Use the Argument to Reciprocity More Often.


—“We (the real right) should use the word/concept of reciprocity a lot more in public discourse, because normies intuitively “get” the concept in its most basic form (not the full propertarian use, but the simple idea – e.g. the fact that it is one of Cialdini’s 6 laws of influence, people feel obligated to return good deeds & feel others have an obligation to return good deeds). It is a great way to diffuse the “we are obligated to hand over everything to the brown hordes” assertion. I like to say things like, “I care about 3rd-world immigrants and their children exactly as much as they care about me and my children: not at all.” Or “These people from very different cultures than Western Civ can come colonize our nations as soon as they agree to let us come do the same to their nations.”

This “bring up the reciprocity principle” exposes the hordes’ strategy for what it really is: nothing but a gimme-dat power-play.

I know we’re done talking to the left. But tactics like these can demonstrate and reinforce our moral high ground to (not fully red-pilled) righties and normies.”— John Lille


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