucracy through examination and the consequences thereof)

Aryanism as Markets for Rule: (Duchesne)
A descriptive insight expanding upon Aristocratic Egalitarianism, by adding that aryanism spread through the construction of markets for polities.

Sovereignty. (Doolittle)
A causal description. Since by the demand for sovereignty one can only scale through aristocratic egalitarianism, and one is limited to the resolution of conflicts by natural law of reciprocity, meaning that all association, cooperation, reproduction, production, production of commons, and production of polities must be achieved through sovereign, productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary exchange, free of negative externality. And By the combination of sovereignty, natural law, markets in everything, the need to scale, the provision of scale through the selection for agency, and thereby the incremental domestication of man, transcends man through imitation of sovereignty, reward for agency and sovereignty, and the deprivation and diminution of those who lack agency, cannot act in sovereign fashion, and therefore cannot cooperate via markets, and therefore cannot participate in rule.

And that is the CAUSE of western civilization.
For a militia of voluntary warriors, desirous of preservation of their sovereignty, Sovereignty is the only political solution, leading to natural law and markets in everything.


Abrahamism imposes artificial equality where we are only equal if we are slaves. Western religion was originally pagan, meaning a hierarchical family, infinitely extensible, where individuals could find both virtues to imitate, sins to avoid, and advocates for their roles in society at every single level.

Abrahamism is not a market strategy for a division of knowledge, labor and advocacy among many small extended clans organized into nation states, but an authoritarian and monopolistic one for the production and maintenance of a despotic empire.

Aryanism *IS* a market strategy, and our original religion provided us with a both a unifying narrative of an extended family with virtues, sins, roles, and interests, custom tailored gods, demi gods, heroes, and great men to appeal to.

Our god was not demanding, or commanding, or even engaged, but provided wisdom, justice, and decisions in exchange for offerings – *a trade*.

Do you understand the difference between Aryanism and Semitism yet? Markets and families, vs Monopoly and Empire.

No excuses. No more lies.

End the pollution of the west. Imitate the only other superior people on this earth, the east asians, and insulate ourselves from the ‘people of the center’ who failed to transcend from beast to man.