Noah J Revoy

White people need to get married and have more children. Feminism, MGTOW, easy divorce, compulsory education (indoctrination) and population replacement (immigration) are leading to a demographic winter (genocide) for our people. No more white people means no more civil rights, no more technological progress, no more civilisation.

Ok, so what are you doing about it? We have two options, 1) fight and 2) breed. We will need to do both to survive. Other people are starting to fight back, but very few are tackling the demographic winter. What can you do to ensure that we will have a next generation?

– Get help.
– Join up with others and form your tribe.
– Get married.
– Have more kids.
– Encourage other white people to do the same.
– Push back against nihilism of Feminism and MGTOW.
– Join a community and share relationship wisdom.